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cavortingcheetah 17th Nov 2010 05:00

Is it possible that no one has had the wit to Google up a map of the dusty weed patch known as Maun, rivalled only by Hotazel for the vibrancy of its night life?


You will notice banks abounding from this excellent street guide. Be warned though, a noon day walk from one end of town to the other at this time of year can be rather more exhausting than the distances estimated from the map would indicate. Camels can be rented by the hour outside the Bothabelo Hospital on Mathiba Street. They have to be returned by sunset because after dark these ungulates are used to transport the bodies of the dead to the mortuary.

big buddah 17th Nov 2010 08:21

Very often you will be flying overweight. Very often you will be flying with your C of G well out of limits. And you will learn how to deal with it.
Pretty unprofessional to be saying this stuff!
Not a very macho thing to be doing as well, you're setting some young folk up for disaster.
Ever wondered why African aviation has an extremely dim view in the eyes of the rest of the world? Who are working hard to get rid of this.

lilflyboy262 17th Nov 2010 11:41

Perhaps thats why I am trying to get out of here.
Don't try to class me into the group of Macho pilots that are doing it. I am preparing people that are arriving here what to expect.
Unfortunately that first job is so hard to get, and most young guys coming here when asked to jump, will ask how high.
If you don't want to fly then they will show you the door. There is pleanty more fresh meat waiting to fill your seat.

flying free.LEVC 17th Nov 2010 14:21

Is it so dangerous flying in the limits? I am a spanish student pilot and if situation keeps like this for the next 3-4 years, I will go to Namibia, Botswana or Uganda to find a job flying.

Aviation accidents often occur over there? I mean flying C206 and this kind of planes with tourists...

lilflyboy262 17th Nov 2010 15:23

Around 1 a year. Last 3 have been non fatal. Last fatal one was someone doing wingovers at low level.
I'd rather fly in africa than indonesia.

flying free.LEVC 17th Nov 2010 16:28

Thanks for the answer lilflyboy. So do you consider aircraft maintenance is safe in Maun¿?

Here in Spain for example, most of fatal accidents in cessnas or piper are fault of the pilot, mos of them flying low and slow.

flying free.LEVC 17th Nov 2010 16:54

Great¡ I found the answer in another post...:ok:

If you are worried about the flying here, it is safe, the maintence is fine. Most of the fatals here have happened from cowboys or poor decision making.

Cardinal Puff 18th Nov 2010 04:45

The decision to fly overweight or into marginal conditions among them.

NielZAR 18th Nov 2010 07:49

Thanks for the post lilflyboy262. Great info http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif. Looks like there are lots of people going up, see you all there:)

lilflyboy262 18th Nov 2010 10:11

The marginal conditions is the poor decision making.
Overweight I made a point of pointing out.

dzs7417 23rd Nov 2010 23:17

Thanks so much for the guide. I've been lurking and looking at Maun info here for a while, and this is a good summation.

I'll be there right around the turn of the new year, the only two questions I have at the moment are:

1. After getting to Maun, how much money would be needed to survive ~3 months jobless?

2. I see a lot of mentions of hopping on flights as an observer, how do I do this day-to-day?

Spose I should introduce myself, name's Fitz, 20 years old, ~300 hrs, C-SEL and MEL and Instructor- MEL. Finishing up school at Western Michigan University. Hope to see some of you down there around 2011.

Cardinal Puff 24th Nov 2010 04:47

Nope. Marginal conditions would be IMC on the limits. Penetrating it at all or while not rated or current would be a poor decision.

tu144 29th Nov 2010 23:54

lilflyboy how long did it take for you to get a job there?

lilflyboy262 3rd Dec 2010 00:37

2 and a half weeks. I was very very lucky though.

Kash360 3rd Dec 2010 03:41

How many pilots are looking at coming to Maun this year? Seems like the count will be 50+. Thats alot of tents at Audi mate. Can't wait to meet all the new potential at the Bon.

darkroomsource 3rd Dec 2010 06:52

I'll be getting there about the first of February.
Hopefully the permit situation is sorted by then.

Had a thought. Is there anything that people there can't get from the US that they want/need? Maybe as bribes for the on-line pilots? ;) Maybe something that the locals might pay dearly for?

I'm going in to renew my medical this month. I have not found any information about the medical requirements for Botswana or Namibia, other than you have to have one, I'm wondering if a 2nd class medical is sufficient. Can anyone answer that for me?

I'm also getting a flight review done in the next few weeks, and I was wondering how important 206 time really is. I have almost 200 of my 270 hours in Cessnas, 27 in 182s, 50 high performance, and 50 retract. The only 206 I can find within 800km is USD 300 / hour plus USD 50 for the instructor, whereas I can rent a 172 for my review for less than USD 100 and USD 40 for the instructor. (I know, I know, the number of hours is not as important as the attitude and ability, however I'm trying to get a feel for whether I should do 1.5 hours in a 206, or 5 in a 172 to "freshen" up before coming, been out of work for a while so I haven't flown in over a year)

And lastly, if anyone has a plane they want ferried from the US to southern Africa, please let me know, and if we can get insurance sorted, you could get the plane ferried for the cost of the fuel... (this is kind of a pipe-dream, since I've not flown across the pond, and combined with not flying in the past year, it'd probably be difficult to get insured for the trip, but hey, you never know)

Does anyone have any info on getting back and forth between Windhoek and Maun? It seems to me that there's a possibility that the timing is such that one should go back and forth between the two, but I'm not sure. Do you have to speak German to work at all the operators in Swakopmund and Windhoek? or just some of them?
I mean, if there are possible jobs in all three towns / cities, why not have one of us sit in each city with a phone and call the rest when the jobs open up...? or has someone already thought of this?

How many of the 30 that are there now are going to be there for another two months? How many will go home if they don't get work during that time?

I am looking forward to exploring southern Africa, as much as I can. And meeting any/all pilots who want to have a chat and maybe a drink. I'd love to hear your stories and learn whatever I can.

Csanad007 3rd Dec 2010 12:55

Kash my man!!!!! It's a pity I cannot make it to Maun for a couple of beers with you!

darkroom: there are some combis between Maun and Whoek, quite cheap (50 US for a ride). But ask for them in Maun.
There are 2 companies keen on German in Namibia (Bush Bird and Wings Over, thou WO also hires non German speakers), the others are okay with English. Also it seems that Desert Air in Whoek prefers afrikaans speaking people.

good luck

darkroomsource 3rd Dec 2010 17:28

Thanks! Again!
Do you know whether a 1st class medical is required? or is a 2nd ok?

lilflyboy262 3rd Dec 2010 19:21

You will have to get a Class 1 medical done once they start to convert your licence. Doesn't matter if you have one or not with your current licence.
If you haven't flown in a year, I suggest doing a few flights before you come over. I had no time in 200 class aircraft. First time I had even sat in one was on my check ride.

darkroomsource 3rd Dec 2010 19:30

Thanks, one more time, LilFlyBoy.
I think I owe you 4 or 5 beers now.
Hopefully not all at once.

Look forward to meeting you face-to-face.

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