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4th Jun 2001, 14:10
I've heard that 9C is to re-commence a four-times weekday-only AT4-operated flight between NCL and MAN. The airline initially operated this schedule a few years ago (but utilised the 360), only to drop it soon after. What was the reason of the carrier ceasing to operate the flights, only to resume them a few years later?

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World Traveller
4th Jun 2001, 14:51
NCL-MAN was actually one of Gills first scheds (started 5 June 1989), and they kept at it for a good few years, then I think it ended up with Eastern Jetstreams, and then vanished....

Seems quite brave for such a short route using 4 ATR's a day!

4th Jun 2001, 15:01
When first commenced, 9C operated the NCL-MAN flights at reasonably odd times and did not really concentrate on the peak periods, i.e. the morning and the evening.

I believe Eastern and the J31/2 would better operate the flights. This airline seems to have it right, and generally, on the more popular routes, operates two morning flights, one lunchtime flight and two evening flights to satisfy the demand for the peak periods. I suspect 9C won't do this; they'll operate one morning flight, one late morning, one afternoon and one evening flight. I don't think NCL-MAN requires this and besides, the AT4 would appear to be a little large.

Anyhow, just my initial thoughts.

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4th Jun 2001, 21:21
Gill never made money on this route. I flew the Shed empty on more than one occasion, they re-started it with a subsidy from BA, when that was withdrawn, they or as it was at the time, we, stopped the route again. European tried it on the J31, still no money to be made, it seems crazy to me, but knowing the Commercial Director well, quite possible.

4th Jun 2001, 23:25

5th Jun 2001, 00:00
Was on the AMOSS, [MAN's airprt comuting thingy] a few months ago...since then, nowt!:
we aim to please, [it keeps the cleaners happy]


5th Jun 2001, 02:35
I am incredibly surprised that even the 18-seat J31/2 is too large for NCL-MAN. Both cities are large and I would have suspected that the traffic from NCL to MAN would be great.

I spend most of my money on beer and women; the rest I just waste.

5th Jun 2001, 11:43
I think that one of the reasons that NCL-MAN is not such a good idea is that it only takes 2 hours to drive it. I used to live in NCL and work in MAN. (OK I used to slightly break the speed limit!)

5th Jun 2001, 15:14
I surprised you still have a licence (driving) m8 !

That works out at a AVERAGE speed of 90 mph, and i guess you are talking before the new A1 -> M62 / M1 link !

Static Wick
8th Jun 2001, 11:45
No sooner out of Administration than CP is up to his old tricks again.....oh dear!!!

Maybe it's all part of a bigger plan for NCL-MAN-GCI-NCL 'round robin'. Any chance a tie-up / competition with Aurigney & old MD Mr MH??? Anglo Normandy now own the maintenance so are they in talks for an airline merger???

I for one would use the route but only if the price was right & Railtrack keep up the good work.

As for NCL-MAN in 2 hours.....what sort of car have you got M8, an stealthy Ferrari???

I travel the route regulary & if it's not the traffic congestion, Mr Plod or weather Mr Schumacher would have difficulty achieving a time like that!!!

8th Jun 2001, 13:24
Unless Gill are getting a subsidy from someone to operate this route, it will fail.

I used to fly it for them several years ago when it had a subsidy from Manchester Airport (I think that's BAA not BA!) Sometimes we had around 20 or so pax - more often than not tho' it was just a handful - literally.

I do remember it with some fondness though. We used to arrive in MAN around 07:30 and not leave until around 9:30 - I think. Plenty of time to go up to the staff canteen and get a great cheap breakfast. We didn't even have a Flight Engineer to lead the way!

Used to watch the Cathay? 744 taxy past the (upstairs) departure lounge and only dream that we might one day fly such a beasty.

Ahh, those were the days!!


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World Traveller
8th Jun 2001, 13:51
Underdog - certainly NOT BAA!! MA PLC? The leaflets all used to have Manchester Airport's logo on them advertising connections - surely now done thru the AF partnership.......

World Traveller

Desk Driver
8th Jun 2001, 16:55
If it takes 3 hours say to drive door to door From home to office if you live in NCL and work in MAN. To fly you have to consider the time it takes (as pax) to fly the route

Home - Apt = 20 - 35 mins
Check in = 45 mins
Flight time = 40 - 45 mins (I'm guessing)
Apt to office = 45 mins

Say 2 & 1/2 hours to fly door to door.

Not worth the extra cost to save 30 mins assuming flights on time.

You fly em we'll fill em!

8th Jun 2001, 17:22
Whilst on the subject of Gill routes...any truth in the rumour of a new Sheffield base? Anyone else heard this one? Possibility of up to 5 routes from Sheffield, from what I can gather. Or is it just more pie in the sky?

9th Jun 2001, 00:37
I know this question should be in the wanabees section, but does anyone know anything about the recruitment policies of Gill and if they offer any type of training?
Would be nice to finally get a job with a local airline, putting that bit back to my area, you know!


12th Jun 2001, 04:48
Is the new NCL-MAN service a crew bus for those who live in NCL but commute to MAN for a well known charter operator?

Scottie Dog
12th Jun 2001, 09:58
This route seems to be one that has had so many carriers that it should have its own special chapter in any history book.

Gill have been holding slots at Manchester for nearly a year, and keep failing to come up with the goods. Yes, it would be good for the route to be reinstated, however if Air Kilroe (as was) were unable to make a go of it with Jetstreams, then what hope to Gill have?

Regretably, with air fares on UK domestic routes being at the level that they are, the business management does now think that employees should take either the car or the train between the 2 cities, and I am concerned that the route will not be viable.

Scottie Dog

Static Wick
14th Jun 2001, 09:55
As nice as it might sound, & I'm sure the deserters in MAN would relish the service, NCL-MAN-NCL is a NO BRAINER from the start

Unless it is part of a bigger plan to operate MAN-???, the time factor, cost & practicallities for the punter do not make logical sense, as Eastern (Air Kilroe) proved time & again. Passengers will be conspicuous by their ansence & it will be Bye, Bye Gill.....

If tied up to a MAN-BFS, MAN-DUB, MAN-GCI or a lucrative mail contract for example, there might be some merit in it, but as a stand alone operation, CP GET YE' HEAD EXAMINED!!!