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21st Sep 2003, 16:53
I just saw a chrome United DC-6 startup for the first time after a long restoration. I thought it had 4 engine fires when i saw the smoke coming out of the exhaust. Sorry I donít have pictures, the plane gorgeous. Itís amazing that United employees have volunteered for more then 12 years to restore it. But, itís a shame. From what I hear, theyíre sending it to a bone yard in Arizona. UNITED CANT AFFORD IT:{

Random Electron
22nd Sep 2003, 05:27
Yes, I know the feeling.

I was at LGTS (Thesalonika) about 18 months ago, and saw the most beautiful sight after Concorde, a restored South African Airways DC-4, which was apparently on a world (?) goodwill tour. Nice roster for whoever got it!

23rd Sep 2003, 07:51
Flew DC-6's for awhile, a wonderful aircraft.
Sorry to hear this...maybe a benefactor will come forward.

These aircraft can be flown in non-revenue service by a crew of two, as they were designed as such.

big pistons forever
26th Sep 2003, 05:56
I was lucky enough to fly one for 2 seasons, firebombing. She is truly a gentlemans carriage.:ok:

26th Sep 2003, 08:25
Hey bpf, there was a shot of a six making a retardant drop on the front page of the Globe and Mail on September 6. Wazzat you?;)

26th Sep 2003, 08:27
I had a conversation with one of the volunteers last year, but have forgotten his name unfortunately. Doh !
United withdrew financial support in 2001 which is not entirely surprising given what else was going on. His version was that the 6 would be donated to a museum. I thought it was the putative one at Mojave, but it could have been Pima. Definitely not to a scrapyard though. Situation might have changed of course. Is she airworthy ?

(N578AS for the spotters, never flew for United but is ex-US Navy.)

big pistons forever
27th Sep 2003, 06:11

Nope. I am on the CONVAIR 580 now. I would have happily stayed on the Greasy Six but they are only on short term contracts now. I moved on to the CONVAIR for the money. Its a good airplane and I like flying it , but I sure miss the lovely manly rumble of 4 mighty R2800's. Two screaming Alison 501's just doesn't cut it.:hmm:

27th Sep 2003, 08:40
Gotta ship you guys an application next season. They still operate the F-27? I got no time on the Convair.