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Originally Posted by inOban View Post
Were Small Planet Airlines using the slots, ie what routes/rotations are being dropped?
The carrier operated flights from London Gatwick to destinations including Corfu, Tirana, Larnaca, Preveza, Zakynthos, Kos, Palma de Mallorca, Banjul, Skiathos and Chania this year in co-operation with several tour operators.
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The TUI schedule has at least two Norwegian aircraft operating full-time next summer (28 flights) is that the same as per other years?

I know Norwegian have long operated for TUI/Thomson but I wasn't sure if it was dedicated aircraft or mix and matched with the Norwegian scheduled services.
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It's actually meant to be three Norwegian aircraft operating for TUI next Summer, one up on previous years. They are mixed between all of Norwegian (NAI) aircraft at LGW.
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Small Planet having sold slots to Norwegian what happens to all the tour operator flights to Greece and other destinations for the likes of Olympic holidays and Sunvil.
Customers will want to fly from LGW so any ideas on what is to be?
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The Sunvil programme from Gatwick looks like being flown by a Germania B737 except one flight operated by Thomas Cook.
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airBaltic will launch 2 weekly flights to Tallinn
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According to Routesonline:

BT649 TLL1600 – 1700LGW 73C 2
BT649 TLL1655 – 1755LGW 73C 6

BT650 LGW1745 – 2235TLL 73C 2
BT650 LGW1840 – 2330TLL 73C 6

Trying to work out if / how this fits around BT's existing services in Tallinn. Either more to come or something else going?
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More Norwegian med flights now loaded, just Canary isles to load ( hopefully) talk of 3rd daily JFK but slots at JFK a sticking point.
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The Canaries are not happening, what has been loaded is it for short haul, although I believe more long haul is yet to be announced.
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Been ages since I was at LGW but anyone know why Eire/domestic passengers have to be bused to the terminal. Cabin crew indicated a recent regulation changes on arrival (?). Using an air bridge to exit the aircraft then onto a bus.

Is it just a case of avoiding immigration or was there some rule change recently?
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No longer allowed to mix CTA arrivals with International arrivals. Think this has been going on for a while, they don’t even have a domestic channel at Gatwick South, which for an airport which has greatly improved and has high ambitions, is one hell of an oversight.

Used to get a ticket on arrival which allowed you to bypass the passport check, then later a boarding card was all you needed for staff to waive you through. The issue seems to be there were mixing in with arriving international passengers, hence this was fairly open to abuse.
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Where the bus dropped us appear to be CTA only, baggage belt 8 was enclosed from the rest. Looked like EI/FR and BA share the single area.

One amuses they were split to avoid people slipping into CTA unchecked.

There must be 20-25 CTA flights on average and even more when BFS operated and those alone probally generate over 2 million passengers in S Terminal. No room in N?
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Everything was shuffled so IAG are now in South. easyJet got the rule of the roost at North to end the split terminal operation.
So yes there is CTA/Domestic arrivals area at South but it’s all bussing now. Can’t believe they built a whole new Pier 1 and didn’t manage a basic CTA arrivals flow!
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Just experienced a BA South Terminal arrival from Edinburgh. Appalling. Normally with a bussed arrival you fill the first bus then it leaves etc but oh no, the first bus was filled but then waited until all pax disembarked and left last so the club pax who were off first arrived at domestic arrivals last. Wonderful. At domestic arrivals you have to climb four flights of stairs (you can stand in a very long queue for the lift if you wish). Following a departure from EDI where the airbridge wasn’t used so queued on the ramp in the rain and cold it was a totally 3rd world experience except in the 3rd world it would have been warm. No coincidence both airports under the same ownership and a great example of why LGW should not be entrusted with London’s next runway and if BA serious about domestic Club at LGW they need to get their act in gear.
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South Terminal Domestic Arrivals

Could not agree more! Domestic / CTA Arrivals is a joke. There must be circa 2mppa using what is basically a fire escape. The domestic product needs some serious investment. The contrast between Heathrow and LGW is huge. Now avoid LGW domestic if I can.
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The bussing arrangements for domestic arrivals at LGW go back at least as far as early 2015. I thought the new Pier 1 at LGW was going to include direct access to domestic baggage reclaim, but obviously it hasn't happened.

The regulars (I did domestic arrivals for every week for nearly a year) work out how to increase their chances of being first off the buses (in order to get the lift) when they get to the terminal. Being one of the last off the plane can be an advantage especially as it minimises the time stand on the bus. The staircase at the terminal end is only 2 floors and it's no worse than getting off the air-bridge at one of the Pier 2 gates and then finding the escalator is out of service, a frequent occurrence.

I'm now doing international arrivals every week at the South terminal and, on balance, I think I prefer the domestic arrivals experience.
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Speaking of operations, can anyone answer this.
easyJet flight today off 109 to AMS delayed due winds at the Dutch end. Queued to be penned into gate area before 2 hour delay announced and we were set free to roam wild once more. So WHY when the flight was called were we bussed from Gate 45 on two buses back to the very same aircraft on 109. Now was a little bit windy so the aircraft were off the airbridges and using steps on the south stands on pier 7 but why couldn’t we just go down the stairs from the terminal like many other LGW EZY flights.
Is there a wind limit to those particular jetties that means a light breeze takes them out of service?
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.... and there was us thinking you were a BA frequent flyer..
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Winds wouldn't affect the jetty like that. Easyjet dont wanna pay for jetties hence why nearly everything is stepped front/back. Posher Ryanair!
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Nah they use jetties at Gatwick frequently as well as rear steps.
.... and there was us thinking you were a BA frequent flyer..
I am sweety, but there’s no difference on short haul x Simply smashing you’ve discovered thinking though. #bighighfive
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