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British Airways

Old 3rd Jan 2007, 19:57
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What do you mean by your comment:
The 777-300ER would mean some activity on the payscales front after all, as it would be effectively a new fleet type capacity-wise.
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Get real for heavens sake. BA taking on new aircraft? Dream on. BA must sort out the quality of their service (both in the air and on the ground) before they start even thinking about new aircraft. WW should look at how they are running in T1 and T4 which are disaster areas before looking at new planes cos if the service keeps on goinfg down who will they get to fill the new planes???
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T1 and T4 is mostly of BAA's doing with a little T5 "adjustments" causing some grief at the moment.
No problem though with the amount of pax and money flooding in at the moment. More than enough demand to fill some new aircraft.
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Get real for heavens sake. BA taking on new aircraft? Dream on.
Get ready to eat your words.
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Fargoo, while BAA are responsible for some problems at Heathrow, BA aren't absolved of all blame either.
Availability of tug crews before 0700 local in T4, availability of dispatchers (or whatever they're called now - I believe the name has changed) to turn on stand guidance etc etc. Even if it's a PAN medical emergency and there's been an hour's notice!
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Heard an interesting rumour that some of the problems with the bags were caused by the loaders Sabotaging the baggage belts!

Something about not being happy with the new working practises.

I would be very interested to see the next summer and winter timetables to see if they say 773! Especially with the 777 getting Bangkok and Hong Kong.

But I'm more interested in where the bunks are going when they do come!
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Does BA's Fleet plans include the A380

Hi All,

Not sure if this has been brought up before, but...
Terminal 5 is ( I believe) the only Terminal at Heathrow with the required infrastructure to handle the A380.
I beleive that BA will have the entire terminal, and this has always been the case, bearing in mind, how long ago the Terminal and aircraft were designed, does this mean that BA had ALWAYS intended to buy the 380?
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T3 also has several new A380 capable stands - several T3 airlines will use A380s, eg. SQ, EK, VS.
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I belive the last word from BA was that they would wait and see how it performs with other airlines. Personally i see BA getting more Boeing 777s .


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Originally Posted by Fargoo View Post
T1 and T4 is mostly of BAA's doing with a little T5 "adjustments" causing some grief at the moment.
No problem though with the amount of pax and money flooding in at the moment. More than enough demand to fill some new aircraft.

I work for BAA and I would agree with some of your anti BAA posts but this so incorrect it makes me chuckle.


"Get ready to eat your words"

I agree!

L Met
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BA and A380

Willie Walsh has said that he is very certainly interested in A380. He says the project is excellent, from an economic and opertaional point of view he is very keen.

No doubt he has a long relationship with Airbus from Aer Lingus, and BA are a serious Airbus customer. Nonetheless, Willie Walsh will not give either Boeing or Airbus any comfort publicly until he secures the deal he and BA want!

Personally as a Beoing follower I would love to see BA keep the long haul fleet Boeing. Most of the short haul fleet is now airbus! I wonder will BA look at the 318 for the London City operation instead of the Avrojets?? I can see Airbus pushing the issue to drive 318 sales???
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I think this order is only going to be for widebodies and it will be a case of A380s/A350s -v- 748s/773ERs/787s. As you point out, BA is going to drive an extremely hard bargain.

Whether or not there will be any replacements for the RJ100s (which were not included in the Flybe contract), depends on how routes out of LCY do. Even then, the A318 might not be the ideal choice.

Personally, I see BA retreating to be a Heathrow based airline over the next few years, even leaving LGW - with limited service being operated by GB Airways.
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BA/LHR predictions for 2007

Some seasonal fun then:

1. BA Pension scheme changes agreed by end January with staff groups being balloted for acceptance in early February

2. Cabin Crew will vote about 80:20 in support of strike action, when the day comes they will go sick rather than strike as in 1997. BASSA will end up making major compromises and be on the defensive for years.

