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I am just curious about Carlisle Airport. I know there are no flights from there, but does the airport have a terminal building, and what sort of state is the airfield in - does it have airfield lighting etc?

Thanks guys.
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Carlisle has basic facilities as a licenced airport.

Runway 25/07 licensed with an NDBDME Approach, runway edge lights, papis and simple approach lights on runway 25 (none on 07)

Runway 19/01 is on 938m long and only for light aircraft, licensed but with no runway lighting (except green centreline lights as its also the taxiway to the main runway).

They also have VDF.

They have a small terminal building, but has no scheduled service and the terminal is rarely used. There is a cafe bar oipen daily serving the usual airfield meals (although I would recommend the cumberland sausage!)

It provides an Approach and Tower service on 123.600 and has an ATIS (I think)

Fire catergory is generally 2 with 3 on request but higher may be available upon request.

The airport is making some progress in places such as a recent apron extension but does still need a lot of investment to bring it up to a good standard for schedules services.

Good little airfield for GA though, although possibly a little bit on the expensive side unless you negotiate a special rate.

Pvt me if you want more info
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you can get a fair bit of info on their website.

Once a Cumbrian, always a Cumbrian.

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The cumberland sausages are great right enough!!
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The 'terminal building' is little more than a portakabin used for storing somebody else's second hand airport furniture. I think I have only ever seen it used once and that was for the pax on a private charter KingAir. Both of them.
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I am sure British Midland took in one of their B737s with John Major on board during his election campaign a few years back. There were reports that a rather well known journalist/quiz show pundit was up to some naughty stuff on that flight too.
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From 'The Cumberland News'

In 1982 Air Ecosse started flights to Scotland and London and, the following year, the Isle of Man.
The airline suffered big financial losses and stopped flying from Carlisle in 1985. Daily flights to Heathrow were transferred to EuroAir, which withdrew from Carlisle Airport two years later.
Viking began flights to Jersey in 1985 but went into receivership in 1987. That same year Air Furness briefly revived Isle of Man flights but the company soon went bust. That saw the end of passenger flights from Carlisle for six years.
Between 1979 and 1994 the airport cost Carlisle tax payers more than £3.5 million.
New Air restarted a London service with flights to Stansted in 1993, but called in the receivers after just two months, owing the city council £28,000.
Lakeside Northwest started another London service but ran up huge losses and collapsed by the end of the year.
In 1994 Geordie Air Travel planned a London service to Docklands Airport, but cancelled it due to lack of bookings. The company warned that nobody would ever be able to run a London service.
In 1995 Lewis Holidays planned to run Saturday flights to Jersey but pulled out a week before commencement, blaming the “atrocious state” of the UK holiday market.
In 1996 Cumbria county councillors refused to give financial backing to Belgian airline VLM, to operate four flights a day to London City airport.
I can also remember Dan-Air flying Ambassadors Newcastle-Carlisle-Isle of Man, also Derby Airways (later BMI) Dakotas, presumably also IoM. And Autair Heralds Heathrow-Carlisle-Dundee.
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Didn't somebody once propose a CAX-LTN (or was it LCY) with a 146?

If the facilities at Carlisle were improved, maybe a decent route for Scot or Ryanair (CAX- London LTN/STN/LCY) as not much of major airports up that way (Glasgow & Pretswick to the North), Newcastle to the East & Manchester to the South. Flying would certianly beat the current Virgin trains Carlisle to London train service.

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The original Manx Airlines used to operate an Isle of Man - Carlisle service...I think it must have been in the 50/60's era.
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Freight company Eddie Stobart's boss, Andrew Tinkler, has unveiled £20m plans to transform Carlisle Airport into an international transport hub. The millionaire haulage tycoon wants to make the airport the base for a newly formed airfreight company called Stobart Air - and bring international passenger travel to Cumbria.

The plans include laying a new runway and building a multi-million pound departure and arrivals lounge. Mr Tinkler said: 'If we can get the infrastructure right, the airport could put Carlisle and Cumbria back on the map.'

A new-look airport would allow freight to be flown into Carlisle and then transported across the country by road using Eddie Stobart wagons. And once the infrastructure is in place, Mr Tinkler believes passenger flights would also be on the cards.

Mr Tinkler said: 'There has been a lot of talk about the length of the runway but 1800 metres is long enough for freight and passenger travel. The runway at Blackpool airport, for example, is 1870 metres long, while London City Airport, which can take up to 100-seater aircraft, is just 1199 metres.'

