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Mustang Crash Norfolk

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Mustang Crash Norfolk

Sadly this appears to be Hardwick based Mustang Janie.

One man dies after light aircraft crash near former RAF Hardwick site - News - Eastern Daily Press

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Any one know who the pilot and passenger was?
Hoping it was not Maurice Hammond himself!
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I believe it was Maurice.
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Apparently Maurice's family have confirmed the news. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery; so sad about his passenger.

Updated EDP article.

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Maurice Hammond Injured in P-51 crash.

On approach to land. Post crash fire, 1 pax dead.
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Knowing the grass strip the aircraft appears to have departed the runway.

The picture shows a ploughed or recently culivated area plus an embankment.
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Update on 4th October at 09.00 by Nic Coleman

Good Morning everyone.
Maurice Hammond update 9am.
Maurice continues to be cared for at the NNUH. He's still sedated to aid his recovery which we have been asked to point out is perfectly normal procedure in this type of situation. We understand that through the day the NNUH team will be making further tests and assessments with a view to the best positive actions for his ongoing recovery.
... We'd like to correct some speculation online - Maurice was wearing his helmet which has offered him a very high degree of protection for his head.
His family have visited with him and are encouraged by his progress.
AAIB remain on site. Hardwick site is sealed, please do not visit.
Once again we thank everyone for your best wishes, all emergency and medical staff, and our thoughts and prayers remain with the other family affected.

Get well soon sad that your passenger didn't survive. Prayers and best wishes go to his next of kin.

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From Social Media post shared by others:-

Maurice Hammond Update 6pm Wednesday.

The following information is based on advice from NNUH Medical Staff and approved by the Hammond Family.

We are pleased to report that Maurice is now in aftercare having undergone a surgical procedure today to strengthen and protect his spinal cord, neck upwards. This was a planned procedure by the staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital as part of the overall recovery programme for him.

We are informed by medical staff that the surgery, whilst complex, is a normal procedure in collision cases where the patient was wearing a helmet and has suffered neck tissue and ligament trauma.

It is important to note his spinal cord is wholly unaffected. His CT scans give no reason for concern.

The family are encouraged by the fact that his medical team considered Maurice strong enough to undergo this procedure, and they are of course indebted to all operating at NNUH.

Sedation was reduced at one point yesterday for assessment purposes and Maurice reacted positively, opened his eyes and demonstrated reflex reactions.

I am with members of the family and I can tell you that given the circumstances they remain strong and optimistic.

The family and the Hardwick team continue to express their condolances to all involved and hold them in their thoughts.

Next update tomorrow evening and will continue to update here. #hammondstrong
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One very sad part of this accident was that the passenger was experiencing the flight for a 85th Birthday Present paid for by his family.
They must be devastated. RIP.
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Maurice was wearing his helmet which has offered him a very high degree of protection for his head.
Given the cost and issues with providing a properly fitted helmet to turn up and fly passengers, I assume the passenger, as is normally the case, did not have a similar style helmet to the pilot?

Helmets that can fit a variety of heads, GA would benefit.

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Any updates on how Maurice is doing?

PS, thanks for the tidy up Mods!
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A link to information about the unfortunate passenger.
Tributes to farmer John Marshall, 80, who died in the P-51 Mustang crash in Hardwick, Norfolk - News - Eastern Daily Press
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This update on how Maurice Hammond is getting on has appeared on Flypast's forum, quoted by Moggy C.

The pilot who was seriously injured when his plane crashed near Bungay, killing the passenger, is now speaking to his family after undergoing surgery last week.

Engineer Maurice Hammond, from Eye, had been flying one of his two Mustang planes when the crash happened close to the former RAF Hardwick airfield on Sunday, October 2.

After the crash he was treated at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and the 58-year-old is said to be making “significant progress”.

In a statement released by Nik Coleman, a family friend of the Hammonds and who is acting as a spokesman for them, he said Mr Hammond still has a long way to go with his recovery.

Mr Coleman said: “Maurice has made some significant progress. Most importantly he’s speaking, talking with family and his memory is returning to normal as the drug and trauma effects fade. He’s bravely taking very little pain medication.

“He is of course, and he won’t mind me saying this, still very beaten up as you’d expect from being in a major vehicle accident. We want to be clear that he’s physically got a great deal of recovery to do, but the prospects now look pretty good.

“He’s working hard on breathing exercises and other rehab concurrent with his injuries. He’s been able to sit in a chair for a little while and has been holding regular day-to-day conversation with his family.”

The passenger of the plane, John Marshall, was a farmer and military history enthusiast from Willoughy Waterleys in Leicestershire.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) is in the process of trying to determine how the Second World War fighter crashed after taking off from Hardwick airfield.

Mr Coleman added: “We once again wish to extend our thoughts and prayers to the Marshall Family at this time and we are grateful and deeply moved by the concern and best wishes they have expressed for Maurice and his family.

“We also want to say thank you to all of you who continue to support everyone involved. We feel all your love and hope has helped Maurice pull through.”
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Get well soon Maurice......

From Nik Coleman's website. Update as of Wednesday 19th October....

