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Rampmole 17th Aug 2008 08:26

Lufthansa Airbus 340-600 (a 2nd of type visit) D-AIHM called in for fuel early morning whilst operating Charlotte to Munich as DLH429. The aircraft is said to have crossed the Atlantic with undercarriage extended.It also had a full escort by the fire service before parking up.

Ian Brooks 17th Aug 2008 09:38

A few questions re LH A340
Did it fly ex Charlotte with a known undercarriage locked down or did it refuse to retract on take off?
What sort of fuel burn over normal would the undercarriage have caused
because of drag and I presume flying at a lower level and lastly what what
would the extra flying time and speed have been?

Just out of interest as we were discussing this over a few beers last night


mufc4evr 17th Aug 2008 11:32

hi guys,

i was wondering if there is a chance of wizz air ever coming to MAN and why are Fedex pulling out of MAN when there was talk to set up a bigish base here

Ringwayman 17th Aug 2008 11:50

Wizz Air coming here may depend on the kind of deal that they brokered with LPL. If it's "exclusive northwest England", then I guess we can forget about it as they would have to negotiate with LPL to allow them to break the deal, and with easyJet having already done that, I expect LPL to deny them.

As for Fedex, who knows. The only two reasons could be that as they've operated here for a year, the discount scheme has come to an end and the higher charges are now making the route uneconomic or a combination of the new tax that's due to come into force where it's based on aircraft and not passenger, and high fuel charges (the latter having temporarily seen of some of our Chinese routes).

nick b 17th Aug 2008 20:29

Does anybody know whether the nightstopping Finnair flight has been canned for the winter? I am due to fly on the morning AY936 in early December, this no longer appears on the AY website.

Thanks in advance.

Musket90 17th Aug 2008 21:31

nick b

Confirm the Finnair nightstopper doesn't operate after 24th October. Not sure if it will return for next summer.

TURIN 17th Aug 2008 21:50

Lufthansa Airbus 340-600 D-AIHM
Lufthansa Airbus 340-600 D-AIHM

Had problems getting the gear up ex Charlotte, eventually got it all stowed away after circling for an hour but had used too much fuel to make it direct to MUC. A quick div to MAN for a splash and dash. No drama but a nice suprise for all the spotters. :D

Big bugger innit. :8

Scottie Dog 18th Aug 2008 12:50

Etihad Winter Schedule
Following on from postings in the previous thread my own research, via Sabre and internal contacts at the airport, only reveal that EY will be continuing to operate with A330-200 equipment.


Scottie Dog

nick b 18th Aug 2008 14:18

Thanks for the info re Finnair Musket 90

mufc4evr 18th Aug 2008 17:49

With Easyjet switching some orders from the A319 to the A320 do you think that this is due to good yields with the GB 320s ex Man and LGW

Ringwayman 18th Aug 2008 17:54

might be more to do with the GT A320s don't have the same engine as the A319s, so ordering them means engine commonality. I wonder how they will configure the A320 though, as they've got 156 seats on a A319?

On an unrelated note, Manchester Airport Group may now seek to buy Glasgow and not Gatwick according to media.

spannersatcx 19th Aug 2008 16:31

Greatwall returning 2x a week in Sept and CX increasing by another 3 per week in Oct.

jongeman 19th Aug 2008 17:28

CX increasing by 3 per week no doubt because it's Christmas-tat importation season........no sign of a passenger service with full freight then.

MUFC_fan 19th Aug 2008 20:55

According to the main spotter forum for MAN, Fedex wil finish their CDG-MAN-MEM and GLA feeder soon.

AircraftOperations 19th Aug 2008 23:54

FDX finishing next Thursday, is what I heard.

Where does all that freight go now? STN, GLA???

hardcase 20th Aug 2008 06:02

FDX feeder will operate MAN-CDG-MAN from Sept 15th..using ATR72

Also feeder will operate MAN-STN-BHX-CDG-BHX-MAN from Sept 1st..using ATR72

Fuel Boy 20th Aug 2008 10:52

FX feeder flights
From 1st-12th sept will be 3 a day Dep. 0550, 1840, 2150.

From 15th sept down to 2 flights Dep. 1840, 2150

Fuel Boy

hardcase 20th Aug 2008 10:57

the 0555 departure is the MAN-GLA service thats been removed from our schedule...shame

the 2150 is the MAN-CDG, and the MAN-STN leaves at 2105....which flight leaves at 1840, not one of Air Contractors

VFR Transit 21st Aug 2008 11:12

Can anyone confirm if the Celeb Air is still at Manchester, or has it moved down to Gatwick already?


Mr @ Spotty M 21st Aug 2008 17:03

Its in Gatwick.

Dr Illitout 21st Aug 2008 19:42

Thank god for that

Rgds Dr I

G-STAW 21st Aug 2008 22:00

exactly they can have it!!

anyone know when SQ and EK are moving to T1?


TURIN 21st Aug 2008 22:53

Dunno, but I have it on good authority that QR will be moving to T1 within 2 years. It's a rolling program so don't hold your breath.

