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African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

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Yeah, I saw that as well, I don't know if they have all the required clearances like FTO, AOC etc from NCAA.
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Air Nigeria orders four B787-8s Aviation in Nigeria
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"There's a picture of them at airliners.net: a Lear 45 at rest at Asaba airport. They're called Prime Air Service. German rego, European crew. Now, would any EU nation easily allow foreign registered aircraft and crews to operate in their skies indefinitely, as the idiots running our show are doing presently?"

I find it laughable that people make such remarks without doing their research, did you know that prime air is a Nigerian owned company? Run by Nigerians? Employing European pilots because no locals can meet insurance mins? The red tape that Nigeria places on 5N registered aircraft is such that it is easier and cheaper to fly foreign registered A/C.

You'd be surprised how your perspective can change with the right information.
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Ouch! Thanks, Scrappy

Next time I'll try to look before I leap. But it's up to us, and especially existing and potential local operators, to put pressure on Aso Rock to change things. Nope, I don't think NCAA, never mind our exalted Aviation Princess, will listen to us. It's imperative, grave even. I think it's not beyond feasible, sensible or in the national interest to insist that locals fly and repair planes operating in our skies. We're not a lazy people, so any improvements to human and material assets required are equally not beyond our ability to execute. This is hoping 2013 may prove a turning point in these issues. Thanks, and God bless
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I don't know what kind of background you have, but I knew some Nigerian pilots at Oxford many years ago. they were very neat flyiers and highly intelligent. It is unfortunate that they are not involved in helping to regulate Nigerian Aviation.
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bluehawaii,merit doesn't hack it in Nigeria

I love airplanes, but transforming that into a flying career's proving too tough for me. Earned a degree meanwhile, though.

Unfortunately, good Nigerians will clash with entrenched interests, and a deep rooted system which promotes corruption and diabolic practices. Sure, I love Nigeria, but don't hesitate to admit it's weaknesses.

We're at a stage in the development process where the ugliness can be very strong, although, we shouldn't let it defeat our wish that things were better; they could be, if we tried
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