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Some people will do anything to get out of paying the 2 drop off fee
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Large overflow of Biz-Jets again onto South Stands, some sporting events going on again?
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My Father was speaking to an Arriva bus driver on Thursday regarding bus services to the airport.

Arriva pull all their services from tomorrow. Apparantly National Express are not happy and are suing the airport because they are not getting the passenger numbers that the airport promised them.

This is because Arriva sold a lot of tickets through certain airlines, which National Express don't accept. Also there were quite a few pensioners using their bus passes (like my dad) which National Express also don't accept.

Who knows, in a few weeks they may be no buses!
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Large overflow of Biz-Jets again onto South Stands, some sporting events going on again?
F1 British GP at Silverstone would be my bet. HTH
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Level bus

Arriva have replaced the 61/321 service with a new service to Luton station which operates every 15 minutes and 24 hours a day from today. Depending on where you live will determine whether this is a huge improvement to the service or not.
This is also cunningly stopping outside the new parkway station entrance and is aimed at competing with the airport-parkway shuttle run by First.
The trouble Arriva will have is getting bums on seat, I cannot see that the airport will allow any advertising of the service and the same goes for parkway station as thats run by First so they have a vested interest in the existing airport.

The 100 service to/from Hitchin continues to run as before.

Lets see if the airport swallow their pride and promote the services to passengers and encourage use of public transport or just go for protecting their tidy income from First.....

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Rupert Diggins, Balkan Holidays sales and marketing manager said: "We already fly out of virtually every UK airport, so this move is designed to provide additional departure points to increase capacity to Bulgaria and open up new UK regions.

Can I book Balkan Holidays from Luton.....? The 'drop down' on their flights page lists Luton, but no destinations or flights are available?

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Buster -

I think BH use Wizzair flights to Bourgas on which they build package holidays. They don't sell Wizz 'flight-only'.
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Wizz have announced another new destination from Luton, their third in a week, to Craiova, Romania. The route will commence on the 29 October and operate 3 x wkly.
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Whilst booking a flight to Zurich in the last few minutes, I noticed that easy appear to have flights loaded from Luton to Venice commencing on the 13 February. Is this a very recent addition, as I hadn't heard anything.
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Yes, looks like 4 times weekly - Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday - already loaded on the booking engine untl the end of March (winter season).
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Great news
Couldn't understand why this popular destination has been missing for so long.
Now it would be nice to see Copenhagen next if anybody at Easy is listening!
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Great news...

Italy had been quite poorly served from Luton until a few years ago...

We have flights to nearly all the major tourist destinations in Italy now. Pisa, Rome, Milan and now Venice. I think there is also routes to Sardinia and Scitaly too?!

I just wonder if the Venice route will see another routes frequency cut or a dropped to accommodate this.
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Luton Kosice

Kosice is a destination that interests me.

Zilina / Zvolen is where I head to i.e. central Slovakia and KSC is just as easy to use by rail as Vienna/Bratislava.

I was looking as Wizz site just now, it seems to show daily flights, not sure if that an error or the media reports are wong. Didn't actually try and book one, was just looking for an idea of the schedule and fares.

What I could really do with is Luton - Sliac but I think might have a long wait for that one

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With EZY FLYING FROM SEN to venice on (MON-WED-FRI-SUN}will their be enough PAX
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And LGW is double daily, I'm sure they guys at EZY have done their research..
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FALCON - CPH is a destination from STN by EZY so don't expect to see it from LTN (unless they transfer the route).

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I think CPH it was start by GO orginally.

As for the new VEN and extra TLV flights, does this mean a new based frame, reduction from routes somewhere else of a frame operating from a remote base serving these routes?
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Luton Kosice

Update my comment of 2 days ago

Looked at Wizz again today and now shows 4 per week MWFSu which is more in line with press releases.

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Looking forward to seeing yez all at Luton on Monday! A big Cork contingent heading over from Kerry as we cant go from Cork!
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Heathrow is closed and LTN are taking diversions
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