He identified two options to bring the Crosby-on-Eden airfield's runway up to international standards. One option would be to strengthen and resurface the existing 1,800 metre runway, which badly needs upgrading. The second option would be to build an extended, second runway which would run parallel to the first.
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Used to have regular scheduled services to/from Heathrow in late '60s. (Autair Herald as far as I remember)
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carlisle airport

anyone have any news on (cax) carlisle eddie stobbart bought it
last i heard he wanted to update it and start fraight and passenger services how is he getting on it would be good to see fr or ezy start
a route from stn its a much needed north west airport
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Getting there,

Hi, I have attached a quote from our local Friday paper as to the upto date news about Carlisle Airport.

All wording is borrowed from 'The Cumberland News / News & Star'

A link can also be found here

Airline: Cumbria flights ‘an option’

Published on 14/07/2006
By Mark Preskett

UK sales boss said CarlisleAirport could be an option for the low-cost carrier if the right infrastructure at the airfield was in place.

On a visit to the north east this week, Karl Hogstadius said Ryanair looked at an airport’s infrastructure – such as whether it can take larger 737 planes – and if the airline can negotiate a low-cost deal when deciding which airports to fly from.

CarlisleAirport was recently taken over by Cumbrian businessman Andrew Tinkler, who has unveiled £20 million plans to turn it into an international transport hub.

Mr Tinkler aims to make the
Crosby-on-Eden airfield a base for an airfreight company, Stobart Air, and to bring in international passenger flights.

Speaking to the News & Star, Mr Hogstadius said: “We’re currently in negotiation with 50 airports across
Europe and we always look at the same things – whether the infrastructure is in place to take larger planes and if we can negotiate a low-cost deal.

“We also look at the potential in the catchment area surrounding the airport.

Carlisle can offer the right things, we would consider talking with them.”

CarlisleAirport currently has a 12.5 tonne weight restriction on it due to the quality of the existing runway.

Mr Tinkler plans to either build a new, longer runway which would run parallel to the existing one, or upgrade the current runway.

This would allow larger 737 and freight planes to fly in and out of the city airfield.

Irish carrier Ryanair said it was continuing its rapid expansion programme having started flying from eight new airports in the past six months.

Mr Hogstadius said talks are taking place with both
UK and European airfields about future tie-ins.

According to accounts filed at Companies House,
CarlisleAirport made an annual loss of more than £1 million in the year to July 30, 2004.

The figures were revealed in the accounts of Norbrook Laboratories, which was formerly the parent company of the airport before former owner Lord Ballyedmond, of
CorbyCastle, Great Corby, sold the airfield to Mr Tinkler.

The haulage tycoon’s plans for
CarlisleAirport include laying a new runway and building a multi-million pound departure and arrivals lounge which has access from the A689.

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I visited the Carlisle air museum (several very interesting exhibitions in the museum by the way) last year and went over to the airport to have a look round. There was an RAF SeaKing crew in having some lunch, they were on their way to an air show, as was the Utterly Butterly wing-walking team - quite a novelty to see them. The bar area is underneath the control tower and everybody seemed friendly enough. If you go into the "beer garden" you get a very good view of the runway and also the approaches. I had a look in the window of the terminal and it was so quaint! There are 3 (I think) check in desks, maybe half a dozen baggage trolleys and 4 or so proper airport bench seats. It's like somebody has shrunk a terminal to fit inside the portable building. Unfortunately since there were no commercial flights operating I couldn't get a closer view but I would imagine the facilities would have to be upgraded if a regular passenger service became a reality.
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Another false dawn ??

Either resurfacing the main runway with an acceptable PCN, or starting a fresh with meaningfull TODA etc is serious money.

Does the business case justify it, even in these boom times for aviation travel using LCCs.

The best hope Carlisle has is probably with FLYBE once things settle down in 2007.

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Let us hope it is not another false dawn. There have been a few in the last 30 years.
Resurfacing with new foundations will not be easy - it is however critical for success.
West Cumbria must be one of the most remote parts of England for air transport and should welcome the propect of venture.
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Purley speculative but if all goes ahead what could be made to work and by whom? I'd like to think

Belfast city and Dublin daily and Gatwick 3 X daily.

Daily to Amsterdam.

I.e another Norwich
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As one of the previous airport managers at Carlisle (no comment about the previous owner!!) I am delighted that things seem to be going forward there.

There have been plans for the development for a number of years and these have been added to, expanded, modified by many people including myself during my time there.

The runway in its present state can just about take a small busjet and that is the limit. The ATC needs completely revamping as does the airfield lighting, RFFS, etc. etc.....

My regards to all concerned and especially the staff - those that are left anyway!!

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Think about it guys?

MAN about 2 hours drive away, NCL about the same and GLA about 1hr 30 mins away.

There is not enough potential demand, therefore there will not be a tremendous will to get Carlisle up to scratch for commercial flights! It would cost one hell of a lot of money which simply wouldnt be justified. its a nice idea though!
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