3. BA will announce an order for LH replacement aircraft featuring Boeing taking back about 25 of the oldest 747-400's and the 767 fleet in exchange for about 35 777-300's and 20 787's (in addition to firming up the 10 777 options), resulting in about a 15-20% growth in the longhaul fleet timed to coincide with the T5 move. This will result in a LH fleet of about 32x747, 85x777 and 20x787. The LH expansion will be generated by reducing SH frequencies and an element of slot acquisition and mixed mode efficiencies.

4. The tower move will be completed without hitch in February.

5. BA/BAA will continue to deliver poor terminal services resulting in disruption to pax over Easter weekend when a snowflake falls in Berkshire.
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Originally Posted by TopBunk View Post
Some seasonal fun then:

5. BA/BAA will continue to deliver poor terminal services resulting in disruption to pax over Easter weekend when a snowflake falls in Berkshire.
Resulting in the entire internal/domestic BA service suffering it's 'twice annual' suspension stranding thousands of passengers days before a national holiday - and that's without even looking in my crystal ball! BA will make a press release saying that 'it will all be good when we move to T5'
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The lost baggage mountain will create a new topographicological feature on all London charts when it is covered with a layer of polythene and 20' of earth and turned into a new parkland area with a Union flag fluttering on top. Once it is realised it is a good terrorist aiming point, it will be closed to the public. Anybody digging to try and locate their bag will be arrested for vandalism.
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British Airways (BA) has begun evaluating responses from suppliers to its request for proposals (RFP) for upward of 50 widebody aircraft to replace its Boeing 767s and older 747-400s.

The airline issued the RFP to Airbus and Boeing and the engine manufacturers in October, and the responses were all due back by the end of December, says BA commercial director Robert Boyle. "We're analysing the responses and preparing to begin the first round of negotiations," he says.

A final decision on the order is expected in 2007 to enable the first deliveries of "bridging aircraft" in early 2009, adds Boyle.

Speaking to ATI sister publication Flight International during the launch of BA's London-Calgary service last month, Boyle said the airline's core requirement totals 40-50 aircraft plus options. The requirement includes 34 aircraft to replace its 20 oldest Boeing 747-400s and its 14 767-300ERs as well as 10 bridging aircraft and units to cover the airline's growth requirements.

The Airbus A330 and Boeing 777-200ER are in contention for the short-term bridging requirement for delivery from 2009, ahead of the main fleet expansion package, which will comprise either the A350 or the 777-300ER and 787-9/10 for the twinjet requirement and the A380 or 747-8 for the large-aircraft requirement. Boyle says the A340-600 was excluded because BA is looking to the A350-1000 for its requirements in this size category from Airbus.

"We have already reserved 10 777-200ER production slots from 2009," says Boyle, but these bridging deliveries will be confirmed only if the Boeing 777-300ER/787 package is selected. "If we go with Airbus, then the A330 will be the bridge to the A350."

For the 747 replacement, Boyle says deliveries would be in the 2011 to 2013/14 timeframe and it is "extremely unlikely" BA will split the initial 747-400 replacement deal between the A380 and 747-8. "But it might be different for the next batch," he adds, implying the airline could ultimately acquire a mix of both ultra-large types to replace its entire 747-400 fleet.

Boyle acknowledges that the recent Lufthansa 747-8 order improves the prospects for Boeing because "BA doesn't usually like to be the first customer". He says the recent delays that have blighted the A380 programme do not concern him, but they "make it likely that we'll get a better deal out of Airbus
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Originally Posted by Kalium Chloride View Post
If it's "awaiting" a paint job in BA colours, how will anyone who's looking out of their window be able to tell?!

When i have been at Paine Field, the frames tend to have a sign or banner on them saying which model and airline it will be for once finished, plus you can sometimes tell by the registrations on the fuselage or gear door.
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A318 probably won't do at BA because:
1. With the BACon sale the number of Avros to replace is very small and a larger requirement down the road is unlikely.
2. Even if they did want to go Airbus, an IAE engine is not offered on the 318. CFM56 is, but with the BCal A320s and the remaining 737s likely to leave the fleet in due course it's unlikely BA will want to get new frames with CFMs and certainly not PWs.
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Would it not be difficult for BA to do a deal like that when they report their fleet and committed orders/options to shareholders every quarter?
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