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Shaheen Air

Old 18th May 2008, 21:19
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The A310 Landed at LBA at 1952 tonight.
It has had no problems landing and taking off at LBA and I would suggest that the reported problems with the continuing lease of the aircraft are the cause of the suspension of the service.
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Old 18th May 2008, 22:48
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I understand it is the cost per seat rather than the operational size of the A310 that was the issue.

From (unofficial) information that I have gained, is that Shaheen are keen to re-start the LBA service before the end of the year, but with larger more economical (A330 was mentioned to me) equipment.

I would guess sourcing such equipment at a price Shaheen would be willing to pay may be challenging in the current market.
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Old 19th May 2008, 21:07
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Maybe someone could clarify this for me, but would the LBA runway be sufficient for an A330 nonstop to Islamabad. I know the A310 managed fine, but would this be the case for an A330 ?
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Old 19th May 2008, 21:21
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The runway at LBA is 80 metres shorter than NCL where the A330 copes OK. Cant see it being a major problem.
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Old 20th May 2008, 18:28
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Yes, but LDA (Landing Distance Available) on 32 at 6,286 feet with the slope and only 5,912 feet on 14 could be a problem, as potentially could the Take Off run on 32 with Otley Chevin looming.

Perhaps some of the experts could comment.
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Old 21st May 2008, 07:00
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There is a rumour doing the rounds that they are sourcing their own aircraft instead of leasing. October is being banded about as a possible relaunch.

A310's have coped well with both 14 and 32 over the last 4 months. It never diverted and I think I am right in saying only once had to make a tech stop en route to ISB.

I personally would like to see them get some 767/200's if they can.
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Old 22nd May 2008, 17:58
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yea i've heard this rummer is true, hope its true.
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Old 24th May 2008, 16:11
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Where did the flight tech at?
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Old 24th May 2008, 16:57
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Flying Yorkshireman

If you would like a good read on the subject, I suggest Air Accident Investigation Branch 2/1987 G-BBAI. Sorry can't do "link" things but it comes right up on Google with no trouble.
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Old 25th May 2008, 21:40
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Guys, there's much talk of of the A330 or A310 being able to take off or land at LBA but really it means nothing. What counts is profit, and what makes a flight profitable is the maximum number of passengers plus the greatest amount of profitable cargo.

The real issue is the TOW of the above aircraft - landing isn't much of an issue as you've burned off a lot of weight on the trip.. If the TOW doesn't comprise a profitable load then it doesn't matter if the pax are crammed in like sardines - without profitable freight (which ups the TOW) the yield won't be enought to put the flight into profit ...
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Old 25th May 2008, 22:18
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I can't get my head around this 'shaheen business'

I mean they start a new route, Run it succesfully for x number of weeks, increase the flights, And also talk about an extra 3rd weekly flight.

Then out of the 'blue' - oh we're sorry but we won't have an aircraft to use after the end of may??? Pathetic.

Is this just a poor excuse, Or is there an 'undisclosed' operational problem here???

If shaheen really wanted to run LBA - ISB then they would find a replacement aircraft quickly???

It just doesn't sound right, When they have had excellent bookings from the Yorkshire area, And suddenly call it time.

Maybe they should kick their current 'lessor' into touch and give GPA or someone a bell asap.

Why is the current A310 not available after the end of may???

It doesn't all make sense to me.
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Old 26th May 2008, 10:14
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Good rinse as far as i'm concerned, yes it was great at the beginning but I agree completely with BYALPHAINDIA.

But hey there is good news!!!! a little dicky bird told me that PIA are coming to Leeds Bradford instead ....
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Old 15th Jun 2008, 18:06
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It is true i see that Pakistani Airlines will be taking over the Islamabad route as of the 2nd of July with two flights a week (Wednesday & Saturdays) is a shame that Shaheen couldn't resolve their aircraft issues, it was obvious that if Shaheen were doing well and couldn't sort out replacement aircraft, that someone else would..

I wish P.I.A all the best in their new venture from LBIA.
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Old 19th Jun 2008, 18:19
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Its is true.
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