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19th Sep 2003, 05:41
Im really curious about ANR headsets for jet cockpit. I have tried the Sennheiser "NoiseGard" HMEC-45-KA and was really impressed. Are there any other brands that are as good or better. I have also seen some from Telex, but they appeared a bit bulky.


Onan the Clumsy
19th Sep 2003, 05:59
MB - do we know each other? :)

I use a Lightspeed Twenty 3G. I know it's not really for a jet, but it is a fabulous unit and I can't say enough about the support I got from them.

Lightspeed :ok:

19th Sep 2003, 06:08
You may be a Brit, old chap, but your nickname implies that you speak Danish. :\

Anyway thank you for the tip.

Onan the Clumsy
19th Sep 2003, 06:11
More like Japenese mate :=

19th Sep 2003, 07:11

This actually was a paste of some Japanese characters. Obviously came out wrong:hmm:

21st Sep 2003, 04:51
I've been down this road and still haven't made my mind up! The ones I've tried thus far are the HMEC 45 as you have. Thought they were good as are light and it's designed to fly with one ear off, if you need to. I did find quite a bit of white noise with them though. Wondered whether the HMEC 25's would be any better with their small padded ear piece, not cheap though, 495ish. The only other ones I've tried are the Pilot 17-79 from Transair. Stunningly quiet as you'd expect with full on ear pieces they also have a neat trick that the battery is housed in the headset so you can disconnect the lead at the headset and use them outside with the ANR still working! Crushed my skull with the headband though! i think the HMEC 25's aer the best compromise.
Good luck,

22nd Sep 2003, 04:28
I did notice some of this white noise, but was told it might just be the frequencies left out. When the low and mid rumble noise has been filtered out, this is whats left. This hissing noise apparently was always there but one didnt notice it before because it drowned in the soup:E