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rowly6339 6th Jul 2017 20:26

Stobart Air-2
Makes some interesting reading. Didn't know that there was bad blood over the Cityjet deal going south.

New Stobart Group boss has ambitious plans to see London's Southend airport flying high - Independent.ie

rowly6339 7th Jul 2017 17:38

Flybe possible takeover
With the money they made from the listing of the Eddie Stobart business, Stobart Group could easily afford to buy Flybe but does anyone actually see it happening?

airbourne 7th Jul 2017 22:54

I always thought the buy out of STX by WX was a bit pie in the sky. Bit like when FR wanted to buy EI. Sure offer the share price, gain an airline and its huge cash pile.

Cityjet is a ball of shite held together with duct tape. Who else in Europe is flying those gas guzzling RJ's and as for the Russian birds, well that was a disaster!

mik3bravo 8th Jul 2017 08:22

I detect hostility towards Cityjet. Describe why you feel the new airframes are a disaster? I'm intrigued.

airbourne 8th Jul 2017 16:18

Detect? Was I not hostile enough? I really need to up my game so!:mad:

Its not just the new airframes that I consider to be a disaster it the whole thing.

How this airline has stayed in business is anyone's guess.

Who really wants to pay for a TR on (a) an aircraft that nobody is really flying anymore, are falling apart and (b) an unproven aircraft that nobody in Western Europe is using.

Maybe you can describe why you think the Sukhoi's are great? I am also intrigued.

Harry Wayfarers 8th Jul 2017 16:31

Perhaps the two of you may take it to the Cityjet thread!

southside bobby 8th Jul 2017 16:36

Aw shucks.....go easy on him,just another SEN fan with those rose tints on....

airbourne 8th Jul 2017 17:20

Originally Posted by Harry Wayfarers (Post 9824589)
Perhaps the two of you may take it to the Cityjet thread!

Sorry to have offended your deep sense of commitment to staying on topic!

Did you sense the hostility there Mik3? :{

mik3bravo 8th Jul 2017 18:45

Hmmm. Falling apart, eh? Indeed. Keep taking those stress pills:ok:

sarnold 30th Aug 2017 16:18

Hi All,

I've heard that Stobart will be operating the 195 with their own crew from Jan 2018. Can anyone confirm if their crew will operate the Flybe aircraft or are Stobart due to take delivery of their own 195's?

Thanks in advance.

Rivet Joint 21st Sep 2017 21:06

Looks like EI-FMJ is being painted into the BE livery. This is one that is currently in the shamrock scheme. Anyone know why they are not painting one of the two white ones? One of them has been operating from SEN already so would seem to make sense. I really do not understand the logic of some airlines.

JobsaGoodun 21st Sep 2017 21:38

Surely, whether it's logical or not depends on a number of things, not solely what the existing paint scheme is.

If the current white tails are due off lease anytime soon, or if Stobart have another intended use for them then it makes no sense to paint them.

Equally, if EI have reduced their requirement from Stobart then there are likely restrictions on Stobart operating an EI liveried aircraft on a non EI flight. There may be a grace period but I doubt it's very long. You can only imagine the effect on the EI brand in the event of an incident involving an EI liveried aircraft when it wasn't even operating an EI flight.

brian_dromey 22nd Sep 2017 09:32

Originally Posted by sarnold (Post 9877450)
Hi All,

I've heard that Stobart will be operating the 195 with their own crew from Jan 2018. Can anyone confirm if their crew will operate the Flybe aircraft or are Stobart due to take delivery of their own 195's?

Thanks in advance.

They are their own E195s, but all 3 are currently with flyBe.

Rivet Joint 22nd Sep 2017 12:03


I agree there must be a reason but one of the white ones has operated out of SEN for well over a year so you would have thought it would have made sense to paint that one. I guess this means the white one will move onto the aer lingus network which again seems daft.

Expressflight 22nd Sep 2017 12:53

Two ATRs are needed for the SEN winter programme so the Flybe liveried aircraft will join the existing white painted aircraft.

Rivet Joint 22nd Sep 2017 18:28

Ok so there is some logic involved then. I do wonder why so many airlines persist with operating aircraft not in their livery. I know it might aid flexibility for charters but surely it's one of the best forms of advertisement.

Chidken Sangwich 22nd Sep 2017 19:10

If the Aircraft is leased and not owned the return from lease conditions usually state that the Aircraft must be returned to lessor ALL white. So paint it into whatever livery (circa 20k for an ATR plus 3 days out of service plus a two ferries to/from paint shop) then paint it back to white at the end of lease (another 20k plus the 3 days and a couple of ferries again) and your looking at 45k plus a couple days out of action. Money that doesn't necessarily need spending in some Airlines eyes.

Rivet Joint 23rd Sep 2017 19:55

Very true. The two White ATRs both have been with Stobart for sometime and appear to be owned/long term leased. BMI also have 4 embrears in mainly all white which have long been with them.

01475 23rd Sep 2017 21:25

As a beancounter I of course want to agree; even if you have the aircraft for a pretty decentish length of time this can still very easily be 1 from the fare of every passenger that steps on the plane.

Why then ofc people go and change liveries on an entire fleet for no good reason other than the new marketing guy made a nice PowerPoint hell knows :-(

(Edit: I'm being flippant obviously. I know the value of branding and customer impression, and given how much the BMI passenger has paid, probably they should do it)

Skipness One Echo 19th Oct 2017 07:56

Hi, can one of you very knowledgable people help with a question?

What was the date that the ICAO code changed from REA to STK?
Was it also the same date that Aer Arann became Stobart Air?

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