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Best news at BHX for a very long time!

I think the dominance of Jet2 and TUI at BHX might put them off a full blown base at present but it's clear that the alleged 'frosty' relationship between BHX and EZY over landing fees has significantly thawed. 10 routes is some going in current climate given there were only 4 last summer.

I can see EZY bringing extra capacity to BHX on more Med routes and all being well even further expansion in 2022 with hopefully some new nice if they restarted sone of the BE city routes to MXP, BER and LYS in the future, I think these are all current EZY bases?
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Speaking with an Easy base Capt a couple of years ago, a BHX base was definitely on the radar for them. Stated it was only a matter of time.

Their Scottish > BHX routes were supposed to commence this time last year. Maybe now those routes + the beach routes, have made it a more attractive prospect and they've been able to negotiate a decent arrangement with the airport.
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They have also gone to some trouble to operate these flights.

BHX - Corfu uses two Belfast aircraft to ensure no crew positioning back and forth - Aircraft one leaves Belfast for Corfu then turns around for BHX then onward to Belfast and aircraft two leaves Belfast for BHX turns around for Corfu and back to Belfast. I bet that is quite tight on crew hours.

Alicante is operated by an Amsterdam based aircraft routing AMS-BHX-ALC-BHX-AMS

Palma, Faro and Malaga are straight away based flights.

I hope this is leading to a base in 2022 and not just taking advantage of the fact that the UK is ahead of the game on vaccinations. Not sure I would be looking at certain parts of Spain this summer.
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Not exactly expecting a slot constrained environment this summer so I doubt it will be an issue (this year at least).
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Agreed, think after this year or maybe 2022, EZY will have to make a decision to either base at BHX or cancel W pattern ops there.

Can’t imagine operating slot constrained AMS aircraft to ALC via BHX would work in normal times, nor best allocation of aircraft/cost. But can imagine EZY believes NL won’t be in the best place for summer holidays this year with the covid rates there so works well in this circumstance.
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The type of rotations discussed here aren’t unique within easyJet. There’s not really anything particularly unusual with these lines of flying.
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Two new Ryanair routes announced this morning; Lisbon and Shannon - both starting 1st November, both x2 weeekly Mon/Fri
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I noticed that the Eastern Airways Gibralter flight is departing at 0915 this morning. I thought it was operated as a W pattern from Southampton? Have they changed the flight schedules does anyone know and if so why?
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Eastern now nightstop at BHX, changed a few weeks ago
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Ryanair add more BHX routes

6 new routes now in last week.

Today - Bergamo, Turin, Vilnius & Bucharest on top of Lisbon & Shannon last week

And still no EMA flights on sale after 31.12.21 !
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The aircraft now does SOU-GIB-BHX on a Thursday and Sunday, and BHX-GIB-SOU on Friday and Monday. Not sure why this change was brought in.
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At a guess I would imagine the crew can do 3 sectors but then have to rest. Getting hotels in GIB right now could be both costly and difficult compared to a night stop in Birmingham?
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It might also make more sense to have serviceable aircraft closer to home for AOG cover, rather than downroute early in the morning. Just in case.

EU261 claims or whatever they might be called now post-brexit will probably still apply for 3+ hr delays.
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The Alicante never actually started but the Corfu has worked well using the Belfast crew even if the loads were average at times but at least Jersey has put in some good load figures although fares have been moderate. Tomorrow sees Amsterdam finally start and as for the rest of the airlines a long overdue update but so many changes from day to day:

easyjet - The most changes this week with a new route in Amsterdam, increases in Glasgow and Edinburgh, a route ending in Newquay and a route reducing in Belfast

Amsterdam - starts at a reduced rate of 4 per week rising later in the month up to 11 per week.

Monday - 07:35 - 08:05 - A319 per the booking engine and 320's the rest of the week with EJU flight numbers 7912/3
Thursday - 15:25 - 15:55
Friday - 18:55 - 19:25
Sunday - 09:40-10:10

Edinburgh and Glasgow go double daily every day in the week with no Satuday services and two Sunday

Newquay ends Saturday

Belfast reduces to 18 per week from 23 but Sunday retains 3 flights and Monday 4 with one less flight Tuesday - Saturday

Brussels Airlines - third time lucky today and it is 3 per week Sunday, Monday and Friday

Loganair - Aberdeen increases to 12 per week Double daily in the week and once on a Saturday and Sunday (ATR). Inverness and Isle of Man stay daily

Swiss - Monday and Friday and showing both E2's this week

Ryanair - no changes as far as I can see other than times such as the Thursday Malta Air which is is now EI- BHX based but a second Malta Air starts 18 September to Malta

TUI - Montego Bay has ended although bookable from 1st October along with Funchal, Marrakech and Enfidha.

Other longhaul is the end of September at the earliest

The only other change this week is Tuesday Kos ending for outbound pax so should run inbound the following Tuesday. All other flights the same but some flights reduce towards the end of the month,

Jet2 - Few changes by the look of the booking engines now that the schools are back but I presume consolidations will continue. I can see some reductions later in the month but nothing too significant as yet.

Lufthansa - Frankfurt no immediate sign of mainline returning - Monday 10.50 departure daily but 06.05 just Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday although Munich via Air Dolomiti restart next Monday to Munich

Air France - Monday 06:05 departure, Tuesday 06:25, 11:10, Wednesday 10:25, Thursday 06:10 10:25, Friday 11:10, Saturday 10:50 & Sunday 06:15 & 10:25

Turkish - weekly Saturday but along with PIA watch for any updates

Wizz - Larnaca remains November but otherwise excellent - Vilnius 2 per week, soon to end weekly Riga, 2 per week Budapest, 2 per week Krakow and Warsaw with Wroclaw to restart 15/9, Bucharest now 4 per week, Iasi, Cluj and Craiova 2 per week
Vueling - 4 per week Barcelona
Aer Lingus - Daily Belfast City and 11 per week Dublin

KLM - Remains 3 a day 2 KLM and 1 CityHopper

Eurowings -Dusseldorf now 4 per week, Palma is not operating and Prague November

Blue Island - remains daily

Aurigny - remains 5 per week

Blue Air - Bucharest - 3 per week

Air India - Once a week inbound Friday outbound Saturday

Emirates appear unchanged daily B77W and 10 per week October

Austrian - Vienna March 22

SAS - Copenhagen November 2021

No news on Turkmen or Qatar
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Eurowings will offer flights to ARN next summer
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BA Cityflyer, 16 times weekly Belfast-City to Birmingham from 31st October, presumably replacing the Aer Lingus flights.
Generally 2 daily, 3 on Monday/Thursday/Friday, 1 on Saturday .

BA Media Centre

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I believe EI still doing one rotation
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I don’t think that’s the case, the EI flight just hasn’t been removed yet.

The evening BA and EI BHX-BHD flights operate to an identical schedule, which would be very strange for 2 partner airlines, to say nothing of the 278 seats on sale. I think EI just haven’t moved their bookings over to BA yet and closed the old flight for sale.
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Flights BA Cityflyer and EI only 10 mins a part, more likely EI bookings to be moved over when, BA add a evening flight on Tuesday's and Wednesday's. As it's likely that time table all flights not completely added for winter season
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Surely all of this just temporary until they likely switch to ‘Emerald’ ATRs next year. I don't see BACF sticking with any of these once Europe /LCY back in full swing
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