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LTNman 2nd Nov 2017 15:05

Construction update
Well its a new sign that was dug in so I will add it. As can be seen any driver heading for the terminal needs to keep calm.

The immigration hall is being expanded on the ground floor while the building picks up a new first floor.

The old terminal balcony is being hidden from public view.

Still not a hint of a canopy being installed.

I have no idea what is happening here. It looks like a concrete base for a trolley park but trolleys are paid for at Luton plus the whole area is isolated from public access. Maybe the airport is squeezing in a few extra parking bays for when the short term car park loses half its spaces. This is also the route for the rail link cut and cover tunnel.

Pier B is progressing well

Finally just one ramp of many at Luton that is heaving with bizjets. The pond has passed back to the airport but you would never know it.

boeing_eng 2nd Nov 2017 18:49

Half the Pond goes back to the airport for overnight parking (usually 2 x EZY's) Signature use it for the rest of the day:D

Lee Baker Street 3rd Nov 2017 20:29

EasyJet growth?
After the very sad and unfortunate demise of Monarch Airlines, EasyJet stated on October 2nd 2017 they were seeking to fill 100 cabin crew roles at Luton and 500 at LGW.

Based on typical crewing levels per flight (180 pax=4 cabin attendants) are they currently short of crew or are they looking to expand in the new year?

Is there a potential 5 aircraft to join the current fleet of 23/24 at Luton in 2018 based on the 'industry' standard of 5 'sets' of crew per one aircraft?

That figure may seem generous, but they did state a few years ago about doubling their presence at LTN which meant having a planned fleet of at least 30 based A/C.

Only time will tell...

inOban 3rd Nov 2017 20:56

Presumably they have to fill quite a few roles each year simply due to natural turnover, never mind expansion?

southside bobby 3rd Nov 2017 21:23

The pitch will be aimed at ex MON c/c to replenish EZY`s own natural wastage as well.

Musket90 4th Nov 2017 20:36

I think the car drop off charge is probably the one that irritates most. The other charges seem comparable with Heathrow and Gatwick.
I can understand the reason for charging for drop off given the congestion that could occur if it wasn't implemented. Trouble is many don't realise there is a charge until beyond the traffic lights which causes delays at the exit point and unless they've researched before travelling then they won't know.
I can't imagine many non-regulars actually seeing this sign because of concentrating on the unfamiliar road ahead, especially if there are several other signs nearby that contribute to sign blindness.

LTNman 4th Nov 2017 21:06

Remarkably the £3 minimum charge for Luton is actually cheaper than Stansted.

Musket90 4th Nov 2017 22:58

Thanks LTNman - It certainly is and it's not easy to find the details on the STN website.
For LTN once the new transit is operational from the railway station to the terminal it will be a premier London Airport for access from London, so no wonder why airlines are keen to start or expand their existing operations.

LTNman 5th Nov 2017 06:33

The rail link will make a big diffence for that final mile. With Luton always looking to save the last penny I just hope that what is proposed is what we end up with. I have this vision of early railways where passengers wearing top hats travelled in converted open coal wagons. The only difference is that the Luton coal wagons will have LLA written on the side.

canberra97 5th Nov 2017 07:18

Those coal wagons (I like the description) will probably be emblazoned with tacky advertising such as HSBC so that the airport can gain extra revenue from it's investment, I can't see them in just a plain livery with just LLA added.

southside bobby 5th Nov 2017 08:02

Could you please reference which "airlines are keen to start...operations".Ta.

Lee Baker Street 5th Nov 2017 09:10

Originally Posted by LTNman (Post 9947016)
The rail link will make a big diffence for that final mile. With Luton always looking to save the last penny I just hope that what is proposed is what we end up with. I have this vision of early railways where passengers wearing top hats travelled in converted open coal wagons. The only difference is that the Luton coal wagons will have LLA written on the side.

£35 million will cover construction, £115 million will cover civil work, that leaves up to £50 million to purchase actual rail stock. I can see no reason that the airport / LBC will not be operating state of the art trains.

Does anyone know what stock the council / airport are currently looking at? If you consider it, there is no point carrying out all this ground work when you donít know what will be actually using the track!

canberra97 5th Nov 2017 09:27

It was a humorous remark made by LTNman that I was referring to I wasn't inferring that the trains would be inferior, of course they will be modern state of the art trains but I still wouldn't be surprised to see them emblazoned with advertising. Regardless of how the planned shuttle is financed it would still be a financial gain by having some form of advertising even with a LLA logo.

Not that I am a fan of over advertising I do see the financial gains.

DC3 Dave 5th Nov 2017 09:38

Unless there will be only one train, a signalling system will be required, and that cannot be specified without knowing the stock to be used.

