African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.


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Anyone out there worked or currently working for Solenta? Thinking of applying, heard they are hiring into emb 145. Wondering what company is like?? Any info would be helpful.
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Great company, staff well treated, safe operator, everything by the book. Just got their 5th ERJ a week or so ago. The bulk of operations are in the OGP (oil gas petroleum) sector, so they have high hour requirements, based on what the clients require.
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I'd be surprised if they hire anyone straight onto the jet unless you have 1000's of ERJ hours. Normally they hire from within from the 1900 and ATR fleets.
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They have hired directly for the ERJ, but only guys with previous jet experience.
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What are the conditions for the Emb?
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Solenta B1900

Has anyone been able to apply through their website? I sent an e-mail with my experience but no answer so far...
Anyone got inside tips...?

Good luck all
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Does anyone know the minimum hour requirements for the ATR fleet for a First Officer position. I understand that a Type Rating is needed to apply but an idea of any other relevant requirements would be great.

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The most recent advert from Solenta seemed to suggest a valid ATR rating and an EASA license was all that was required. Time on type was seen as highly desirable but not essential. No specified minimum total time seem to be requested.
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Thank you for the information.
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Just out of curiosity, but isn't entire Solent's fleet ZS- registered?

So I don't get WHY Solenta would prefer an EASA license instead of a South African CPL, which by the way is 10 times harder to pass than the EASA ATPL when it comes to the theory exams. ???
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solenta dermanding EASA licenses

Yeah...very suspect that! I reckon they want europeans...and I suspect white europeans at that. What else??
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Wasn't Solenta offering excellent pay and nice 50/50 rotations for their OPG ops... drawing in zero-time type-rated Europeans might just mean goodbye attractive Solenta T&Cs... its all relative if ya got 250TT and career FO seems promising.
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I had applied with 270TT(EASA fATPL) and the deputy chief pilot replied that they require 1000TT and some time on type.They are not hiring low hour pilots.
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Terms on offer were 2 months on 1 month off, starting pay deal worked out at 5300 dollars month (combination of monthly retainer and daily rate) when "on".
Not sure what the tax situation is on that. 1100 dollars for the month off. Considering when working on this type of contract you will be in hotels with no accommodation expense to foot, it is a better deal compared to working for most ATR operators in Europe.
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Solenta's bussiness model targets mostly oil and gas operations. However, there are 1 or 2 other contracts, that have "lower" requirements than the oil contracts. Those contracts are the minority. It is very unlikely you will be hired with less than 1000hrs, 100hrs twin, but not impossible. Right place right time is what it breaks down to. The only thing to keep in mind, if you are hired with low hours, 1000hrs or less, your chances of an upgrade are slim. Most pilots fly less than 400hrs a year, on some fleets much less than 400hrs a year. So not a good hour building option, if that's what you are in it for. Having said that, if you want to work for a very organized company, that operates as close to an airline as operationally possible, Solenta is a very good option. The staff are very efficient in all departments, the training is exceptional, and the aircraft are very well looked after. The salarys are very fair, and the living conditions in the field are good. Solenta is a great company, my personal opinion is, if you are after hours, not a great option, will be a better option when you have more experience, that way progression within the company will be possible. If you have the oil experience requirements:4000tt plus/2500hrs PIC no less than 2000hrs multi PIC, Solenta is really a great option.
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OGP 390 details hours requirements to be OGP compliant for FW and RW operators and crew (Cpt and FO). Page 119 of the pdf should clear this up. Its a public document so a google search will find it.
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Anyone know how much an ATR captain earns approximately on contract with Solenta?
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Hi! Does anybody has fresh info about this company? Roosters, conditions, bases, etc. I have tried to look old pprunes thread but most of them are 2008/2012

I have an ICAO ATPL, 2400TT. 800 turboprop, 600 Jet (jet time all SIC). Is it mandatory to have a South african license?

Thank you very much in advanced!
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ATR skip is on 6.5k/month 2 on 1 off roster. Good company to work for, OGP guys on 8k+ a month. Standard of training is on par if not better than the two airlines I've subsequently worked for since leaving.
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Thank you oddball for the info, do you know if it is mandatory to be Type rated? are you south african?

Thank you!
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