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No, I seriously doubt that.

When are new order B787s available from? 2014 I think. So that would mean no long-haul growth for 7 whole years!

Plus, the A330 is an easy TR for short-haul pilots to gain. 3 days training and suddenly you have a batch of guys and gals who can do Dublin one week and Chicago the next. Why further complicate matters by adding a completely new type with no commonality?

Just sounds like the usual BD decision-making roundabout in action.
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Icelandic 757 Lease

bmi leasing Icelandic 757-200 from October 13th - 16th. Why such a short lease and what maintenance is this covering for?

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I heard the icelandair is to cover the late return of the 330 out of reconfiguration due to the ending of the 767 damp lease.
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Haven't they learned their lessons from last time they did this!
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They only see the pound signs after all its run by an accountant.
Penny wise pound foolish


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Not sure I fully understand the comment about pound signs and accountants. The A330 is late coming out of refit, so they needed a few days of cover with a different plane.

Sorry, but pretty much all airlines have to do this at some time or another, even BA with a much bigger fleet. bmi have a limited set of planes to shuffle around, so keeping it down to a few days of cover doesn't seem unreasonable.

I'm probably missing something here, so feel free to educate me if I am
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no RAPC thats exactly how it is
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The product that ice supply dose not get a good rep, just look at what happened when globespan got them in.
The point being they are probably the cheapest, which would be typical bmi form, isnt the best idea when your trying to make your mark in a business market.


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Icey 757

Believe me the reason that Iceland Air was brought in is not cost driven .....

At the current time availability of suitable A/C with the correct permits and permissions to operate the Saudi routes is very very limited .

Those carriers who had suitable aircraft didnt have the corerct permissions to operate to saudi , and other carriers who did have correct permissions diddnt have aircraft available.

Many man hours were spent trying to source coverage for the late A330 both in house and externally.

not quite as easy as you might think !
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And the comments from the passengers to KSA - and staff in country - have been extremely complimentary about the flight crews!

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BMI Baby Fleet

Any truth in the rumour (from another forum) that five ex Easyjet now Virgin Nigeria 733's have been sourced?

The aircraft mentioned are all 1999 build and fits the rumours that
they were currently after 1998 or 1999 builds.

I think that one other has also been sourced making six in total
of the rumoured 8 for next summer.

Are all the 500's leaving the fleet this winter (ZH gone already) or
just the older ones?


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a/c ten years old, thats just shocking, what about the green issue, esp if any of these are going to EMA, and we all know how much EMA is trying to go green

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You are joking, aren't u Lee?
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Are CWL going to see any of these new babies?

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Apparently e-mails have been sent stating that the summer 2008 routes will be released on 20 November but not sure if that is just BHX.

I have not got mine yet.

I would imagine Manchester would get their 4th one back and BHX its
8th as per this summer but if they have sourced more aircraft I don't
think 9 or 10 at BHX is unrealistic.

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I thought that some routes are going on sle this week with more to follow.

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IATA scheduling conference is 10th-13th November. To announce schedules before you are sure of your slots might be dangerous!

28th November therefore sounds like a sensible date for Summer 08 to be put on sale.
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BMI Baby


You could be right and my source as well!

BHX last year saw two releases one on 3/11/06 and the 2nd on 23/11/06.

FAO, GLA & Murcia (March starts) followed by Jersey, Marseille Lisbon and Rome (May starts).

I suppose it will depend on slots and if any "new" (in inverted comma's for Lee ) arriving after March.

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Very few airlines begin immediately with brand new aircraft, and for an airline that is only five years old, bmibaby has grown from 2 surplus mainline aircraft and an occasionally borrowed Fokker, to an airline in our own right, with our own AOC, management team and a fleet varying between 18 - 21 aircraft. They may not be the newest, and this summer has resulted in some long delays and challenging introductions to the fleet, but an average age of 11 years is certainly not ancient, especially given some or Ryanair's first 737-800s were introduced at the end of the 90s, and it was only until recently the 737-200 was a regular fixture in the fleet. baby will never be the size or have the financial ability of airlines like Ryanair, but we fill a niche. Nothing is stopping another airline buying us out, and it's one of many rumours going on right now, but in the meantime we're trundling along and doing the best we can with our resources. is offline  
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Whilst I agree with you on many points, you will have to agree that baby was not a new airline start up. Baby was started by all the 737's we had in LHR being re painted and sent to EMA. They didn't have to be bought or found. Midland did not have to spend a penny to get baby off the ground, in fact for many years mainline picked up the bill for baby in every area until star found out.

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