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Robert-Ryan 8th Sep 2017 18:35

Durham Tees Valley-7
Newmarket Holidays have axed all their one off charters UK wide after this season

inOban 8th Sep 2017 18:43

Does that mean they are going to buy space on scheduled flights?

Robert-Ryan 8th Sep 2017 18:50

I believe so yes, they used KLM for some of this years, I think they're just going to keep doing that. The impression I got is sourcing and chartering aircraft is too hard/expensive

highwideandugly 8th Sep 2017 18:59

Pity another loss of passengers.I know not many but good advertising if nothing else?
Wonder what that means for Omega Holidays who also operate from DTV?

Beafer 10th Sep 2017 20:58

Facts dear Robert facts.
TNT were looking for a new warehouse in the area unit recently, but according to staff there they have just signed a new 5 year lease for Hangar 2 with Peel.

The 350 houses next to the St.George will all be built by then, ready for phase two of the Peel plans ;)

Robert-Ryan 10th Sep 2017 21:16

and by all accounts phase two of said Peel plans are to be announced imminently :ok:

something_diferent 11th Sep 2017 12:49

Maybe a response from FlyBe/Eastern to Loganair coming in? Have to admit, struggling to see which business type routes could be viable, apart from a possible London City flight?

highwideandugly 12th Sep 2017 16:49

Hi guys..change of subject..any dates on the Skylive air show next year yet?

No-More-Bullschit 14th Sep 2017 13:47

Don't know the answer to your Skylive query, but I have a change of subject of my own - marketing, something that historically the airport has never got right, in the last couple of weeks I've heard KLM advertise Newcastle-Amsterdam on two local stations that have recently favoured Durham-Amsterdam, and can somebody please point me in the direction of some Loganair advertising because I'm drawing a blank, I noted some on the Northern Echo website when it was first announced but that seems to have gone :confused:

highwideandugly 15th Sep 2017 06:34

Wonder if it's because it wouldn't be cost effective?
My thought is there is very little " new" point to point traffic out there and most of the guys( and girls)because of the oil industry mainly served would already know about the new service?
Probably also advertised in the oil industry circles?

Beafer 15th Sep 2017 20:07

Airport refuge operation - HSE application
Norwaste are the company who wanted to build a refuge handling station next to the active runway (Hangar 5 site).
It would appear the application was withdrawn looking at the documents.
Any news on what happens next for the site?

Supporting documents and the risks involved in this type of operation.

Maybe Peel thought it wasn't such a good idea with the access to the tip passing through the new housing estate. ;)

highwideandugly 21st Sep 2017 18:33

Just looking at the great DTV movements web site...Are there any Grouse left on the Yorkshire moors!!!!????

N707ZS 21st Sep 2017 21:26

What caused the new start on the thread? See we are back to page 1.

Robert-Ryan 21st Sep 2017 22:32

Highwide I was going to suggest it is just Consort doing as they promised, as there has been a marked increase even ignoring the grouse shooters...but curiously I noted swissport handling a couple of todays corporate flights

highwideandugly 24th Sep 2017 08:04

Do Consort advertise their services? Must say I haven't seen any? Don't suppose they have much say in where the Grouse aircraft go..do the aircraft not follow the Grouse?!!

Figures updated on DTV website..still a downward trend in all areas including movements...wonder when it will bottom out? Nearly as predicted earlier in the year down to 1970 levels.What is more worrying,this is on the back of Most airports reporting record figures?

Beafer 25th Sep 2017 10:23

Durham Tees Valley thread 6 closed?

Originally Posted by N707ZS (Post 9899833)
What caused the new start on the thread? See we are back to page 1.

Noticed this is Durham Tees Valley 7 new thread.

Why was the DTV 6 thread closed?

It was onto page 103 with a lot of information on Peels house building plans.

something_diferent 25th Sep 2017 10:49

I'd imagine due to size of the thread? A whole load of new threads have been created so nothing in particular due to DTV.

Robert-Ryan 25th Sep 2017 14:43

I'd also like to point out I'm not the thread starter, they must have nipped the old thread off just above one of my posts

Piltdown Man 26th Sep 2017 07:18

Minor news, but the last Fokker flights by KLM will occur on the 28 October. From then on capacity will increase on this route as the smallest aircraft KLM posses is an Embraer 175 with 88 seats. It's a slightly quicker aircraft and slightly more comfortable. But there is less storage space in the cabin for bags. So if your flight is full you will find that some cabin bags will have to be loaded into the holds. But any bags so loaded will no longer be at the foot of the stairs in AMS. They will instead go to the baggage carousel at your final destination.

SWBKCB 26th Sep 2017 14:14

Loganair publicity

Loganair sign Boro shirt deal as daily flight times from Durham Tees Valley Airport confirmed - Gazette Live

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