View Full Version : GF TO RID OF 340S

1st Dec 2001, 02:14
just heard that GULF AIR is leasing out two A340 and getting rid of 4 A320s.... but were are they going to? :cool:

Sid's Stars
1st Dec 2001, 03:28
They're also getting rid of all of their B767s.

1st Dec 2001, 14:41
fooking right Sid if you say so. did you also know they are replacing them with tristars and jumbo jets ? you stupid prat!

1st Dec 2001, 16:52
Bae146.. Please correct me if I am wrong... but did not GF sell six B767-300 some time ago because their management thought the 767 not cost effective?
Did not Delta buy them for the price of one new B767 and the deal was considered so attractive it took 48hours from start to fly out.
I think the local national pilots were required to delivered them to Delta in the USA.

Sid's Stars
1st Dec 2001, 18:36
Yep scanscanscan that's spot on! The rest of them will be gone shortly, Gamco are doing predelivery checks at the moment.

Willie Everlearn
1st Dec 2001, 18:44
Sounds like GF are cutting down and back! :(

Meanwhile, EK are ordering LARGE capacity jets? :confused:

I wonder where the traffic went?

The Guvnor
2nd Dec 2001, 00:39
Sorry, The Flying Scotsman, but I've confirmed with my own sources at both Gamco and GF that all 767s are going. Additionally, two A340s are being leased out and 4 A320s are being sold. GF intends to acquire 2 - 3 A330s every year.

That said, there seems to be a lot of doubt about the ongoing viability of GF - and more importantly its shareholder's interest in keeping it running.

2nd Dec 2001, 04:05
yeah,right Guv we all know how reliable some of your "sources"have been in the past.

scanscan your talking nearly five years ago and it was because GF had run out of money and needed a quick cash injection. nothing to do wih running coste etc,. now it's true the A320 fleet is having a turn down and we are always shuffling the a340 but the 767 rumour is [email protected]. GF runs on crisis management always have and probably always will but the memberstates will still keep pumping the money in - always have and always will.