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maxed-out 21st Dec 2016 16:39

Good evening,

Does anyone know how long the Loganair Dorniers are going to be based in Norwich? Are there any replacements planned (eg SAAB2000's) if they go or will the base be closed?

Thank you.

NickBarnes 21st Dec 2016 17:14

With them starting Jersey next summer, plus extra service to EDI, I'd imagine they wont be leaving NWI any time soon but would likely replace perhaps more like for like in terms of size with the Saab 340

maxed-out 21st Dec 2016 17:19

Thanks Nick. Yes I agree the 2000 is probably too big for the current loads.

NickBarnes 21st Dec 2016 17:25

no problem, they are certainly looking busy next summer from NWI with the 4x Jersey and Saturday Edinburgh added, but Yeh something between 30-34 seats seems most sensible

rolladyce 22nd Dec 2016 14:10

Interesting spot but it may be that given some of the NWI-EDI block-times have increased it switches to a Saab 340 instead of Dornier. That would allow the EDI gap to service a KOI / LSI / SYY rotation before returning to NWI, also allowing EDI tail swap.
Not sure there is 4 x rotations NWI-EDI, just some variable schedules to align more to demand it would appear. Sensible scheduling.

ara01jbb 6th Jul 2017 07:55

The new Masterplan for the airport has been published, and comments are invited until 17 August 2017 via this page.

There are no major surprises, other than the anticipated improvements to taxiways, a larger apron with more stands, and using the NDR to open land for "a 100-acre business park for aviation and non-aviation companies", i.e. another business park.

The EDP continues to get excited about possible new routes to Dublin and Paris.

MDS 11th Jul 2017 13:16

I'm curious where this pathetic ADF "Airport Development Fund" actually goes.

In the past decade, the only development that has occurred is that NWI now serves less destinations than before.

Not sure why anyone is excited about NWI-DUB or NWI-CDG.. these have been tried and axed already.

Maybe if they decided to stop extorting 10 from every departing passenger, they'd have a chance at attracting (or maintaining) more service.

tommynwi 21st Sep 2017 13:10

Nice to see the return of thomas cook next summer operating weekly flights to dalaman.
Nwi-dlm 17:05-23:00
Dlm-nwi 13:45-15:50

tommynwi 13th Dec 2017 12:08

Loganair are adding 2 new seasonal routes to Inverness and Isle of Man for summer 2018. Isle of Man flights operating twice weekly (fri+sun)for 3 weeks during TT races and Inverness flight operating twice weekly (mon+fri) between June 29 and September 3. Also a Saturday flight to Jersey being added so now a total of 6 weekly flights to Jersey for summer 18.

NickBarnes 13th Dec 2017 12:27

Excellent news Tommy, I'm sure they will be well supported.

Mike Flynn 17th Dec 2017 13:41

It will be interesting to see what the load factors are. Eastern are facing a major challenge as the oil industry declines.

These are little more than short term flights to places with limited demand.

sparkie320 17th Dec 2017 17:35

30 yr plan
Umm intreasting
but when will it happen who knows

Over priced food in the terminal
10 tax
Out dates terminal facilitates as well
and how will the runway be extended or when
a lot of work there and not sure what can be done to make this a better airport
would be nice to have more airlines serve this airport

time will tell

Planespeaking 17th Dec 2017 18:45

Yes but apart from that you are really upbeat!

Mike Flynn 18th Dec 2017 23:47

Norwich is one of the worst airports for customer service in Europe. It only scores 3/10 on Skytrax which is lower than Kabul in Afghanistan.

Lagos in Nigeria also scores 3/10.

It appears their rating and customer comments mean nothing to the management.

Blackpool also tried a 10 'development' fee which resulted in Ryanair pulling out and the airport now has no scheduled traffic.

Newquay has ditched theirs leaving just Teeside at 6.00 and Norwich extorting a tenner.

Talking of Teeside it appears the average daily passenger traffic from Norwich is five which raises the question is it worth it?

SWBKCB 19th Dec 2017 05:04

Talking of Teeside
How about talking about Teesside? :ok:

Mike Flynn 19th Dec 2017 09:20

I mentioned Teeside because both airports are grim and both are the only ones charging so called development fees.

However you measure it the average daily load from Norwich to Teeside is still five passengers. That will not cover the landing fee and handling.

Norwich is stuck with only having an ILS on runway 27. The 09 approach has an NDB with a decision height of 500ft. The result is anytime they have an easterly wind with fog the airport cannot be used.

They can't even be bothered to paint the steel frame supporting the engrance canopy where the rust stains are showing through.


So much for the airport development fee.

MerchantVenturer 19th Dec 2017 11:09

Norwich is in good company then because a random glance through Skytrax shows these scores for some other UK airports:

2/10 East Midlands, Leeds-Bradford, Stansted

3/10 Aberdeen, Belfast Int, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester

gilesdavies 19th Dec 2017 11:50

Just been nosey and noticed the Norwich thread thought would throw in my pennies worth of thought...

Usually airports where passengers have to part with cash for services that are free elsewhere, usually leaves a bad taste in their mouths. Exactly the same at Luton where drop off fees are now applied, and gets a 1-2 star rating in SkyTrax year upon year, with the charge being the main moaning point.

It is interesting how Regional and City Airport's the operators on Norwich are happy to charge the Developement fee there, but not at any of their other portfolio of airports, which still see regular services, like Derry, Exeter and Bournemouth. Especially when airports like Bournemouth and Exeter have similar passenger numbers.

Norwich is quite a maintenance heavy airport, and would imagine there is a fair amount of revenue from that.

I like how the Development fee is not chargeable for Business Class or the upper tier frequent flyer members. A frequent flyer could buy the cheapest ticket, but still get the fee waived!

Has there been much in the way of improvements to the airport in recent years with this 10 fee being introduced, for example improved facilities?

AirportPlanner1 19th Dec 2017 12:48

Originally Posted by Jay Sata (Post 9994989)
However you measure it the average daily load from Norwich to Teeside is still five passengers. That will not cover the landing fee and handling.

Except the average daily load isn't five, is it? It's five, plus however many are travelling to Aberdeen. If you want to have a moan get facts right.

Mike Flynn 19th Dec 2017 12:52

I was refering to those from Norwich dropped at Teeside.

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