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LGS6753 10th Oct 2012 07:35

LTNman -

You might be right :O

Buster the Bear 12th Oct 2012 17:57

This new dual carriageway, I have heard it is to be named Buster the Bear Way. A good choice of name!

Spot the spelling mistake on the label?


LTNman 13th Oct 2012 14:44

You're not the only bear in town. This one is still waving the flag for the opening of the airports railway station.

I see that concrete is finally now being poured for Ocean Sky’s new apron.


Buster the Bear 13th Oct 2012 19:52

I am outraged, Imposter the Bear!

Level bust 13th Oct 2012 20:26

Better looking though. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon's entertainment.

LTNman 14th Oct 2012 06:25

London Luton

Report goes on to mention that Wizz Air has secured an average annual growth in passengers at Luton of 39% over seven years

Dannyboy39 14th Oct 2012 07:43

Something to silence the doubters...

while the airport saw 8.9% growth in passenger numbers in 2011, it reduced carbon emissions by 3.1%.

Buster the Bear 14th Oct 2012 20:32

Carbon emissions will increase if I catch Imposter the Bear!

Mr Bust, I did after 85 minutes!

Luton still not loaded into the Airblue booking engine........looks like Buster is finally BUSTED!

The spelling mistake on the wine label....come on...Terminal....should have been Tinminal!

LGS6753 16th Oct 2012 15:33

September figures:

Passengers (month): 940,835 (+0.5%)
Passengers (rolling year): 9,600,198 (+2.1%)

Air Transport Movements (month): 6,790 (+0.2%)
Air Transport Movements (rolling year): 71,934 (-0.4%)

Dannyboy39 16th Oct 2012 15:48

I assume the reason why taxiway echo? is closed is because of the new private apron?

LTNman 16th Oct 2012 17:53


CREATED: 11 Oct 2012 11:02:00

Thought I saw a Wizz facing echo after being towed off stand yesterday at around 8:30 so it was open then.

ImPlaneCrazy 16th Oct 2012 18:39

50cm? Not being funny - that's a fair old drop for an aircraft wheel to go over if I am not being an idiot and imagining it wrong?

LTNman 16th Oct 2012 18:44

That's at the side of the taxiway that extends for 5m along what was once grass.

Level bust 16th Oct 2012 21:02

Unless things have changed while I'm on leave, Taxiway Echo does not close until after the outbound Wizzair rush, between 0830 and 0900.

pabely 19th Oct 2012 15:00

Stevenage Council in favour of Luton Airport expansion
Nice to see someone in Herts wanting this...
Stevenage council backs Luton Airport expansion - News - The Comet

How that will place the local MP as he covers Harpenden as well, time will tell?

Next the approval of the proposed A505 route from M1 to A1(M) as once suggested? Could bring vital jobs and place more businesses relocating local rather than people communting to London.....

LGS6753 19th Oct 2012 16:33

The MP for Stevenage is Stephen McPartland. Stevenage is a marginal seat that covers the town of Stevenage. Stephen McPartland "opposes the [airport's] expansion plans".
The MP for North East Hertfordshire is Oliver Heald. NE Herts is a safe Conservative seat and includes Letchworth, Baldock & Royston as well as much of rural east Herts including Buntingford and almost as far east as Bishops' Stortford. Oliver Heald is more concerned about fighting Stansted expansion, and favours "Boris Island".
The MP for Hitchin and Harpenden is Peter Lilley. This is also a safe Conservative seat; the name describes the area. On his website, Peter Lilley says he wants to "limit" Luton Airport expansion.

Buster the Bear 19th Oct 2012 17:48

Mr Bust you are on leave so much, by the time you return there will be four runways and a road named Buster the Bear Way!

Level bust 19th Oct 2012 20:29

Along with a statue of you outside the terminal, sorry tinminal!

Never mind life will be one long leave soon.

pabely 20th Oct 2012 01:25

LGS6753, sorry it was a loaded statement on how the local councils may just be starting to see things different from the local MPs.

LGS6753 20th Oct 2012 09:01


Sorry, didn't wish to sound pompous. You certainly have a point that the MPs are viewing things differently to the councils in Hertfordshire.

Divide and rule!

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