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Twin Down in Florida

Old 24th Feb 2019, 21:14
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Unhappy Twin Down in Florida

Poorly written article without much information, but it's early. R.I.P. the pilot. Edited to reflect additional information.

Pilot Dies - Student Pilot and Eight Persons on Ground Survive

- Ed

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United Consultants Twin Bee

Looks like a re-engined example.
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Flew the same type in Florida years ago getting my twin-sea rating, but not the same N-Number.
Did not like it, unstable and squarly, least favorite of the 50 types in my log book.

The Twin-Bee is an answer to a question not asked..

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Originally Posted by TowerDog View Post
Flew the same type in Florida years ago getting my twin-sea rating, but not the same N-Number. Winterhaven too.
I thought it was fun to fly.
VMCA demonstration?
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another demonstration of what happens when rudder effectiveness ends, and asymmetric thrust takes over directional control (lack thereof). I watched one of those crash in San Diego many moons ago at Brown Field, it wound up in the stage one pond of a sewage treatment plant...fortunately somebody in the front snatched the power off of the operating engine and heaved back on the controls, it landed flat with little forward motion, the two fellows inside said the worst part was knowing what was in the pond, and having to drop into it
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The Twin-Bee wasn't the answer, neither was this: The failed Canadian development of the Republic RC-3 Franklin powered amphibian. Heard of it? The "new" See-Bee would be known as the Trident Tri-gull Amphibian. Aerodynamic improvements (and some hydrodynamic improvements) aside, it was powered by the dubious Continental Tiara 6-cyl, 285 hp, 406 cu. in. horizontally opposed air-cooled engine. Ultimately, it was a failed marketing attempt, resulting in huge dollar losses to investors and some losses to the public in the form of tax payer money.

What could we do now to the See-Bee, with existing engine technology? Is the basic design marketable?

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I'd rather get a Riviera:

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One prop feathered, simulated or actual engine failure.
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I have not flown a Twinbee, though the though of an aircraft which could be flying at 3800 pounds on 180HP un nerves me. Knowing that that aircraft has the aerodynamics of a flying boat is more worrisome. I have lots of light flying boat time, and they are always an aerodynamic compromise. I trust that the instructor was very experienced with single engine ops in this aircraft, but it must require a lot of skill! I think of flying a loaded Cessna 207 at less than two thirds power, and that would be symmetrical! I guess that it would be similar to a Twin Comanche on one engine, other than a Twin Comanche is pretty aerodynamic, and optimized for single engined flying - and still has a reputation!

Interestingly, in Canada I have a multi engine seaplane rating, though I never trained on a multi engine seaplane. The combination of a multi landplane, and seaplane rating, combine to cover multi seaplanes without additional training. That's probably a good thing, because aside from the Twinbee, and Aztec on floats, other multi engined seaplanes are much more capable on one engine. I think that training single engine flying in a low power twin amphibian is a risk without commensurate benefit.
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Having flown both Seabees and twin bees, by far the best is the gm v8 powered model. Unfortunately the FAA did not like the idea of taking a certified aircraft an calling it amateur built......

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The NTSB says a simulated engine failure on takeoff that turned into the real thing led to the crash of a STOL Aircraft UC-1 Twin Seabee into a house in Winter Haven, Florida, Feb. 23. The crash killed instructor James Wagner while student pilot Timothy Sheehey was slightly injured and a young woman in the house was seriously hurt. Sheehey, a commercial pilot training for a mult-engine seaplane rating, told NTSB investigators that before takeoff, Wagner said he was going to reduce the power on one engine. When he chopped the power, the engine quit, the prop feathered and the engine couldn’t be restarted.The report said Wagner headed for an emergency landing spot but determined he couldn’t make it and turned left to land on a lake instead. He lost control and the airplane ended up tail-up vertically in the house. The impact knocked the woman in the house through an interior wall. The aircraft is based on the original single-engine Seabee but equipped with two wing-mounted Lycoming IO-360 engines.
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