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20th Sep 2003, 20:49
Obviously El Al is looking to make its flights as safe as possible in the face of the strong possibility that they face dangers on final app/in the initial stages of takeoff.Does anyone know if they have a brief to climb as quickly as possible after takeoff?

20th Sep 2003, 20:57
I'm sure it's not something they would discuss, but with the greatest respect, your nickname (reg of Saudi VIP acft?) is not likely to induce much info!

20th Sep 2003, 20:58
No offence intended, but I'm not sure it's appropriate to ask such a question.

In any case, I doubt we'll get a definitive answer!

20th Sep 2003, 21:07
i agree its probably not appropriate to ask that sort of question-wouldn't want to compromise anyones security,its just that i've noticed that LY acft dont seem to climb all that quickly (at least the 762's i've seen on a relatively 'thin' route with a flying time of 8 hours), and quite frankly, if i was an El Al pilot i'd want to get up as quickly as i could.Those guys must be under huge stress.I suppose what i was really getting at was perhaps that a quick climb in initial climbout or a rapid descent for landing should actually be mandatory as far as practicable for these guys.

as for the hz-hm1a-anyone seen her-she's the most beautiful acft around-hence the name!

Notso Fantastic
20th Sep 2003, 21:14
Maybe, but in this day and age, isn't it a bit strange you should be asking about El Al security matters? They've already recently been the target of one missile fired at a 757 full of innocent people- let's leave them get on with it shall we?

20th Sep 2003, 21:23
well my question was actually posted out of concern.i agree fully that these guys and any other acft should feel as safe as possible when operating.i was just curious to see if anyone knows if steps are being or have been taken as far as climbout/approach are concerned,because it IS a matter of concern to people involved in aviation that there is a possibility of danger as far as certain airlines are concerned, and in certain locations,and as long as we have insane people posing such a threat,we should, i believe, look at as many ways of countering these threats, and the logical one seems to me to be to climb like hell.

Notso Fantastic
20th Sep 2003, 22:16
I respect your interest, but I really think in the current circumstances with even BA having to consider anti-missile technology, it is better not to discuss these things in a widely read public forum. I don't think many people outside El Al will really know many details, and certainly El Al staff will not spill the beans. I'm sure you will understand.