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PDXCWL45 26th Nov 2020 13:20

Summary of what so far is available for Summer 2021 from Cardiff. Sample from a week in August

Anglesey 10 weekly Eastern Airways
Belfast City 6 weekly Eastern Airways
Spain, Portugal and Canary Islands
Palma de Mallorca 9 weekly flights TUI and Vueling
Malaga 9 weekly flights Vueling, Ryanair and TUI
Alicante 8 weekly flights Vueling and TUI
Faro 3 weekly flights Ryanair and TUI
Ibiza 3 weekly flights TUI
Menorca 2 weekly flights TUI
Tenerife 2 weekly flights TUI
Lanzarote 2 weekly flights TUI
Gran Canaria 1 weekly flight TUI
Reus 1 weekly flight TUI
Greece, Cyprus and other European destinations
Amsterdam 20 weekly flights KLM
Rhodes 2 weekly flights TUI
Kos 2 weekly flights TUI
Corfu 2 weekly flights TUI
Paphos 2 weekly flights TUI
Zante 2 weekly flights TUI
Bourgas 1 weekly flight TUI
Larnaca 1 weekly flight TUI
Heraklion 1 weekly flight TUI
Keffalonia 1 weekly flight TUI
Dubrovnik 1 weekly flight TUI
Turkey, Tunisia and Qatar
Dalaman 3 weekly flights TUI
Antalya 2 weekly flights TUI
Enfidha 1 weekly flight TUI
Doha 7 weekly flights Qatar Airways

In total so far there will be up to 102 weekly departures for Summer 2021 of course this is all subject to change.
Cardiff is still in a decent shape for 2021 on the sun route side yes it lacks routes like Dublin and Edinburgh but there's not a lot it can do if airlines aren't interested. No doubt there'll be conversations in the background that we aren't aware of that could still add more for summer 2021.

runway30 30th Nov 2020 12:08

Bit of a worry if you're booked on the TOM to Lanzarote on Thursday as there is no indication yet as to whether the Welsh travel ban will be lifted.

PDXCWL45 30th Nov 2020 13:46

2nd December when Englands ends is when it ends i believe.

runway30 30th Nov 2020 14:37

“The English lockdown will end on Wednesday this week. In that context we are looking at travel restrictions in and out of Wales and will make a further announcement later this week.”

Direct quote from the First Minister today so you may be correct but as of today it is still uncertain.

PDXCWL45 30th Nov 2020 15:58

Doesn't mean they'll ban foreign travel, the biggest concern is more inbound travel from England. TUI have positioned in G-TAWN a few days ago from NCL so they must be confident that they'll be able to fly but I guess we'll have to wait until Thursday to see if the flight actually departs.

runway30 30th Nov 2020 16:20

If the English border is closed, could you really have International travel from CWL? Anyone from England booked on a flight would be unable to travel. I would be able to fly from CWL but wouldn’t be able to fly from MAN next week. You could have the farcical situation of being able to travel to MAN via ACE but not being able to cross the border?

As you say, we’ll soon find out.

PDXCWL45 30th Nov 2020 16:44

I'd expect international travel would be a valid reason to cross the border.

yeo valley 30th Nov 2020 20:15

Worth asking someone in the know about airport travel getting to airport and getting home from airport.

runway30 30th Nov 2020 20:41

I don't need to ask anyone, at the moment you can travel from anywhere in Wales to CWL but you can only get on a flight for essential travel.

You can only travel from Wales to an airport in England for essential travel.

Leisure travel is not an essential reason.

fanrailuk 30th Nov 2020 23:08

And this “advice” alone will not stop Welsh passengers crossing over the bridge to travel from BRS.

If there are flights operating, people will be on them - regardless of where they reside.

The WG may as well relax those rules as people just simply won’t adhere to it, and haven’t throughout the pandemic during the various lockdowns/firebreaks.

runway30 30th Nov 2020 23:27

Let me enlighten you about devolution. We have a Parliament that makes laws. You commit an offence when you cross the border. It is not “advice”.

Is it possible to avoid being caught, yes. Is it socially acceptable to do so, no.

bycrewlgw 1st Dec 2020 06:37

whilst Drakeford considered making cross border travel illegal, I don’t think it ever came into law so as far as I’m aware it’s a measure not a law. Of course, I may be wrong but have been keeping a very close eye on what’s happening in wales as family are still there.

PDXCWL45 1st Dec 2020 07:31

There have been lots of reports of people being fined and sent back to England but not arrested as far as I know.
I personally think that if airports are open for leisure travel in England then Cardiff will be and crossing the border to catch a flight will be allowed.

runway30 1st Dec 2020 12:58


'The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No 4) (Wales) Regulations 2020.

The Welsh Ministers make the following Regulations in exercise of the powers conferred by section 45B, 45C (1) and (3), 45 F (2) and 45P of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 (1).

Part 3

Restriction on travel

9. Restriction on travel to and from Wales

(1) No person living outside Wales may enter or remain in Wales without a reasonable excuse
(2) No person living in Wales may leave Wales without a reasonable excuse'

runway30 3rd Dec 2020 05:36

Wizz Air
New base at CWL with 9 routes

PDXCWL45 3rd Dec 2020 05:49

"It is to launch nine new routes to resorts such as Alicante, Faro and Tenerife as well as seasonal routes during the summer to Corfu and Palma de Mallorca as well as Lanzarote and Sharm El Sheikh during the winter."

TOM100 3rd Dec 2020 08:29

Good news - twice a week to SSH ex CWL on a 321 in Winter is ambitious. Hope the people of Wales (and West of England) support this venture. This will be critical to the future of the airport - if it cant support a single aircraft true low cost base then.....

PDXCWL45 3rd Dec 2020 08:57

Yes SSH is a surprise but they must have some sort of backing for that from package holiday companies and if needs could downgrade to an A320.

EI-BUD 3rd Dec 2020 11:22

How could they be lured onto a Dublin route??
Though 321 is too big, it could have gotten interesting, but I think they know better, that Ryanair would step in... Given the route and base decisions they've made, it certainly wouldn't surprise me.

bycrewlgw 3rd Dec 2020 11:26

Brilliant news for Cardiff and sensible choice of destinations. They’re filling the gap somewhat that was left by TCX. Hoping they do well at CWL!

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