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Plane mad 134 16th Nov 2020 14:03

According to SPD travels on twitter, Wizz have applied for a 4x aircraft base (A321) at both EDI and MAN. Good news if it comes to Fruition.

tartan 201 1st Dec 2020 15:30

"Loganair today announced a twice weekly service between Edinburgh and Jersey as an addition to its 2021 summer schedule.

Tickets are on sale from today for the route, which starts on May 22 next year and operates on Saturdays and Sundays until September 26.

The route will be operated using a 70-seater ATR72 turboprop ...."


inOban 2nd Dec 2020 14:54

Just curious. There was an extra Finnair flight inbound on ? Monday but no advertised return. However there is a flight to Helsinki today without an inbound. Did the plane spend two days on the ground at Edinburgh?

I notice that several routes eg to Ireland and AMS seem to be picking up recently.

SWBKCB 2nd Dec 2020 15:45

Yes - arrived Monday, departed today

Link Kilo 2nd Dec 2020 16:00


Finland's women's football team beat Scotland's 1-0 at Easter Road last night, so I suspect it was a charter related to that.

inOban 2nd Dec 2020 16:25

Of course!

Asturias56 2nd Dec 2020 16:27

Link Kilo

I'll bet there were a few drinks put away on THAT flight home!

Breathe 5th Dec 2020 16:10

Plane mad 134

Article here speculating that MAN, CWL, SEN and EDI could be Wizz Air's next bases:


"Váradi expects more UK bases. He didn’t suggest where, except where slots aren’t such an issue. anna.aero predicts that Manchester, Cardiff, London Southend, and Edinburgh will become future Wizz Air UK bases."

Letsflycwl 5th Dec 2020 17:48

They’ve already announced a CWL base this week

nighthawk117 7th Dec 2020 09:23

Edinburgh and Manchester base rumours have been doing the rounds for a few weeks - 4x A321s to be based. Surprised they havent announced anything yet though, Cardiff came from nowhere. Perhaps they are just that.. rumours. We'll see.

PDXCWL45 7th Dec 2020 10:01

The rumours are based on slot applications so some substance to them.

Plane mad 134 9th Dec 2020 11:35

According to Southampton thread there will be a weekly positioning flight EDI-SOU with BA CityFlyer, departs Friday night and arrives back on Sunday Morning.

nighthawk117 9th Dec 2020 13:51

They'll be operating to 11 destinations from Southampton at weekends throughout the summer while LCY is closed. This seems to be coming at the expense of previous weekend flights they have done from Manchester and Stansted, possibly EDI too.

Breathe 15th Dec 2020 19:11

Loganair adding Edinburgh to Glasgow tag on flights to Stornoway! :eek: Next they'll be flights between Edinburgh and Newcastle! What strange times we live in.


Passengers at Edinburgh airport had been left scratching their heads when departure boards read the name of the neighbouring city’s flight centre, roughly an hours drive away.

But Loganair explained the obscure route via their Facebook page.

It wrote: “Well, it's no mistake, no publicity stunt, nor is it just a novel way of cutting down on rush hour traffic on the M8.

“The actual reason, however, is another side-effect of the pandemic...

"With insufficient demand for some routes from Edinburgh directly, we've temporarily amended our schedules to provide new mini-hubs across our network, allowing you to fly routes such as Edinburgh-Stornoway, via Glasgow, and Inverness to Kirkwall, via Aberdeen, to keep you connected as best as we possibly can right now.”

Plane mad 134 18th Dec 2020 08:01

Departure board looking much busier today as the Christmas schedule starts for most airlines.

GrahamK 18th Dec 2020 08:11

BA to Gatwick being dropped for S21 and W21/22.

Plane mad 134 18th Dec 2020 10:09

Ezy are cutting:
• 2x weekly Bilbao
• 2x weekly Catania (will not start)
• 2x weekly Stuttgart
• 2x weekly Seville (still served by Ryanair).
• 2x weekly Verona (still served by Jet2).
• 3x weekly Vienna (still served by Ryanair).

Terrible news.

mariofly12 18th Dec 2020 23:33

Does this mean that they might replace them with new ones and maintain their slots at EDI?

VickersVicount 19th Dec 2020 00:19

I wouldn't have thought so. If there was to be a return to similar schedules it will be these routes that resurface, give or take.

SWBKCB 19th Dec 2020 07:09


Is EDI slot limited?

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