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Maersk in the UK

Old 9th Feb 2003, 13:35
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Lame Duck

It usually BA that is accused of being a lame duck however we did dump Air Liberte and got some lose change for it. Yesterday somebody picked me up that the theme of the thread is Maersk 'not BA and its costs' but some of you have come back to that and that is everything. With so much competition around the Midlands you will be hard pressed to match current costs per avaible seat-kilometre(ASK). If someone out there knows what it is for Maersk I would be interested EZ is 4.5p per ASK and BA between 13 - 15 pence LGW / LHR. Surely anyone buying would have to operate one a/c type. I did some work with Maersk in the past at their BHX offices and always thought it was a well run outfit but so much has changed.
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Old 9th Feb 2003, 20:31
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Has Maersk Air UK got rid of it's Boeing 737s?

Maybe launching an off-shoot like bmi regional and bmibaby (sorry!) with some of the 737s to fly the bucket-and-spade routes might bring some cash in, as well as the BA business franchises.

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Old 10th Feb 2003, 07:48
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Maersk Air Ltd is an all CRJ Operator.

The 737's went back to Denmark.
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Old 10th Feb 2003, 10:07
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Thanks for confirming that Maersk is a CRJ operator. As stated, that said it is impossible for them to launch a LC operation as the a/c cannot provide an efficient ASK cost. In line with recent topics on BACX and the Eastern Airways scenario it would seem that BA will continue to reduce its placement within the UK regional to Europe market place because they cannot match the LC margins nor the a/c utilisation and quite farnkly there is at present no reason to seeing that changing.
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Old 10th Feb 2003, 18:16
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Cool HZ123

The man at the top is still very good indeed. The bulk of the staff are still the same.

Talk of low cost is a bit premature, and as you rightly say, out of the question given the fleet.

We are a Full Service Airline. We have been since year dot. That is where I believe we will stay. Sure we haven't got the best birds for the job,(not aimed at you girls), soon to lose a big bag of backing and facing a long uphill struggle.

We are established, just need funding to establish ourselves in a different identity. Hello LH, AZ, SK and maybe (given their friends at BHX) AF. Given our routes and aircraft type, we could just be in a damn strong position. Given readies that is!

From small acorns.....................

Hope I'm right, I threw my hat in a week ago.

We sell ourself in the UK, to be sold by 'Flagcarriers' at the other end, you know, it just might work.

Thanks to you all for showing an interest,
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Old 11th Feb 2003, 13:20
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I know quite a few of the guys and girls at Maersk and it is a good little outfit. BUT I just can't see where this finance is going to come from in the current climate. No investment company is going to touch an airline at present especially one that isn't already equipped to follow the low cost model, i.e. no 737s. If you still had them I think it might be a different story. So unless the management can get a new cast iron franchise with another flag carrier AF, LH, etc.. Then I can't see it going anywhere. Even if, as I suspect, Maersk is 100 times more efficient than BA (would be hard not to be !) and run by the best people in the business I can't believe you'll be able to convince the suits in the city Maersk can survive on its own. Even though it probably would do very nicely !

Still I hate to be the profit of doom (comes of working for BA !)hope it does work out for all of you and if you can get your cash i'm sure you'll make it work.
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Old 11th Feb 2003, 13:44
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While it would seem illogical for investors to put money into non-"no-frills" airlines at the moment, there never seem to be a shortage of people who will part with their money for a new start-up airline. In Ireland there are at least two new start-ups - JetMagic an out and out business airline who intend to operate ERJ135s and FreshAer a "some frills" airline who intend to operate 757-200s and to take on Ryanair on DUB-STN to boot!! Some one pass the smelling salts as I must be dreaming!!
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