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MUFC_fan 24th Aug 2008 20:27

Anyway plan of FR moving to T3 anytime soon?

Also, what about the charters in T1? Will TCX be moving over shortly? Will MON go to T2 and ZB T3 or will they both go to T2?:confused::confused::confused:

de Payen 24th Aug 2008 21:00

mufc4evr - to answer your question regarding Fedex. They're sick and tired of all the militant workers there, enginering and ground ops especially, whose only purpose in life is to cause misery to airlines and passengers :eek:

StoneyBridge Radar 24th Aug 2008 21:23

de payen

Fighting talk, indeed, and quite the Pandora's box you've opened.

Care to elaborate?

Irish Grinch 24th Aug 2008 21:27

TCX will not be moving over shortly or in the future.

de Payen 24th Aug 2008 21:33

No not really, it should be quite well known that the MAN base in general has more than its fair share of militant employees, notably by factions still present from the 1980's who, seem to infiltrate and manipulate the most recent, modern and entusiastic airlines. I speak from personal experience of this since the days of Dan-Air where martyrdom was rife and has weedled its way into current times and airport operations.

MUFC_fan 24th Aug 2008 22:04

TCX will not be moving over shortly or in the future.
I thought it was going to be:

T1 Scheduled
T2 Charter

G-STAW 25th Aug 2008 11:35

thats the five years master plan, btw CSA to pull from man in october.

Hardly worth it.....................
i though this thread is about "manchester news", must be wrong....


Suzeman 25th Aug 2008 12:02


btw CSA to pull from man in october.
Still bookable for the winter season on their website.


EGCC4284 25th Aug 2008 13:21


sorry thats what i meant, they're deffinatly getting rid of the 733's from MAN.
When did you hear this.

I am based at Man on that fleet and the last I heard about 3 weeks ago is that there is going to be 2 300's and 3 800's. 5 737'2 in total. Heard it from our engineers who were told this last month.

Would like to know when and where you heard different


G-STAW 25th Aug 2008 16:51

CSA have let us known they are pulling out.

in regards to the TOM 733's, i heard this last week from a tom rep i was speaking too. She said they'll be rendered useless when the merger fully comes into force????. she also said theyre spreading them out over the rest of the TOM network.

ill try and get futher info for you.


DAr19 26th Aug 2008 10:09

Hi. I read that PIA once applied for fifth freedoms to sell JFK tickets from Manchester is that right?


How did they get on, anyone know?

G-STAW 26th Aug 2008 11:54

im sure you can buy tickets for MAN-JFK with PIA but only through travel agencies though?

DAr19 26th Aug 2008 12:47

You wouldn't happen to know where I can get on one? I'd love to use them

Playamar2 26th Aug 2008 15:37

They aren't pulling out , but reducing to 7 per week. No flight on Saturday and 2 on Thursday, according to their website.

eggc 26th Aug 2008 19:08

The airport will shut for 15 minutes on the nearest two Saturdays to November 5 so families living nearby can hold their annual displays !

G-STAW 26th Aug 2008 20:20

hamburg international to base 2 a319 for the winter season


Ringwayman 26th Aug 2008 20:44

AF is, according to one periodical, going to use EMB195s on AF2568/AF2569 from the winter timetable, and from March replacing an A320 with an A321 on the "mid-morning" flight. THe only mid-morning AF flighit I can remember was the discontinued AF1968/AF1969, so perhaps they mean AF1668/AF1669 which may be retimed slightly?

SkyEurope is expected to keep their Kosice run at 3 a week during the winter.

viscount702 26th Aug 2008 22:03

Hamburg International
What are these two A319's going to be doing over the winter months

EGCC4284 26th Aug 2008 23:59

And is there any chance you can tell me the name of this TOM rep

G-STAW 27th Aug 2008 12:36

What are these two A319's going to be doing over the winter months
I know nothing more than that, soon as i get more info on this ill let you know.

And is there any chance you can tell me the name of this TOM rep
Dont know her name, i wouldnt post it on here anyway, but she origionally worked for FCA, shes a duty manager now


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