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23rd Sep 2003, 03:16
Taken From RTE NEWS:
September 22, 2003

(19:54) Aer Arann says that two military aircraft were detected near one of its planes, forcing it to move off its flight path this afternoon, shortly after take off from Edinburgh Airport.

The company has said that on-board equipment detected the two planes, and Scottish Air Traffic Control advised the pilot of Aer Arann flight RE464 to descend immediately to a lower altitude as a precaution.

The plane landed safely at its destination, Cork Airport, at 15.45. None of the 32 passengers or crew suffered any injury.

Sound intresting anyone got ant comments on this


BAe 146-100
23rd Sep 2003, 04:12

Was it a ATR 42 or 72?

BAe 146-100

23rd Sep 2003, 14:42

Could this be relevant? Read the replies and wonder. (sorry about the thread address)

Tom the Tenor
24th Sep 2003, 07:45
Heard yesterday from a passenger who was aboard the Aer Arann aircraft. The passenger involved was scared shi5less so whatever happened was not nice from a pax point of view.