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8th Sep 2003, 07:28
Have heard a couple of versions of the reason for tonights closure from TCX wheelburst to BA cockpit fire, anyone know the facts??

Major Cong
8th Sep 2003, 16:16
We think it was a BA aircraft with smoke in the flight deck. After landing also had hot brakes so decided to stop on the runway. We held for 27min then went to STN.

8th Sep 2003, 17:15
Two emergency landings within minutes of each other at LGW last night:

One engine failure, and a 757 with controlling problems and smoke (in cabin?). Landed with smoke coming from u/c. Possibly a fire also. Oxygen was deployed.


Engine overtemp
8th Sep 2003, 18:29
Where do you get "Oxygen was deployed" from?

The article says "After a preliminary check, the plane was towed to a stand and evacuated with passengers and crew led down emergency stairs before being given oxygen and checked by paramedics." which is very different!

8th Sep 2003, 19:38
The Daily Telegraph's report on said incidents...

Can you work out why the first sentence refers to 3 aircraft....?

Some discrepancies against other reports too... also what are 'emergency stairs'?....

Plane evacuated after emergency landing
(Filed: 08/09/2003)

A plane bound for Heathrow had to be evacuated after two others were forced to make emergency landings at Gatwick Airport.

At 7pm last night the pilot of a Boeing 757 reported that it had lost power in one of its engines. On its final approach to Gatwick, and with firefighters standing by, the pilot managed to reignite the engine and land safely.

Minutes later, the crew of a Boeing 757 reported handling difficulties and a possible fire on board. Smoke could be seen pouring from the underside of the aircraft as it came in to land.

The plane went on to land safely at Gatwick but as a precautionary measure, West Sussex Fire Brigade and the British Airport Authority Fire Service (BAAFS) were sent to the runway to ensure the safety of the aircraft, passengers and crew.

After a preliminary check, the plane was towed to a stand where passengers left by emergency stairs.

A fire brigade spokesman said: "An inspection by engineers and BAAFS personnel is ongoing as to the cause of the reported fire."

8th Sep 2003, 21:32
Teletext reported two incidents this morning 8th September.
B757 outbound from LHR diverted to LGW;
& B7?7 returned to LGW after "engine failure".
Any hard non-journalistic news?

8th Sep 2003, 21:41

8th Sep 2003, 21:49
Two 757s with engine vibrations at a similar time - unfortunate coincidence?

8th Sep 2003, 21:57
interestedparty...yesterday's news actually (though this isn't clear from the reporting)....thread already running,


but worth checking (imho!) the Daily Telegraph's reporting of the story...

8th Sep 2003, 23:25
Like many others I initially read this story on the BBC web site then checked on PPRUNE for any further details. Going back to the BBC site later I found that their version on the same link had changed. That was presumably where Wedge got his early quote from. Having posted the link he then finds that the BBC have made him appear to have exaggerated it by changing their version as Engine overtemp states.

Indeed, as I recall, the early BBC report did state that there was smoke and flames seen from the aircraft as it landed and that oxygen was deployed in the cabin.

Wedge has made the same mistake I made some months ago when I posted about an inaccurately labelled picture on the BBC site only to find that they changed it some hours later (perhaps their web developers read PPRUNE) therefore making my post look wrong.

9th Sep 2003, 00:06
One sick 757 (G-CPER I think) sitting on the ground outside Hangar 6 LGW. Working party has come to investigate from LHR (No 757 cover LGW).
Story goes that Smoke in Flt Deck and Cabin, Control wheel held at 3/4 turn to maintain straight and level (not sure which way), Equipment cooling packed up (Not sure if this led to failure of EFIS/EICAS). Also new set of seat covers has arrived!!!!
Looks like someone earned their money last night.
Aircraft recently out of major maintenance so the rumour goes. I am sure the AAIB have a close eye on this one.

Ranger One
9th Sep 2003, 00:08
Engine overtemp:

Where do you get "Oxygen was deployed" from?

BBC reports oxygen was used on flight deck.

Sounds entirely SOP to me; smoke or burning smell on FD = masks on *now*.

Even without significant visible smoke, the possibility exists of incapacitating gases being present, depending on the nature and source of the 'smoke'.

Or thus I was instructed.


10th Sep 2003, 01:07
is it true that oxygen masks are of limited or no use in smoke filled cabins due to the fact they also use the contaminated air in the aircraft? if not what is the difference between smoke hoods and oxygen masks?

10th Sep 2003, 01:38

The pax oxygen masks mix oxygen with ambient air from the cabin, so aren't much use in the event of smoke in the cabin. The flight deck masks can be set to 100% oxygen, excluding any smokey ambient air.

Smoke hoods are individual units with their own oxygen supply, lasting for about 15 mins.

10th Sep 2003, 02:08
Kepor! thanks for the info......:ok:

I'm not joking sir
10th Sep 2003, 20:28
First emergency - TCX 757. We were told vibratons in engine which was shut down as precaution.
Within 30 mins, BAW 757 ex LL for LFPG diving in due smoke in cockpit. At 4 miles they reported degredation of flight controls. Landed ok but believed to have hot brakes. Crew wanted to evacuate pax on runway but after discussion they weren't. A/c towed onto stand, off they get. I guess "emergency stairs" are the ones they have to use on a remote stand in lieu of an airbridge.

I didn't get any of this from the media but the big tall building in the middle of the airfield where I was sat at the time but to be fair to the (ammended?) BBC report, they seemed to get it pretty much right.

10th Sep 2003, 21:17
I'm Not Joking Sir, still in the tower! at that time on a D10 Shift! whatever next!!!!!!:D :D ;) :D :D

10th Sep 2003, 22:20
I'm not Joking Sir,

I take it from your reply you were Gatwick Tower controller Sunday night, and if so, may i say a big thank you to you and your LATCC colleagues for all your hard work.

An interesting evening had by one and all, and one i hope not to repeat any time soon.

Thanks again,


Oh and Tinbasher99

I dont recall asking for any new seat covers as i left the Flight Deck ;)

11th Sep 2003, 04:24
Don't let Not Joking fool you into thinking he's an ATCO :) :) :)

I'll not claim to have been present at the time, but we'll make sure your appreciation reaches the guys that were keeping watch over you.

All in a days work - though hopefully not too many days like that :eek:

I'm not joking sir
12th Sep 2003, 04:10

Me, an ATCO, with my reputation. Are you quite mad?

No, I think I'll stick to my part time hours sticking strips in front of you. This week I shall be mostly attempting to get them in the right order:D