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Easyjet - 2

Old 27th Jul 2006, 11:19
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Easyjet - 2

In some german forums there are people considering who will take over EZY 737s?

Deutsche BA (DBA), Hapag-Express (HLX), Southwest...List to be enlarged...

One pretty strong believe of me is that Skyeurope will take some.
SkyEurope took over some 733s from EZY last year, but they have been listed with several acft-broker-pages like recently.

I would not wonder if Skyeurope-Group takes about 10-15 EZY-737NG and phases out 733 and 735s that are very well demanded planes in eastern Europe, especially Russia.

In the eyes of mx for sure a one-type-fleet will be better than the present one.
This means for cost-purpose the EZY-Experiement of two similar fleets is failed!

There are so many guys out looking for new jobs.
Ask the guys of SWISS or HELVETIC etc :-)
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Old 27th Jul 2006, 11:29
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Originally Posted by EI896
Yes but easyJet only started bying their B737NGs only in 2000 or 2001. I'm not sure if I'm right?
If logic applies and EZJA was the first one, then it was built in 2000. G-INFO database shows it and some of their other -700s of flying around 4500 hours a year. Say it leaves in 2008, it could have around 35,000 flying hours.

Compare that randomly with G-BVZE, built in 1993 and clocked up 24,000hours in 10 years.

They might not be that old in years, but will have a high number of cycles and hours by the time they do leave. One type fleet will probably help keep costs lower too.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
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Old 27th Jul 2006, 14:01
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Well,for a start easyJet do not own ANY aircraft. Secondly,a one type fleet always makes more economic sense,and it makes sense to dispose of the older type. Plus lease rates could be higher,although I have no information.
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Old 27th Jul 2006, 15:25
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well the man with the breakdown van was quoted last week as saying that the tractors are leased to 2011 and thats when they go because even if they wanted rid of them they can't get airbuses to replace them
By the time the last supertractor goes they will be searching for a new fleet anyway. A bit unlucky if you happen to be the last guys off the ST onto what will then be a clapped out bus for another 5 years. I reckon some guys will still be on the NG when LGW gets its bus replacement
Vive le bus. Why can't they chuck the tractors into new European Bases and give our comrades up north a play with the sidestick!
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Old 27th Jul 2006, 21:03
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Lets just hope a shiny Airbus isn't defaced with 'Ray Webster' plastered along the side of it!

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Old 27th Jul 2006, 21:34
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Somehow I can't see that happening. I don't think he is held with much regard now in Luton, especially after the demise of MS
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Old 28th Jul 2006, 12:11
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So why is he still retained as a "consultant" apparently
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Old 28th Jul 2006, 15:48
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He is only retained as a consultant for I believe 1 year. And that consultancy job was agreed prior to AH taking over.

Now, do you honestly think AH will listen to anything that RW says? When was RW last in easyLand?

Silvertop, assuming that you are easyJet crew, do a search on Orange Pages for RW and it gives a rather interesting title for his job - "PRESIDENT OF LIMITED AND PLC LUTON AIRPORT" - whatever the **** that means!!
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Old 31st Jul 2006, 12:28
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BOH rumours

BOH is rumoured to be getting a Milan Malpensa route from January 2007 - does anyone have any info on frequency. Is Milan an A319 base? When is an announcement likely? Ryanair are said to be considering bringing forward BOH-BGY if this rumour comes to pass.
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Old 31st Jul 2006, 13:04
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MXP is a 319 base
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Old 4th Aug 2006, 18:57
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EASYJET in the "sandpit"?

From the London Stock exchange:


easyJet announces today that it is evaluating an opportunity to franchise its brand following a recent joint approach by Jeddah based National Air Services (NAS) and Dubai based Abraaj Capital, a major private equity firm in the Middle East, to use the easyJet name in the Arabian Gulf. NAS is applying for a licence to operate domestic flights initially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and at a later date other flights within the Arabian Gulf - a region with minimal low-cost airline penetration.

The decision on whether to progress with this opportunity, which will not involve easyJet investing any equity or cash, will be made in conjunction with NAS and will depend on the progress of its application for a licence, the completion of an agreement in a form satisfactory to the Board of easyJet, and the delivery of significant shareholder value. Since it is expected that this will take the remainder of 2006, a decision in relation to this opportunity is unlikely before early 2007.

Hmm? What is behind this announcment?
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Old 4th Aug 2006, 20:46
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we could give them our 73's. They belong in the desert anyway
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Old 4th Aug 2006, 21:46
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I hope the Saudi's are ready for the easyjet experience. Me thinks there will be a few unhappy customers but its a good way for Easyjet to make some quick money out of a franchise deal. Good on them and I for one hope it works out.
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Old 5th Aug 2006, 14:35
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Originally Posted by Dan Air 87
a good way for Easyjet to make some quick .

The question is "WHO" is making the money? Probably STELIOS, because EZY itself is not participating at the deal?
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Old 5th Aug 2006, 14:39
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I wonder if easyjet will ever go longhaul, it would be interesting to see what a/c they would use.
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Old 5th Aug 2006, 15:01
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It is possibly Stelios himself or the easy group if this is true. The easyJet name is owned by Stelios and 'rented' to the airline, which gives an indication of just how commercially 'cute' Stelios is!
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Old 5th Aug 2006, 15:03
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Originally Posted by Felix Saddler
I wonder if easyjet will ever go longhaul, it would be interesting to see what a/c they would use.

I doubt it very much, but you never know whats round the corner do you.
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Old 5th Aug 2006, 15:28
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Why comment saying Stelios is going to be making money out of this?

easyJet is a PLC i.e. listed on the London Stock Exchange. Stelios whilst being the major share holder is not an active member of the board of easyJet. This basically means that he can not decide what the company does or does not do. If easyJet wants it's brand to be associated with airlines in the Gulf then that is what the active board of directors want and not what Stelios is suggesting the company do.
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Old 5th Aug 2006, 15:59
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Easy Jet expansion

Hi there!!

Has anybody heard that Easy is going to open a base in Athens?
There has been this rumour in Greece for the last year...
Easy jet insiders are more than welcome to give us a hint!!

Happy landings

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Old 5th Aug 2006, 17:18
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Sadly EZ insiders are the last to know such things.

You would be better off asking the local contractors if they have been asked about supplies of orange paint!
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