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Not only good for south of England tourism but also for Northern Ireland tourism. Great for a city break to N. Ireland , a few days at the Causeway Coast, Fermanagh Lakelands etc
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Very interesting to see how EZY are so positively reacting to the huge changes bought about in travel patterns by Covid and the demand for staycations this year. As already pointed out, all 3 places are great to visit so hopefully good pax volumes in both directions.

Great news for BOH!
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be interesting to see if these are all covid related and gone again by next year when the Nices, Palmas and Dubrovnik's resurge.
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James Merchant, easyJet's business development manager has said 'there is more to come' on his twitter feed in reference to the new routes from BFS & EDI to BOH, but I don't know if this is referring to more domestic easyJet routes, more new routes in general, more Bournemouth routes or something else. Who knows. Right now anything could happen.

Nonetheless this is quite a strong statement from easyJet about it's confidence in BOH regardless of whether this is lockdown lifting/staycation inspired.
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BOH's objection to SOU extension

The objection by BOH and the Dorset LEP to SOU's extension was a little stronger yesterday with the argument that government money has been spent on improving roads and infrastructure taking into account the long-term 'complimentary' nature of SOU and BOH. If SOU is now able to take BOH business after the extension (with no regard to BOH's presence) they argue this is duplication within the same/similar catchment area and therefore a waste of public money & resources. This argument makes a lot of sense.

It would surprise me if this particular angle of the objection isn't used in any appeal by BOH and Dorset LEP should the extension get the go ahead.

If SOU says it's unviable in it's current state (and I don't think it is unviable), then it infers that one of the two airports in the BOH/SOU region becomes unviable with or without the extension. So it's simply moving the problem. Because if SOU extended it's runway, business would be lost from BOH which can ill afford any business to be taken away from it given it's current business activity. In the current pandemic environment the airport owner of SOU should surely be focusing on efficiency gains, cost reductions and ways to attract and grow existing airlines which would never operate from BOH - KLM for example.
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Sorry but this does not make any sense. Is there any evidence to suggest that the junction improvements and train station were only made for the airport's benefit? I'm sure the airport was a factor but the large borough of Eastleigh and northern Southampton were probably the driving force behind better transport infrastructure.

Seeing as you are a BOH supporter, which there is nothing wrong with, perhaps you can answer the following questions that putting my neutral hat on I am generally curious about: -

1. Surely the most important question for BOH is why a small extension to SOUs runway in their opinion means that SOU is going to take all their business? If BOH already has all the facilities to the extent that SOU does not need to obtain them to serve the region then why aren't airlines tripping over themselves to open routes at BOH like a fair few have and are at SOU?

My personal opinion on the above is that passengers vote with their feet and airlines make money from flying from airports with the footfall. Also, and I think the most important point here is that none of BOHs business is going to transfer to SOU. All the cargo ops cannot operate because of SOUs curfew, and there is not space for Draken etc. FR also with their whole fleet being 737s are still not going to be able to operate from SOU even with the extension without lots of seats being empty. Chance of FR's business model being compatible with that? Zero.

2. In what universe do you or indeed BOH management think there will be a motorway built through a national park? Its never going to happen and I would be surprised if even the biggest supporter of BOH or the management would demand that one was built. This means that the most dense catchments of Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester etc are essentially cut off from BOH. Its hard enough to get to Bournemouth at the weekend to go to the beach on those small roads.

3. Purely from a competition stand point, do you not think its a bit rich and also quite concerning that a competitor is able to object to one of its competitor's spending its own money on its own land and in the process creating jobs and prosperity for the region? I could understand if tax payer money was being used to pay for the extension etc, that would absolutely be unfair to BOH. That is not what is happening here and there is nothing to stop BOH investing money also if it wants to.

I am genuinely curious to hear from BOH supporters on the above points.

I also want to make it clear that my personal opinion is that both BOH and SOU compliment each other very well and will continue to if SOU gets its extension and attracts a low cost operator. SOU is and always will be only a passenger airport. BOHs business is very diverse and I think there is much scope for the new cargo ops to grow given the lack of a curfew. FR and BY will also no doubt continue to serve the longstanding sun routes.
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I think you get close to answering your own question RJ. You recognise that the airports are complimentary (mainly due to their individual and inherent limitations)..... but this hasnít been given any consideration in the SOU planning application nor how government grant money (not airport owner money) is being spent.

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Rivet Joint - I believe shamrock7seal was referencing the £50m of government money awarded to BCP and Dorset Councils as part of the Bournemouth International Growth (BIG) Programme and not Southampton Airport's existing infrastructure.
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At the end of day, it will be the airlines who decide which airport is most suitable for their type of service. Many moons ago, the
Govt. of the time decided that MME would be the NE Regional Airport over NCL. which caused a lot of political mayhem. However, the airlines decided differently and chose NCL as the most suitable airport for their needs...also connected to population and ease of access issues.

In my opinion, I would guess that BOH will continue successfully to attract LC operators, cargo and many other general aviation/maintenance activities and SOU will continue to attract operators such as KLM, BACF,Loganair, Eastern etc. who will be attracted by the need to serve the city/business and Port activities. Co-existence should be possible
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Drove past BOH yesterday noticed two TUI seven three Sevens are they just crew training or optimistic both will be pemantly based there sadly canít believe the later.
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These two are for crew training - regular trips to Doncaster and back. Original plans for 2 aircraft base as of 2020 have slipped of course, believe the TUI based program set to recommence later this summer.
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Thanks Flitefone
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TUI 2022

TUI have tentatively put together a programme with 1 based aircraft at the moment with the re intoduction of Ibiza , Dalaman and Crete
Missing though is Las Palmas and Skiathos which was new for 2021 but never happened
Also down 1 flight is Palma and Lanzarote both of which are surprising and Rhodes was due to go 2 x a week

On the plus side its possible there still could be a 2nd based aircraft for part of the week as the missing flights make up for 6 rotations that could be filled , i think its a case of watch this space
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TUI has released they only flying from 5 airports this summer.The airports were bhx,brs ,gtw,man and 1 other up country i cant remember which one.
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No they haven’t. They’re flying from only four airports for the first week of the program (next week).
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Will the BA static display have to be relocated with all this activity ?
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They all left last summer?
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TUI have reinstated the Palma flight that was missing for next summer with a non based carrier possibly Aer Europa or Volotea and are also using a non based carrier , Freebird ? to operate their flights to Dalaman and Antayla
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Ryanair are starting Faro next Monday (17th) 3x weekly initially.
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Indeed the Dalaman and Antalya flights are showing 'Other Carrier'


08:20/09:20 DLM-BOH-DLM 'Other Carrier'
19:00/20:00 AYT-BOH-AYT 'Other Carrier'


08:20/09:20 DLM-BOH-DLM 'Other Carrier'
19:00/20:00 AYT-BOH-AYT 'Other Carrier'

However, the Palma seems to be the based machine apart from a Thursday:

09:45/10:45 PMI-BOH-PMI "Other Carrier"

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