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7th Feb 2002, 18:47
Hey Folks,

I was wondering if anyone here is an ERJ pilot. If so, please answer these qusestions reguarding the airplane.. . In the cockpit what's the function of the ET button on the EFIS Control Panel? How does the CPL button on the FGC works? How do you track a VOR radial, with the NAV or APR mode of the FGC?. . What's that yellow handle behind the throttle levers ( <a href="http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=182609" target="_blank">http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=182609</a> )?. .And finally, what's the recommended speed for turbulent fliht?

Thanks a lot!

7th Feb 2002, 23:44
Hi there,

I fly the 135 and can tell you the following :-

1. The ET button, stands for Elapsed Time. On the PFD, just below and to the right of the HSI, there is normaly a groundspeed indication. Pressing ET will change this to a stopwatch. Repetitive pressing of ET will cycle between start/stop/reset of stopwatch. You will notice on the same panel as the ET buton and to the left of it is a GSPD/TTG button - that changes it back to speed or time to go to whatever nav aid is set.

2. The CPL button allows you to select the side that controls the nav functions. You will see on the top middle of the PFD, a arrow that points right or left. The CPL button toggles this arrow. Basicaly either side can have either a FMS or Nav(VOR) source of info. If you arm the Nav mode(eg to track a VOR radial, while the other side is in another mode, the aircraft can only follow 1 source. By selecting the CPL, you can tell the aircraft which side is "in charge". Of course with different sources on each of the PFD's(eg FMS on the left and VOR on the right), the computer automatically switches the Flight Director command bars on the "non flying" side PFD.

3. You normally track a VOR radial or even a localiser with the nav function - APR function just additionaly arms the VNAV to intercept the Glideslope(IE cannot be used for non precision approach).

4. The yellow handle behind the throttle(or should I say in front of the throttle levers) is the gust lock. It also prevents you from opening power with it engaged. Pretty clever.

5. Turbulence penetration speeds :-. . above 10000ft = lesser of 250KIAS or 0.63 MN. . below 10000ft = 240 kts

Regards. .4g. . <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

8th Feb 2002, 04:52
Hey man,

Thanks a lot for the quick answer! It helped a lot! Is it a great airlplane or what? Which airline do you fly for?


See ya!

9th Feb 2002, 21:50

Yup, very nice aeroplane.

I fly for a South African company called SA Airlink.

Regards. .4g

14th Feb 2002, 13:53
Hi Handicap

Any jobs for a 145 pilot down south? <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

14th Feb 2002, 14:45
4g. .No 3. The VOR APProach mode has the same capabilities as the VOR NAV mode, BUT with a higher gain for operation close to the station.. . With VOR displayed on PFD you can select this mode by pressing APR.

AHHH, the 145, don't care what everybody says. It's a wonderful aeroplane! (Apart from a T-6, of course!)

they'll never find out who I am

14th Feb 2002, 18:08
Damn good plane to fly, especially in the nasty winter weather in the north east USA.