Manchester Exile 22nd Aug 2008 06:21

Air Asia X Likely to Choose Stansted
According to today's Sydney Morning Herald, Stansted is their preference. But Ringway is an alternative option.

AirAsia X to fly to Australia-UK route next year - News - Travel - smh.com.au

scrapy 22nd Aug 2008 13:08

Jet 2 to Olbia
Jet 2 have announced weekly flights to Olbia (Sardinia) starting 2nd May 2009

Bagso 22nd Aug 2008 15:17

Just out of interest have Fed Ex decreased any STN servicies...:ugh:

hardcase 22nd Aug 2008 18:54

no, same service at STN with Fedex but from Nov until Christmas there is an additional feeder service to CDG and BHX-STN-MAN service....

MUFC_fan 22nd Aug 2008 19:28

If you read a very popular Aviation magazine, you will see the interview with the AirAsia boss who says that they want to link London up 1st.

MUFC_fan 22nd Aug 2008 19:48

MAG seem to be looking to buy a couple of the BAA airports.

Could we see MAG grow bigger than BAA in the years to come and could MAG become the new BAA in ripping people off?

Certainly would break the BAA strangle hold that is has over the city of London but would MAG become a bigger force on the national stage?

G-STAW 22nd Aug 2008 21:31

MAN latest moves

heres MAN latest moves.....

-Air blue add 5 flights a week

- PK reducing, plus change rerouting ISB-MAN-IST-ISB (15/08-22/08) plus moving some ops to leeds....

- SQ reducing to 5x weekly

- SV reducing to 1x weekly, averaging 30+ pax per flight

- SQ obviously moving to T1 with QR(within 2 years)

- TOM/FCA reducing by 15 aircraft next summer

and probably the biggest rumor yet.....

EK anticipate bring A380 sometime in September after its US tour as long the taxiways are suitable....

you heard it here first!


Ringwayman 22nd Aug 2008 22:08

Do you mean airblue going to 12 a week? PK have already started LBA ops.

SV's "30 passengers a flight" is quite interesting seeing that the CAA's provsional figures for June shows 1013 passengers to Jeddah and 790 to Riyadh i.e 1803 passengers in total which, at the published frequency of 2 a week (9 services = 18 flights) gives an average of 100 per flight.

I severerly douby TOM is dropping 15 aircraft at MAN. 5 or 6 perhaps, 15 for the entire combined operations throughout the country

SQ going 5 weekly is old hat. They claim it's down a "temporary measure due to the seasonal nature" and will aim to get it back to daily again next summer

viscount702 22nd Aug 2008 22:12

Again SV were earlier showing a reduction to 1x week they are now showing 2x Week as before.

I would not seem that they are reducing after all


Ian Brooks 22nd Aug 2008 22:41

I`m sure I read somewhere that one of the Saudi was to go non-stop this winter


BombardierCR7 22nd Aug 2008 23:56

PIA ISB via IST for a short period due to returning of illegal Pakistani immigrants in Turkey back to Pakistan.

Further shift to LBA expected by PIA, but complicated by the lack of available A310's, so nothing is cast in stone at this stage.

BDLBOS 23rd Aug 2008 01:59

SQ Intentions
I would not be so sure about SQ going back daily. I also believe that the actual translation of "seasonal requirements or lack of aircraft" from Slingish to English is "we will see how the 380 is doing out of LHR. If we need to fill on certain days, then those poor smucks that used the MAN flight won't mind loosing more rotations. They would much prefer to transfer at LHR to fly the 380 anyway, even if it is a dump (LHR) and their bags will get lost". Sorry this ex freq flyer will not - 3 days without my case last time was the end.

Sad state of affairs, but unfortunately I have been bull$hited by SQ UK and USA too many times now!

zfw 23rd Aug 2008 08:05

"EK anticipate bring A380 sometime in September after its US tour as long the taxiways are suitable...."

Fraid not, am working on 777 being moved across to T1 next March, and A380 2010 sometime, will also be a 2 class aircraft so approx 660 seating.

you heard it here first!


G-STAW 23rd Aug 2008 19:13

I severerly douby TOM is dropping 15 aircraft at MAN. 5 or 6 perhaps, 15 for the entire combined operations throughout the country
sorry thats what i meant, they're deffinatly getting rid of the 733's from MAN.

Fraid not, am working on 777 being moved across to T1 next March, and A380 2010 sometime, will also be a 2 class aircraft so approx 660 seating.
i said itwas a long shot.....

btw all the above was straight from servisair head boss, just passing on.


mickyman 23rd Aug 2008 19:40


So the only NEW piece of infomation in your post is about AirBlue
adding five rotations (?) and thats yet to be confirmed!

Hardly worth it.....................


TURIN 23rd Aug 2008 19:47

Hardly worth it.....................
Well Manchester 6 didn't take long to turn into a p1ssing contest didi it? Jeeeezus!:rolleyes:

Pin Head 24th Aug 2008 06:54

why ek and sq moving to T1?

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