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4th Jun 2001, 07:55
After years of battling the family of TJ Hanley finally got the review that have been requesting for years !

Anyone know Patrick Keane??

News from The Irish Sunday Post

SC to head 1953 air crash inquiry

By Barry O'Kelly
Dublin , Ireland, 3 June, 2001

Senior counsel Patrick Keane will lead the judicial inquiry into the controversial dismissal of the former hero pilot and union leader, Capt TJ Hanley, it has emerged.

The inquiry is expected to start in the coming weeks and run for three months.

The Department of Public Enterprise confirmed last week that Keane has agreed to conduct the investigation, with the assistance of an aeronautical engineer. He is expected to examine all of the relevant papers in the case, including the transcript of the 11-day tribunal into the crash landing by Hanley in 1953 and new evidence uncovered by the pilot's family.

The original tribunal of inquiry rejected Hanley's contention that the plane's failure was caused by water or other agents in the engines. Hanley was blamed for the accident, his licence was endorsed and he was forced to emigrate to Hawaii where he ended up working as a flight dispatcher.

The original inquiry took place at a time when the Irish Airline Pilots' Association was in serious conflict with Aer Lingus and the Department of Transport over safety issues. Hanley was president of the association. Hanley's family believe it was inappropriate that the same personnel responsible for maintaining the aircraft were investigating the 1953 accident.

The most recent evidence unearthed by the family is a report of another crash landing by an Aer Lingus pilot six years after Hanley's flight.

The second crash landing, in Glasgow's Renfew airport, was found to have been caused by fuel contamination -- the same theory put forward in Hanley's defence in 1953.

The Glasgow incident report disclosed that the fuel contamination that led to the crash "could not be detected by the detection methods in use up to that time". Significantly, it has been learned that after the Glasgow accident, the overall life of fuel pumps in Aer Lingus aircraft was restricted and a new inspection system was introduced. Details of the case were passed on to Hanley's daughter, Nuala Hanley-Pearce, after the family of the pilot in the Glasgow flight, Capt WR Smith, read about the story in the Sunday Business Post in March last year.

The new inquiry is also expected to examine details of a similar engine problem reported from another DC 3 in Liverpool on March 5, 1953.