So a Maurice Hammond update this evening. I've been to see him and to my delight and astonishment he looks like Maurice, not a Dr Who baddie.
He's talking, slowly and in pain but is transformed from the way I left him a week ago. Make no mistake, he's heavily battered, still quite ill and receiving medication. He's still very ill by any normal standards.
It's still, and I must reinforce this point, a long slow road, but we are much encouraged by the progress Maurice has made... from a grim looking situation 17 days ago to now a very badly injured person on a slow, planned recovery road.
We did, with absolute respect for the seriousness of the accident, manage a slight smile with Maurice at being called a 'TV star' by the press.
Our thoughts remain with all affected by this incident.
Media please note: I am and remain the media contact for the Hammond Family so please feel free to contact me for all enquiries. Under no circumstances should any contact be made with the ITU unit at NNUH who are preoccupied with saving lives.
Cheers, Nik Coleman
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Nik Coleman

Hi I'm Nik Coleman the Hammond Family spokesperson and liaison. Thanks everyone for you support and ignoring offensive speculation. It's appreciated. Nik
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I think you have done an excellent job of managing the PR Nik.

The EDP now reporting Maurice is on a normal ward.
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This is another update care of Nik Coleman on the 25/10 with news on Maurice Hammond.....

A big Maurice Hammond Update. Evening everyone. Gosh a number of things to tell you.
Firstly, as ever, we'd like to reach out to the family of Mr Marshall with our thoughts and prayers. A Marshall family member has been in direct contact with me, and we are all in awe of their dignity, compassion and concern for Maurice at a devastating time for them.

We must also pay tribute to the brave efforts of their party in assisting at the scene and playing an important part in rescuing Maurice. Thank you all.

So Maurice is in a room on a regular ward. He was due for another surgery today to relieve the burn to his back on which he's had a skin graft. He'll be recovering from that general anaesthetic for a couple of days.
We'd like to just clarify the very tiny speculation we've heard surrounding burns. No one really knows how the serious burn to his back occurred - but please be assured all his other superficial burns are healing well, and Maurice looks like Maurice, his face, hands legs and everything else are intact in terms of burns.
He has a bruised and battered left arm that will take time to heal, a mass of broken ribs, and other - forgive the phrase - to him 'minor' broken bones.
MH is in a bed, stepping out occasionally for a few painful steps with assistance as part of his rehab. He's been very bashed about, has special metalwork in his neck as previously briefed, has recovered from a near coma and has been laying on his back, in bed for 24 days being fed through a tube... so he's not exactly going to be running the London Marathon. As we've said... slow slow progress.
He's eating and drinking, being as cheerful as a very active person confined to a bed can be. He's aware of the outcome of the incident and obviously is working to come to terms with all the losses involved.
He's conversing and communicating normally despite his obvious pain and discomfort.
He's been keeping up with the F1 and MotoGP results, and has had a range of visitors over and above the family. Many hundreds of get well cards and wishes have been received both at the hospital and home.
He's aware that we've raised over $400 via Vimeo for the EAAA.
Tomorrow he will have his laptop with him, and I've sent a pair of our company headphones with it so the whole ward doesn't have to listen to Status Quo Live in Leeds.
He knows you're all rooting for him and along with the whole family is overwhelmed by all your support.
I'll try to very factually address some of the many many other questions we've been asked. I can't expand on these snippets, they are simply facts as we know them and I can't enter into discussion on this but perhaps they will help:
The aircraft did not suffer an overwhelming fire, post incident.
The AAIB investigation continues and it is my understanding that they have spoken to, or have arranged to speak to, all involved parties, as is normal in all similar cases. There's no indication when they will conclude their investigation.
The aircraft has been taken to an AAIB facility as is normal in all similar cases.
The aircraft, as is normal in all similar cases, is likely to be retained by the investigators for a substantial time, perhaps a year or so.
Marinell, as has been widely reported, was transferred to a new owner in Europe some months ago, and entirely coincidentally departed Hardwick permanently on the day of the incident.
First media contact following the incident was made by the Emergency Services via their normal media incident alert service.
The widely used images of the aircraft's final disposition were taken by an EDP staff photographer diverted to the scene from another assignment. His work was in no way intrusive or voyeristic, he was just doing his job.
The reason that all of the regional and national media ran essentially the same story is that we updated the Press Association immediately and kept updating them. No one was paid for this or profited from it.
My services to the family are provided as a friend, I'm not paid nor would I ever expect to be, nor do I receive any remuneration from any media.
EyeTech Engineering continues business as usual on all fronts, is busy and thriving.
Hope that covers all your questions - now I'm off to Dallas via LA, to film Wings Over Dallas!
Cheers, Nik Coleman

Thanks Nik. You are really doing a great job for the family. I hope that the time is not dragging on too much. You must introduce M to PPRuNe, there are some fascinating threads for him to read to help pass the time.....

Get well soon Maurice.

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Any chance of an update on Maurice's progress please?
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Christmas wishes to Maurice and to John Marshall's family


I don't know if you are following this thread but if you are I am sure there are PPRuNer's, apart from me, here who want to thank you for what you have done as Maurice's friend and PR agent.

Please can you pass on my best wishes for Maurice's continued recovery whilst also sending condolences to the family and friends of John Marshall.

Seasons Greetings to you and your family and best of luck to everyone for 2017.


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Is there any news as to the cause of the incident as yet? I hope Maurice is recovering.
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