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As I've said on this site many times. Load factor means absolutely nothing. Yield per passenger (not just ticket price) is what counts. The other problem is that "seasonal" has become the new dirty word. MOL is apparently fed up of parking up 100 aircraft a winter so commercial have been told to find bases and routes that are more year round in nature. The search for these year round airports and routes is on and brs is one of the "seasonal" places that is not part of the new plan at the moment especially as the new deal makes it more viable to fly into brs at off peak times from foreign bases rather than to base aircraft that must depart and arrive at peak times. Hence the reduction in based aircraft to 2 and the lack of any new experimental "seasonal" routes.
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bmi Regional

I've booked myself on to the first bmi Regional flight to FRA on 02APR. I wanted to come straight back, but without on-line check-in, it seemed a bit dangerous to do a complete loop of FRA in 15 minutes (from an apron position), so I'm flying back from HAM (on BM1838) the next evening.

Sale price of £98.32 return. I know it won't last like that though.

I shall try and bring some champagne with me.
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I would think that seasonality isn't really the issue but instead the deal which makes off-peak times more attractive. I'm sure it won't be co-incidence that up to 6 or 7 Ryanair flights leave between 8 and 9 in the evening from Bristol through 2013 with periods of 5 or so hours with nothing.It's clearly an off-peak period that's most attractive.

All I think is that Szczecin is a gap filler so that the Bristol based aircraft is doing something as I don't think Ryanair would want to put a very highly perfoming route at a peak time on a Bristol aircraft when they can do better flying it at an off-peak time from foreign aircraft and since most of Ryanair's destinations from Bristol are bases themselves, they have a lot of services they can do that with.
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i wish they had chosen a diffrent destination if it is a gap filler, it was a disaster last time and only lasted a few months before it was axed, i heard a rumour the ryanair engineers were given redundancy notices earlier in the week and that there will be no based eng anymore after the end of march when it goes down to just the 2 based aircraft #sadtimes
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Yes I totally agree. What I was trying to say, obviously not that well, was that by operating into BRS from other bases operating the same routes means Ryanair take advantage of the lower BRS rates at off peak times. The new polish route is definitely just a gap filler but it is a gap filler that can run the odd day a week for 12 months a year not like say svq, opo, egc, din, etc... I'm not suggesting it is a good idea just saying they always seem to default to Poland when they look for a year round route.

The seasonal issue is less one of routes but more about aircraft utilisation and crewing. As a company Ryanair are looking at ways of grounding less aircraft next winter and the winters beyond. They are simply looking to keep more aircraft and more crews in bases that can fly more profitable sectors for the whole of the year. At the moment there is a big movement of aircraft and crews between bases between the summer and winter schedule. That is what they are currently looking to change going forward. That doesn't mean not parking any up next year just less.

The bottom line is that Ryanair can operate the same routes from the same airport with significantly lower costs over the whole year. Which is great for Ryanair and crap if you are one of the people being shown the door.

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Bath bus link to airport

A new service to Bristol Airport from the centre of Bath will commence on 24 March this year.

It will be operated by the Bath Bus Company - it operates the hop-on and hop-off tour buses around that city - using 'traditional' green-painted double deckers and will route via Saltford, Keynsham and south Bristol.

Bristol Airport to Bath direct bus link announced | Bristol24-7
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Wasnt there another few bus routes recently created routing to BRS?

Good feeders for airport traffic. Not sure what the "loads" on buses to BRS will be, but its good that these options are opening up.

Good luck to them.
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Yes, an hourly coach service from South Wales to BRS was announced recently which will also serve north Bristol.

The Bath route will serve parts of south Bristol.

The Airport Flyer bus has been running for over a decade and operates 24 hours a day at 10-minute intervals for much of it, serving the central area hotels, country bus & coach station and Bristol's main central railway station (Temple Meads) as well as a different part of south Bristol to the new Bath service. The Flyer now carries over 600,000 passengers per year and has been steadily increasing its numbers.

There is also another bus service from central Bristol via the airport to Weston-super-Mare.

