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Cirrus down in Houston

Old 18th Jun 2016, 06:22
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Here is an animation of what happened overlaid with the ATC recording.

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Old 18th Jun 2016, 08:52
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So so so so sad.

It's a reminder of how cruel our hobby can be.
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Old 18th Jun 2016, 20:26
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She sounds calm. I find the ATC confusing. So many "Cleared Land"s, so early. So many runways mentioned. Even the "trying to get it down" didn't show definite stress.
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Old 19th Jun 2016, 08:34
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I must admit, if I had been sharing that frequency and heard "trying to get it down" through my headset, I would have been quite concerned.
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Old 19th Jun 2016, 10:15
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So many "Cleared Land"s, so early.
That is quite normal in the US, even if you are not Number 1 on the approach. I certainly found it very confusing, the first time I heard it.
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Old 9th Apr 2017, 07:44
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However, to me, she didn't sound confident - she continued to use her full call-sign, even after the controllers had abbreviated it and at one point she apologized to the controller.
ATC is there to try and contribute to air safety. They did not do that in this case. No FAA regulation prevents light aircraft from being given the same priority and assistance and commercial traffic.
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Old 12th Apr 2017, 23:37
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You've put your finger on it - listening to the audio the disquieting thing is the way ATC are pushing her all over the shop so as not to get in the way of the commercial traffic, instead of making them wait their turn. With lighter winds, fine to line her up for 35 and slip her in a gap, but once it became clear she was struggling after being too high and fast for the first attempt to land, surely they should have got her down on 04 or even better, 12L?
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Originally Posted by Cazalet33
What's the parachute for in those things?

Or is that only for the use of competent pilots?
Congratulations for making what is undoubtedly the most inconsiderate and ignorant remark on the internet.
I'm sure you've never heard of a deployment envelope or a minimum altitude?

Making commercial traffic wait their turn?
The very traffic that actually pays and keeps the airport financed?
In the USA there are no (official) user fees for GA to fly into large international airports.
But you have to abide by their rules and be able to play their game.
Sorry to sound condescending but you're with the big leagues now and they don't have time to wait for you.
Flying a 737 in Class B always got me itchy if I heard a controller struggling with a SE GA aircraft.
Legal right to be there or not.
Sad accident regardless
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