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FQTLSteve 23rd Mar 2020 10:18

Taken from Airliner Route from today 23.03.20 Emirates UK Ops will be as follows-: BHX 1x Daily A380, GLA 1x Daily 773/A380, LHR 6x Daily A380 and MAN 2x Daily A380. All other UK suspended.

Mr @ Spotty M 23rd Mar 2020 12:04

Looks like things are changing.
The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, NCEMA, and the General Civil Aviation Authority, GCAA, have decided to suspend all inbound and outbound passenger flights and the transit of airline passengers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for two weeks as part of the precautionary measures taken to curb the spread of the COVID-19.

The decision, which is subject to re-assessment, will take effect in 48 hours.

In a statement today, the GCAA said cargo and emergency evacuation flights would be exempt.

ZULUBOY 20th Mar 2021 11:41

Appreciate this is a long way off but we were looking to go and visit my sister in Melbourne in Easter 2022. It looks like the EK evening flight from MEL is not showing as operating ( looked as far as Feb 2022) which makes connection to BHX (and most other UK regionals) very poor.

Does anybody know or have an opinion as to whether the evening flight will return? We'd prefer to use EK as we have some miles to use.

simoncorbett 20th Mar 2021 12:25

Emirates are very good at upping the schedules when needed & I think the U.K. market will return to 2019 levels quickly once the world returns to normal

CabinCrewe 20th Mar 2021 15:21

Was EDI ‘suspended’ or officially dropped?

SWBKCB 20th Mar 2021 15:47

In the current situation, is there a difference?

FRatSTN 20th Mar 2021 16:22

Depends I suppose if they still have an active contract with EDI airport. I think they still do with STN, but like many others is just suspended for the foreseeable.

ZULUBOY 23rd Mar 2021 18:56

Thanks Simon. As if by magic the evening flight from MEL is now showing in Feb 2022 with the morning one now gone so that means a much better connection to BHX.

Edit. MEL flight also now showing as A380 which wasn't the case when I posted originally

nighthawk117 24th Mar 2021 10:47

They let all the staff go at EDI, so I'd say "officially dropped"

CabinCrewe 4th Aug 2021 22:08

With changes in UAE travel restrictions tonight, could there be a UK EK ramp up?

Rutan16 5th Aug 2021 06:53

It will allow them to land and disgorge self loading freight in Manchester legally from Monday, rather than to hypocritical RED list entry points which for some reason I haven't quite grasped include Bristol and Birmingham however not the only major airport outside the capital with a significant long haul network.

OzzyOzBorn 5th Aug 2021 15:57

The changes represent positive progress, but until major markets in Asia and (particularly) Australasia open up to travellers from the UK and vv, one would expect the ramp-up to be cautious. Even as restrictions are lifted, customers who generally book long-haul trips well in advance will remain wary of draconian rule changes imposed with minimal notice by politicians disrupting their eligibility to travel. I expect the recovery to 2019 levels to be slow (though the percentage rises in passenger numbers yoy will look amazing).

India going "amber list" from the UK will be helpful, looking beyond the UAE itself.

Charley B 11th Aug 2021 13:44

Does anyone know if EK intend restarting LGW anywhen soon?
the flights used to be busy before Covid appeared .

772 11th Aug 2021 14:13

as with everything, subject to change but currently expected to return for summer 22 but just the lunchtime rotation, not the three daily we were used to

Charley B 11th Aug 2021 14:38

Thank you x
Hoping if Oz and NZ reopen sooner,EK may come back before Summer 22🙏

Skipness One Foxtrot 11th Aug 2021 14:46

DXB-GLA restarted passenger flights today, B77L scheduled but B77W operated.

772 11th Aug 2021 16:26

no way. God knows when oz and NZ will open borders !

gopaisleygo 11th Aug 2021 20:20

Good to see EK back.

Seljuk22 1st Sep 2021 16:57

Last 3 A380 will be delivered by November 2021

Seljuk22 6th Aug 2022 08:57

Some new routes/frequency increases compared to pre-COVID:

TLV new destination started with daily B77W flights on 23rd June; 2nd daily to be added from 30th October
DME new 3rd daily flight to be added from 1st October
MRU new 3rd daily flight to be added from 1st October
MLE has been increased to 24/7

Compared to summer 2019 following destiantions have not (yet) been resumed:
EDI, SAW (IST increased from 11/ to 17/7), ZAG (servived by FZ), OPO, EWR (DXB-EWR nonstop flight not resumed; currently served only via ATH), SCL, HND (might come back in summer 2023), PNH, RGN, ADL

Most destinations are planned to be back to pre-COVID frequencies by 2023 but some will be serviced with B77W instead of A380 previously.

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