I would imagine the cars will be similar to London Underground's new District / Metropolitan trains with very basic interiors, lots of standing room and 3 double doors per car. Those trains cost around £8.5 million each, but Luton's order will be a tad smaller.

pabely 5th Nov 2017 12:20

Unless there will be only one train, a signalling system will be required, and that cannot be specified without knowing the stock to be used.
All plans show two tracks all the way just like LGW and talk about state of the art technology. I can only see a single track used at quiet times overnight when maintenance takes place.
As far as advertising, we have had EZY sponsoring the LGW shuttle for years, now replaced by BA, perhaps they will be back at LTN being painted Orange!

LTNman 5th Nov 2017 13:19

Yes two trains on two tracks with no crossovers and no spare rolling stock in reserve. I don't know if this is standard with the likes of Birmingham and Gatwick.

I also don't know how many carriages each train will have either. When I asked at the public event I was told it hadn't been decided but I am guessing 2 or 3.

I hope they take the long term view and build the stations with enough platform to take an increase in passenger numbers if more carriages are needed later.

Enabling work.

New compound for airport equipment is almost complete. This is needed to clear the route for the rail link.

Note the airport camera van that sits at this location to catch any cars stopping at the bus stop.


New airside fence to allow the rail route to remain landside

gilesdavies 5th Nov 2017 22:07

New Transit
I remember the LGW North to South Terminal Transit a good few years ago was sponsored by British Airways... They use to force you to listen to some commentory welcoming you to the BA transit link and then played some hideous operatic music.

I think it would be foolish if they didn't get some sort of sponsorship or advertising for the service, after the large investment. Maybe it could be sponsored by Wizzair and the train can WIZZZZ you up to the terminal, or sponsored by easyJet and called the easyTrain! :}

I've not really read much on the new proposed service, but I can imagine something similar to that of the transit that runs at Stansted Airport... Where the actual cars are on tyred wheels running of a guided concrete track and not a train as we know it, running on steel rails, which is a lot more expensive.

I am curious what the charging structure will be for the transit and who will operate and maintain the service? The service might be free from the Mid-Stay Car Park to the Terminal, but I highly doubt it will be from the railway station, and the airport/council will want to recoup the costs invested...

At present the bus link between Luton Airport Parkway and the Airport is operated by Govia Thameslink and is considered part of the UK rail network, as you can buy a train ticket directly from any UK station to the airport and the ticket includes the bus part of the journey. Will it remain part of the "national rail" network and use the same ticketing structure or will it be completely seperate, with seperate ticketing and machines to board the service?

I suspect the council will not want to run it directly itself and will do a similar deal to the airport and offer a 10-20 year revenue sharing lease of the transport system, to run and maintain it.

I can imagine it being something similar to that in New York at JFK Airport... Where you travel on the NYC Subway system from Manhatten to Howard Beach station using the subway's normal ticketing. Then in-order to use the JFK AirTrain at Howard Beach, you go upstairs and purchase a $5 ticket using a different ticketing system, to board this automated train to the approriate terminal. This causes a lot of confusion and many passengers expect their Subway passes to be accepted on the airport link.

If the new transit is future proofed and has sufficient capacity/frequencies, I could see the airport moving the entire drop off area completely away from the Central Terminal Area, and to a new location (AKA Mid Stay), where all passengers have to use the service to get to the terminal and something similar for car hire.

Maybe offering a smaller "premium" drop off area by the terminal where the charge is maybe £10-20, as the fee would have to be hefty to persaude people not going up to the terminal. As the currrent £3 fee, does not seem enough to make people to use the free bus link from the Mid-Stay car park.

davidjohnson6 5th Nov 2017 22:40

Will the cheapskates like me still be able to walk between the Kimpton Road entrance to Parkway train station and the airport without having to pay ?

ExpectmorePayless 5th Nov 2017 23:03

I can see it now.
easyTrain from Luton Airport Parkway to Luton Airport = £59.99 return.
EasyJet from Luton Airport to Tenerife = £29.99 return.

They'll probably charge extra for passengers with baggage too. :rolleyes:

LTNman 5th Nov 2017 23:17

I think the trains will be on tyres on a concrete track. There will be provision for a station in the mid term but it won’t be built as part of this phase.

For the system to work seamlessly then it has to be ticket free otherwise it will lose much of its benefit. This can be achieved now if a passenger buys a ticket to Luton Airport rather than Luton Airport Parkway but passengers with through tickets still wait their turn to have their ticket checked before boarding.

If some sort of standard combined fare is introduced then anyone starting their journey from Parkway will be paying for a link that they will not use.

This rail link is being funded by the council rather than by London Luton Airport Operations Ltd or London Luton Airport Ltd. The general airport upgrade to 18 million passengers is being funded by Aena. Not sure why the council would be paying for this link rather than their 100% owned airport company who seem to be paying for Century Park.

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