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pabely 20th Oct 2012 14:54

No not at all, just councils are nearer to the ground than westminster, they are the ones who approve planning applications and have to deal with local business.

Dannyboy39 20th Oct 2012 16:48

I gather the pressure group's claim that Luton Borough Council decide on a planning application, on err.... LBC's own asset, is not the case?

LTNman 20th Oct 2012 19:31

I see that Google street view has been updated at the airport and now includes the CTA. In the view work is about to begin on Ocean Sky's new FBO.

boeing_eng 21st Oct 2012 09:20

Concrete is now finally being poured for the new Ocean Sky ramp.

The old Britannia Admin building was also recently partially demolished around here.....Plenty of airport history disappearing recently:hmm:

LTNman 21st Oct 2012 11:26

Half the building was only knocked down last week with the other half staying. I was going to take some photos this weekend but I am away. I will post some next week when I am back home.

boeing_eng 21st Oct 2012 17:33


Here you go.....taken when the grabber was in action! The building has been pulled down as far as the entrance area (8 windows to the left)

Buster the Bear 21st Oct 2012 19:44

So when was that originally constructed?

Lee Baker Street 23rd Oct 2012 05:17

I recal visiting the Britannia building verious times with my father who would collect his wages. That period was about 1976/1977 so the building was there then.

Some of you may recall the large Boeing 737 model on show in the 1st floor window with the models top removed and showing the cabin interior?

pabely 24th Oct 2012 12:55

150M capacity!
OMG! Who has submitted these plans, not the council or the operator....:rolleyes:
Heathrow battle: How Luton could be
Or just a way to sell newspapers?

Lee Baker Street 24th Oct 2012 14:39


No one can deny Luton is best positioned and with so few homes around this site- south of the current location why shouldn't Luton be considered?

We have M1, M25, 4 train tracks and only 21 minutes by fast train from London west end.

The only thing I would change is re-aligning the 4 runways to 09/27 headings then Stevenage would no longer be direct under the flight path!

pabely 24th Oct 2012 15:31

Yes I agree 09/27 would be much better but hits some other villages but between Stevenage & Welwyn. This only has a chance if Herts & Bucks get on-board (and a slice of the profits).......assuming LBC remain as leasor?
The additional of M1/A1(M) full link and further railway upgrades to bring easy access from west & north is a must.

It's all pie in the sky though!

Dannyboy39 24th Oct 2012 16:11

Is that really Luton I'm looking at in the picture?! :oh:

Supposedly the Evening Standard is a "quality" newspaper, but some of those comments are disgusting. :mad:

OLNEY 1 BRAVO 25th Oct 2012 11:07

Dannyboy39 - Isn't the Evening Standard just reporting (albeit somewhat after the event) the report that is referenced in post 31 and debated by many in subsequent posts. Or am I deluded??:confused:

LGS6753 25th Oct 2012 19:43

This seems a very similar proposal, but the source quoted by the Standard is a design company, whereas the original report was from a think-tank.

LTNman 26th Oct 2012 17:56

5 runway Luton

As can be seen 4 new runways south of the existing runway on the flatlands of Hertfordshire. So thatís 2 proposals now in less than a month. Artists impression taken from above junction 10 of the M1

Buster the Bear 26th Oct 2012 18:19

Green runways - nice!

ericlday 26th Oct 2012 18:41

Existing runway for bizjets, using revamped terminal exclusively for corporate paxs ?????????

LGS6753 26th Oct 2012 19:38

From Travel Mole:

Monarch allows extra bag on board scheduled flights

Monarch has increased its hand baggage allowance from one to two bags in response to customer demand.
From 1 November, passengers can carry up to two pieces, for example a cabin bag and a handbag, or a small overnight bag and a laptop bag.
But the two bags together must still not exceed the dimensions of 56cm x 40cm x 25cm and a weight of 10kg.
On board, one of these items must be placed under the seat in front whilst the other can be placed in the overhead locker.
New gauges will be installed at airports to help passengers check their baggage is within the size range.
The new allowance applies to all of Monarch's scheduled flights, except those departing London Luton Airport where only one item of hand baggage measuring 56cm x 40cm x 25cm may be carried due to airport operator regulations.
The hand baggage allowance for Monarch charter flights (those with a flight number beginning MON) remains unchanged at 5kg and the dimensions should not exceed 56cm x 40cm x 25cm.
"Our passengers have told us how important it is for them to be allowed two items and, working with our airport partners, we have been able to change our policy to suit them," said Kevin George, Monarch Airlines MD.

What's that all about? :=

LTNman 26th Oct 2012 19:49

Only one piece of hand luggage per person can go through security at Luton as 2 pieces takes twice as long to pass though the X-ray machine.

LTNman 26th Oct 2012 20:02

Luton 2006 plans but with 2 runways.

1 is the existing CTA
2 was the proposed drop off terminal
3 was the proposed new terminal


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