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Three ATR 72s operating a reasonably intensive schedule would require an establishment of about 30 cabin crew but whether these would all be IOM based only LM know.
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30? That’s a bit overkill. I would doubt the establishment would be anywhere near that number.
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Since LM has been on the scene in the IOM the cabin crew base has been 4 full timers with the ATR42/S2000 (single cabin crew member) covering just LCY/LHR, with crew from GLA & ABZ frequently drafted in to cover leave, shortages, sickness etc - the ATR72 needs 2 CC. I know of 1 IOM based hostie who has just left so I'd estimate a base of at least 24-25 would be needed.
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With my qualification of a “reasonably intense schedule “ a reasonable rule of thumb is five crews per aircraft to allow for leave, sickness etc. Cabin crew for AT7 is 2 so 5 crews x 2 crew members x 3 aircraft equals 30 crew members. I do actually know what I’m talking about. Obviously a more relaxed schedule would need less crews. Obviously if LM prefer to cover leave, sickness etc from GLA then you need less IOM based crews.

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LM have recent days removed from sale there flights from both NCL and EDI to BGO and SVG.
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Norway has indicated that it will not be particularly easy for those who are neither citizens or residents to enter Norway for a number of months. Loganair may have taken this into account in their decision on routes between the UK and Norway
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When Stobart had the base there were easily 20+ cabin crew (more I think) to cover 2 based aircraft and a similar number of pilots ... so I think the comment above is pretty fair an accurate, you can slightly reduce the number of standbys etc with more aircraft but at 3 based units the economies of scale are not huge.
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According to G-SAJB/JU have both been permanently withdrawn from service and will not be returning after their stints out of service last year. This is inline with a previously published schedule that only displayed 2x ER3s in service operating from NCL. Hopefully this is all that is being culled at this point.
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Lots of routes today have seen significant cuts today in frequency. EDI/GLA-SOU has lost around half of their services per week amongst other cuts on ABZ-BHX/MAN/NWI. GLA-BHD has been removed until September too.

In light of this it looks fair to say more of the ERJs will be pulled this summer.

A sign of things to come for W21/22 or a platform to build upon? Time will tell.

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I do feel for Loganair as it’s a good company, well run with a good brand identity but they are not going to be taking over the best ex Flybe routes.
Flybe will simply take them back and I doubt Loganair will put up much of a fight for them or any other new ones Flybe choose to fly, unless codeshares play a part. Flybe will simply undercut them and seize on their debt free advantage.

New Flybe are in a safe harbour whilst surviving airlines are out at sea facing down the coronavirus storm and suffering.
Fate is cruel as this situation is not of Loganairs making, where as Flybe got themselves in the shit over a number of years.
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You look at the Teesside routes with no passengers ..almost.Are they being massively subsided by the Teesside mayor..or are they genuinely putting their faith in a Teesside suspect business plan?

Strange and worrying times..
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I wouldn’t be so sure. It’s not cheap to launch an airline. Flybe will quickly run up costs. They will need a lot of advertising and PR given everyone thinks they are that airline which corona killed. It wasn’t a hugely popular brand either - the whole Flymaybe nickname from a lot of people. That costs money to repair that reputation.

Loganair have fought and won against Flybe before. Flybe will also be fighting others on most of the routes too - Eastern, BA Cityflyer, Blue Islands have all ramped up ops.
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Let's worry about "flybe" when they launch.....if and when! MME-LHR is also intended to connect the region to the world over LHR, not something that's possible given the current market, all depends on how long they can fund a loss leader.

I agree that flyebe2 could well inflict serious damage on the survivng UK airlines.
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Winter schedule news
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New Aberdeen route starting:-
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With every new route announcement, I am worried that Loganair is overstretching itself...

Let's hope the prey is not too big to swallow for them. They are pretty much the last man standing when it comes to regional air services across the UK
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ABZ DUB a pretty safe bet I would have thought. Some of the S340’s remaining and the ‘old’ Embs all getting long in the tooth but LM seem to be able to keep ageing aircraft alive and well so even with a stretched timetable hopefully not to many tech dramas.
Lots of these routes will chop and change over the next 12 months so probably not a huge net gain
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To be fair, the 'old' ERJ's appear to be a good 3-4 years newer than some of the 'new' ATR42's they are getting to replace the SF340's which are only about another 3-4 years older than the ATR's are!

I also see on Jethro's that the two ex. Flybe ATR72's are due to be returned later in the year, but with 4 other ATR72-600 aircraft joining. I assume two of these are direct replacement and the other two are for the IOM operation. Wonder if they have plans to grow this fleet in the longer term - I would think routes like EDI/GLA-SOU and ABZ-MAN/BHX ultimately should be able to support the volume without them having excessive capacity.
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Anyone know why G-RJXH never got re-registered like the other Embrears?

Also if there are any plans to finally sell the 328s?
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Haven’t the 328s technically be for sale for a while. It’s been more a problem of there being no buyer.
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