View Full Version : Airbus A330-300 Vs A330-300x

Sir Donald
24th Sep 2003, 23:09
Can anyone explain the difference between these two aircraft.
The Don.

Minosavy Masta
24th Sep 2003, 23:49
After long and careful consideration.....the answer is ................................................."x"...................:E

Flap Sup
25th Sep 2003, 17:31
A330-300 MTOW 212-217t
A330-300X MTOW 230-233t
A340-300 MTOW 257t
A340-300X MTOW 271-273t

A330-200 MTOW -> 233t
but no A330-200x ??

Sir Donald
27th Sep 2003, 06:49
Thanks for that Flapsup,
I could not find the info anywhere.

28th Sep 2003, 04:38
As Flap Sup said, the 'E' and 'X' both have the higher MTOW compared to the base model, and this is due to the fitment of a centreline fuel tank, larger vertical stabiliser, enhanced and strengthened wing. The subtle difference is that the "X" models are designed specifically for longer range and higher MTOW, while the "E" models also feature advanced cockpits/systems which the "X" models may lack.

Originally people referred what is now known as the A340-300X as the "A340-300E" before Airbus officially released it with the "X" designator, causing some confusion. Then the "Enhanced" A340-300X was announced with superior avionics, new and more FBW controls, new CFM56-5C/P engines, and some other details. Swiss' A340-300 is one of these "Enhanced" models, although I believe they may have taken delivery of them with -5C4 engines rather than waiting for CFM to get them out the door.

The A330-200 and -300 are also receiving the same 'X' upgrades except the engine - QF's first 332 was the first "enhanced" 332, and NW's first 333 was the first "enhanced" 333.

There is no A330-200X because the A330-200 was designed from the outset to include the centreline fuel tank, larger vertical stabiliser, enhanced and strengthened wing, and other details that were developed for the A340-300X, and later incorporated into the A330-300X.