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Low Cost comes to the North-East

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Low Cost comes to the North-East

Old 23rd Oct 2002, 11:44
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Trains to Teesside!

When was the last time a train stopped at Teesside?
A couple of years ago, I tried but was told that we keep a minimal service, ie 2 trains a day!
So I had to go onto Darlington and take a taxi back to the airport.
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Old 23rd Oct 2002, 15:36
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The train service to MME has been practicaly non-existent for several years - the station is under-used in the extreme, only two trains a day as mentioned above and not at particularly good times either. I don't think a low-cost airline would base here until the public transport infrastructure to and from the airport has been improved.
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Old 23rd Oct 2002, 17:36
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Trains to Teesside

Perhaps I am missing something here guys, but have any of you succeeded in catching a train to EMA- the fastest growing "Low Cost" airport in the UK?

I also believe that MME would serve a much larger catchment area than NCL as there is very little to the North of NCL until you reach Scotland.If you live anywhere in Durham, Cleveland or N.Yorks (all with several large population centres), MME is much easier to get to by road and the rail link is soon to be improved.

Rest assured that a "Low Cost" operation at MME would be highly succesful even with Easy at NCL.
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Old 23rd Oct 2002, 18:09
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Best of luck to them, hope it's a success.

As for routes, I reckon CDG, AMS, BCN definately.
maybe AGP/VCE/LIN eventually.

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Old 23rd Oct 2002, 21:37
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Sorry to be a cynic, but Bristol and Belfast are also European cities!

BFS, BRS and AMS is my bet.
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Old 25th Oct 2002, 13:55
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the Tyke wrote

Maybe we should all be still shaking after Easyjet came to Belfast and were supposed to 'finish' us in Northern Ireland, yet here we are well over a year later with better than ever pax figures in NI.
Have to say that with the exception of Go on the Bristol route Jersey /flybe or whatever they are this week have had NO direct competition .The arrival of the "true" low cost carriers in DIRECT competition to them may indeed have them shaking in their boots.The best thing about the low cost guys is the ability to GROW a market ...as an example look at the rotations out of BFS to both GLA and EDI.Competition is good ...let the fun commence!!
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Old 25th Oct 2002, 16:51
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Thank you Eastern Wiseguy - I agree......would Flybe have relaunched so soon after a previous renaming if they were not worried? Would they have introduced more fares much lower than they used to offer on their routes just for a laugh? I think not. If easy start CDG I reckon that BE will not last more than 6 months on the route.

From my Gill days, I know that the F100 was full-ish (but not foolish!) but the average yield was very low. Gill had to get the passengers to win against Brymon and they did it easily. I think that easy will see BE off the CDG route just with the easy name. If easy start up another ex-Gill fabbo route - NCL-BFS (Gill flew to BHD) - I reckon it's ta-ta BE again on this one. Dash 8's are fine on the route when there is no competition but bring on a shiny new 737 operating the route in 40 mins with fares similar to the BFS/GLA and EDI fares and BE would have to do something big - probably put on a 146 - and then easy will sell the seats for pennies to get the custom and see BE off the route for good. BRS-BFS may see this happen too once easy are in charge of Go properly??

I think easy have the deeper pockets. Seems "easy" doesn't it?
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Old 26th Oct 2002, 00:02
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dundoniandean, the CDG is doing very well at the minute - and the yield is good. 99 booked on the 3024 tonight (last one in to NCL STA 2100L) with 15 in business. Not bad, but your points are taken, and yes easy would be a threat to BE at NCL. Especially on the BHD where there is next to no oncarriage passengers, and is just a point to point service (EZY using BFS). The CDG is a big oncarriage route can have upto 50 people on a full flight connecting onto other AF destinations, with MANY regulars and frequence plus card holders among the crowd. I think BE could keep them, however yes, the eurodisney travellers would move for sure, as would the stag parties and parisians who make up the other 50% of the pax on a weekend.

Good to see easy in NCL, I wish them every success - AMS, BCN in the first year would not be a surprise - the third - hmmmmm



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Old 26th Oct 2002, 08:32
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Sorry to sound thick but as GO is soon to be Easyjet surly this new base is only a PR exercise to promote the merger next march as GO have been using NCL for quite some time now………….
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Old 26th Oct 2002, 09:00
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fluorescent, indeed it is a year since GO launched the STN route however they have never had a crew/aircraft base at Newcastle. This flight originates in STN, with STN crews and a STN based aircraft. So whichever way you like to look at the company, go/easy/goeasy neither have ever had a base.

The latest promotion is to publicise that EZY will now base two aircraft in NCL, and there will be crew employed at NCL to operate a route network originating from it - hence a new base.


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Old 26th Oct 2002, 12:28
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BE's BHD-STN route didn't fare as well as the other routes though, did it.....
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Old 28th Oct 2002, 06:28
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Yes, good to see E.J. operating and basing aircraft at NCL, but this does not mean that they will be basing crews at NCL.
As for the routes stn, cdg (or orly) bcn bfs, then the aircraft and crew of into europe (for a jolly)
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Old 28th Oct 2002, 09:41
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Yep, crews to be based at NCL. Names already been taken from within the company. Seems list is getting big already!!!
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Old 28th Oct 2002, 13:58
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The future does indeed look bleek for GA at EGNT. PWP was not quite correct, the charges are going up to a minimum of £25+VAT per movement (including touch and go s). This will cripple flight training.

For visiting aircraft there is mandatory handling by Samson on top of the landing fee.

The airport state they are losing money on GA, but it is difficult to see how.

1) There is no commercial demand for the south sites at the moment. Gill hangars have remained unooccupied since they went into liquidation, and as previously stated the plans to build a Britannia facility collapsed several years ago.

2) Services such as ATC, Fire and security are required with or without GA, as are all the maintenance facilities. the only additional cost is for maintenace of the Bellman hangar, and the airport has indicated that it will not be spending any moneu to maintain this. (It hasn't done anything to maintain for the past decade so nothing new there! despite the fact that it is full of fee paying private aircraft!)

The sad fact is that like so many other medium sized airports, management at newcastle are going to squeeze GA out because of a short sighted approach to the overall benefits of GA to the community.

Lets hope that someone with deep pockets can invest in a purpose run GA field in the N NE. Perhaps MOD would like to donate Ouston (I think the nukes have all gone now).

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Old 28th Oct 2002, 18:41
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Getting back to the subject in hand - EasyJet.

It sounds as though it may not be all good news for those people looking at working for EZY at EGNT. Many current employees atr transferring back up to Geordie land and the company ae asking Cabin Crew and Flight Deck to work out of another base first if you eventually want to work from Newcastle. Not sure many people will want to do this? Maybe someone from Easyland could shed any light on this?

Its a shame if this is the case as there some some damn good crew crying out for work, with hoards of experience!

Just one last thing my bets are AMS/BCN/BFS.

Eventually things are looking up for the aviation community in NCL. Next summers programme is very very busy with rumours of new crew bases for Air 2 Bob and Excel. Just heard that Norweigan are dropping their NCL/SVG service.......anybody going to replace them?
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