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Old 30th Mar 2021, 22:29
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Will be interesting to see if that one gets much take up with it being an unknown destination.
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Old 30th Mar 2021, 23:54
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Same here. It wasn't even served from NCL in the heyday of Yugotours et al. when there were nearly as many flights to Croatia as there were to Spain. I've visited Croatia but only spent about 20 minutes at Zadar on a Dash 8 going from Zagreb to Pula. Cracking flight up the Dalmatian coast though. Zadar itself is a very pretty little town by all accounts.

PS. Nice to see the press team using the phrase 'brand new destination' with some accuracy for once!!
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Old 31st Mar 2021, 07:23
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Just have to hope Ryanair gives it time.
a lot of people I know arenít thinking holidays this year and are planning on 2022 instead
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Old 31st Mar 2021, 10:18
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we must be of the same era as that was my immediate thought that it wasn’t served in Yugoslavia’s hey day!

looking at the map, it’s between Pula and Split. Rijeka’s around there as well which had a fortnightly JAT dc9 flight in the mid 80’s so unless there are no hotels near Zadar should generate some interest.

having said that we flew to NCl/DBV in the 80’s for a holiday in Montenegro. The coach transfer was longer than the flight and passed Budva/Tivat airport which would have been much more convenient perhaps Zadar is a better option than the usual destinations for some areas.
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Old 31st Mar 2021, 10:40
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Chania is still cheaper at the moment flight wise.
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Zadar is a recognised destination and very nice it is too. I thought it was fairly well known but thinking about it because itís been so well served locally here in Essex perhaps weíve been able to take it for granted. Not just the fairly long-standing Ryanair at STN but a weekly charter using Titan and Jet2 also announced it prior to Covid. Stobart/Flybe also did it from Southend until they closed the jet operation.

Its fairly well served from elsewhere in Europe. There are established ĎMedí destinations for whatever reason never made it with Brits, this is obviously one of them.
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Old 7th Apr 2021, 22:03
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Excitement and scepticism on a NCL spotters' page around a Wikipedia update saying that JetBlue are starting a NYC service in March 2022. Anyone with any inside info, or is this just someone fooling around on Wikipedia?
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Old 8th Apr 2021, 01:35
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Sorry, GBYAJ, I didn't see your comment until just now. Yeah, we must be of a similar vintage. I seem to remember the Rijeka flight was a DC9 on a Friday? Surprising that Rijeka isn't served by more airlines from the UK these days, it's a beautiful old Habsburg port city - although the airport is on an island off the coast and Pula might be quicker once the ferry trip is factored in. The bus trip from Pula to Rijeka is very pretty as well.
Not sure if there are many mass-tourism hotels around Zadar but with the old town being so historic I'll guess there'll be a decent supply of B&B's.
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I will definitely go to Zadar.
For some reason I missed out on Split but in the 70s and 80s most of my hols were to Pula, Opatija, Cavtat etc and I remember the DC9s.
Wasn't that the era of the Dan Air pilot skidding off the runway 2 days running?
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hopefully it’s not someone messing around with it.

It has been knowing before that routes have been shown on there before being announced.

TBH JetBlue has a good product and the right size aircraft for the route but not sure they would want to risk NCL there is other airports first unless they see NCL as no competition.

let’s see how they get on with the London route first which starts later this year
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The JetBlue nonsense has been removed now.
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In Jan 2020, when the pandemic was gathering pace, but before it really had any effect, I flew to AYT via Eurowings to DUS, a night there and then Corendon. It wasn't easy to get to from NCL.

By late summer, when Turkey was one of the 'last men standing' of countries practical for tourism, there were multiple daily flights from NCL!
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