Given that BRS has no rail link and will almost certainly never have one the supplementary bus services are beginning to come together now to complement the core Flyer route.
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thanks for the info
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Thumbs up Well done to all at Brs

As it says in the title I would just like to say well done to all the ground troops who got Brs up and running this morning after a pretty substantial dump of snow last night! I think we we only delayed 50 mins in the end. Also the runway surface condition was excellent all things considered. :
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Pax Increase


Passenger numbers at Bristol Airport have risen for the third successive year. The number of people passing through the terminal was up 2.8 per cent compared to the previous year, making Bristol the only airport in the UK’s top ten to see growth each year since the end of 2009.
A total of 5.9 million passengers used Bristol Airport over the course of the year,
including record monthly totals in June and July.

Very good considering !!
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Hello again G3jetman.

Interesting quote from the CEO, Robert Sinclair, who said, “These figures are a very positive signal that the South West economy is moving in the right direction. The resurgence in business travel has been particularly strong with several airlines, including KLM and Brussels Airlines, adding capacity on routes to major European hub airports. We expect this growth to continue throughout 2013, with further route announcements in the pipeline.”

BRS has been consistent in its passenger growth over many years.

Looking back at the CAA stats to 1968 there have been only six years since then when annual passenger figures fell against the previous year, viz, 1969, 1974, 1985, 1990, 1996 and 2009.

When it's considered that through much of the 1970s BRS was a loss-making airport that the city council didn't know what to do with - there were calls from some quarters for its closure as it was something of a drain on the city rates - its current situation is remarkable, even more so having regard to its less than desirable location, constricted site and awkward surface access.

Many people from Les Wilson's days onwards have worked very hard to turn the place into England's third busiest regional airport, eclipsed only by two airports serving far larger catchments.

The unanswerable question is: how big would Bristol's airport be now if it had been moved to a better site when Whitchurch was closed in the 1950s?

Was such a site available then?

Anyway, we are where we are and Lulsgate is now the only game in town and ever likely to be - and it hasn't done at all badly.
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planning application

i read in weston mercury dated 17 jan.
bristolairport north side felton.non material ammendment to outline application for major developement increasing passenger flight numbers including two extensions to terminal building. 2 two storey walkways and other facilities . for minor alterations.
any one know what this is all about. i thought all planning passed. or is this extra to what has been already passed.??
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They have outline planning permission which means that the council approves the scheme as a concept. As the scheme develops they will need to look at the detail. For example the type of materials used, glass, landscaping etc. The development has been approved and it general permission can't be re-examined.
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It's an amendment application to the original outline planning approval.

The second link (applicant's letter) is interesting as it explains the reasons for the various proposed alterations.


I note that three of the nearest parish councils have written to the local authority saying they have no objection to the proposed amendment.

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A question.. will Air France last long at one daily? Seems a strange arrangement.
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Air France

Certainly not ideal and no good for day trips.

The aircraft will be the larger E190 as opposed to the Airlinair ATR42 that currently operates.

The AF booking site shows several options to go to CDG via AMS but at between three and half hours and six hours journey time I doubt there will be many takers.

This summer two of the four daily KLM Cityhopper rotations will be E190-scheduled with the other two remaining with the F70. I don't know whether this is linked with the AF reduction.

Incidentally, it seems the AF regional services will be rebranded HOP! from this summer.

Air France unveils Hop regional branding - Business Traveller
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There is certainly a decent number of passengers that travel on KLM services to Amsterdam and connect to Paris CDG from there. Some of these also connect on to longhaul destinations from Paris too.

I'm sure that Air France / KLM know exactly what they are doing.
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I'm sure that Air France / KLM know exactly what they are doing.
You might want to let KL/AF know that.

I've noticed more mentions about the new Aspire lounge. Does anyone know where that's going to go? I've got a hunch it's in the forward coaching lounge, which I can't think has been used since CO sadly departed. Honestly, I can't think of anywhere else in the terminal that hasn't got shops on it?
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The Aspire business lounge will be situated near Dexters overlooking Soho that is landside
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