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Incident at EGHI?

Old 19th Oct 2012, 16:06
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Incident at EGHI?

Anyone heard anything about an incident in EGHI?
RWY reported as closed.
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Old 19th Oct 2012, 16:32
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Well from a certain social website with crew stuck and sarcastic comments.

Its seems something at low speed manovering on the apron went off roading and is now stuck in the mud presumably inside the runway safety zone.
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Old 19th Oct 2012, 16:34
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On The Grass

Underrstand although as yet not confirmed a Blue Island J32 has come off on to the grass but am hearing only minor and airport to re open shortly
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Old 19th Oct 2012, 16:44
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Eastern J41 Offroading at EGHI

Went backwards from stand 11, all the way on to the grass!.
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Old 19th Oct 2012, 16:46
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Whoops Thanks for the info
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Old 19th Oct 2012, 16:50
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Incident at EGHI?

"And for my next trick....."
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Old 19th Oct 2012, 18:15
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Do Eastern power back?!
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Old 19th Oct 2012, 18:31
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Aye they do, and have done for years. Most Jetstream departures out of Aberdeen are power backs as well. And they have been doing it since they were J32's only which must getting on for 15 years now.

Its not an issue to be honest with either the J31/J32 or J41.
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Old 20th Oct 2012, 12:42
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Now that's what I call a Stain on the grass!
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Old 21st Oct 2012, 18:22
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Peace Keeper off the de grass

I heard it was a stain problem too
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Old 21st Oct 2012, 20:40
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Vanish seems to be good with stains
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Old 21st Oct 2012, 23:43
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It was only a matter of time.

Been waiting for this to happen. I've witnessed some really 'sporty' Eastern power backs that have made me question the manoeuvre. Hopefully a wake up call to the rogue few.

Last edited by Journey Man; 21st Oct 2012 at 23:44. Reason: predictive text struggled with powerback
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Old 22nd Oct 2012, 08:27
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one power back into the grass. how many tugs have damaged a/c nose gear. no doubt a little reported subject.
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Old 22nd Oct 2012, 09:52
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Over the years I have seen and read numerous ASR's/reports of incidents during push back on J32's/J32's/J41's, Bar's breaking, uncarrages collapsing steering racks getting jammed and even getting pushed back onto the grass!!.

This is the first one that I can think of with crew going back to far during power back. And I watch for these things to put out in safety updates where I work.

There are reasons why sometimes the power backs look a bit sporty especially in Aberdeen is there is often a drain which collects the run off between apron and taxi way. If you don't get a bit of momentum going you can get trapped in that without out enough umff to get out of it backwards. Said drain in ABZ has been known to defeat a tug with a heavy aircraft and slippery apron and I would hate to imagine the forces on the nose gear with a single point of force and trying to shove ten tons over a curb and up hill.
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