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African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

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"delay not determined due operations"

This in Nigeria usually means either the president or vice president will shortly be flying into or out of an airport. The atcos sometimes say the airfield is "sterilized". Can colleagues who fly overseas shed more light on procedures used in more developed climes to safe guard the lives of leaders and at the same time minimizing the schedule disruptions and delays. Discussions here might bring up viable solutions to people in positions of authority.
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depends on who it is.

The USA president equals huge pain in the bum where ever they go.

Various others, ranges from not knowing that anything is going on to a few men in black kicking about and seals appearing over man hole covers.

Having a sterile no movements airport and only one aircraft moving which contains the asset seems particularly stupid to me as any one with a manpad has no problem at all determining which aircraft has the asset in it.

But as we both know its more to do with face than anything sensible.
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In the UK senior government and royalty move with zero disruption to air traffic. Rather than advertise their presence as happens in Nigeria and the USA (causing huge disruption) things continue as if nothing has happened.

Security is enhanced by their movements being notified on a strictly "need to know" basis.
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Then to further impede security, they allow hundreds of unscreened individuals and vehicles onto the apron.
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