View Full Version : Fully airways equipped?

24th Sep 2003, 19:39
I hope some one can help me because I don't understand the difference when someone says an aircraft (piper or a cessna..etc.) is fully airways equipped and then someone else says an aircraft is fully IFR equipped?

what is the difference with an a/c being fully IFR equipped and fully airways equipped?

Thank you for any responses.

24th Sep 2003, 20:38
The terms "Airways Equipped" and "IFR equipped" are very loose terms used to sell a particular aircraft.

People generally take "Airways Equipped" to mean that the aircraft has the required radio and navigational equipment as well as instruments in order to permit the aircraft to operate legally on an IFR flight in controlled airspace.

Problem is that there is no guarantee that the equipment actually works or more importantly, since the required equipment changes from airspace to airspace and from country to country, an airways equipped aircraft may not necessarly be capable of legal IFR flight in certain airspace.

As for IFR equipped - can simply mean that the aircraft has the basic instruments required to control the aircraft in IMC or it may be equipped to the same standard as the "Airways Equipped" aircraft.

Some perfect examples - the aircraft may be airways equipped but if it does not have approved Basic RNAV then it may not fly above FL90 in the UK on the airways.

To sum it up, if you want to look at the aircraft, you can expect a bit more equipment than the basic VFR legal requirement.