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Recent Cirrus 'chute deployment

Accidents and Close Calls Discussion on accidents, close calls, and other unplanned aviation events, so we can learn from them, and be better pilots ourselves.

Recent Cirrus 'chute deployment

Old 6th Nov 2015, 03:25
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Recent Cirrus 'chute deployment

Former Walmart CEO Bill Simon saves plane with emergency parachute landing - CBS News

Another Cirrus 'chute deployment... There's a video I'm trying to find and post. If someone else finds it, please feel free to post...
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Old 6th Nov 2015, 16:12
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Interesting to see that he was hit by a truck as he landed, I do wonder if the chute is really better than gliding down, can't see you have much control where you go with the chute, though maybe glide to a safe place (not over a road!) then use it is a good way to go, but otherwise I think I would be saving it for things like a midair/ structural failure.
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Old 6th Nov 2015, 16:20
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Looking at the available FR24 data, I am confused. Did the pilot deploy the chute at 7.000ft already? Why? I would assume you stay in control for as long as possible, steer away from whatever you can and then pull the trigger? Was there something else happening, other to the reported lack of oil pressure?
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Old 6th Nov 2015, 16:26
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It's another option and it's good to have options. It does seem many of these folks just pull the red handle and hang on. He was losing oil pressure so it was a simple engine failure. Heard he was returning to the airport and figured he couldn't make it back. Hard to say without seeing what options he had in the area.
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Old 8th Nov 2015, 07:08
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I was surprised by the amount of oscillation during the descent
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Old 8th Nov 2015, 08:51
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At 9000' and ATC give him an airfield 10 miles away??
Glide ratio about 9:1 I believe?

9,000ft = 1.48nm.

Therefore at 9:1 the glide range in still air is 13nm, or at 10 miles in still air, you'd be down - flown well - to about 2000ft.

If it was downwind, that should be pretty straightforward to fly.

Not that I wouldn't have preferred something a bit closer meself !

Cirrus company teaching as most people know is to just pull the handle - although I can't help feel that he might have done himself a favour by first positioning the aircraft so it would come down in open ground, rather than into a connurbation. That option must have been there for him.

Other side of the coin - nobody's dead, and Cirrus can build him another aeroplane.

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Old 8th Nov 2015, 13:02
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From the thread running on COPA: it appears that what actually happened is that the pilot had a genuine oil leak and was getting vectors for an emergency landing. The engine died when he was on a three mile final and (rightly) he did not believe he could glide in and pulled the chute.

That's why the aircraft is swinging below the chute in the video.

This incident is similar in many ways to a Cirrus fatal accident some years ago when a pilot with engine failure made the decision to try to stretch the glide in similar circumstances and sadly didn't make it.

Cirrus company teaching as most people know is to just pull the handle - although I can't help feel that he might have done himself a favour by first positioning the aircraft so it would come down in open ground, rather than into a connurbation. That option must have been there for him.
From an earlier thread:

The CAPS, by the way - it's there, and going through the training material, there really isn't anything there I could find saying "as soon as you're unhappy, pull the handle". There were many points where the advice was along the lines of "do this, do that, consider whether you should pull the handle", then do the following if you didn't". Engine failures were treated in that way for example - establish glide - pick field - position - decide if you're going to manage - if not pull handle - if you can land carry on and do so.

We also talked through the whole "pull early, pull often" phrase, which: going through the training material: basically meant that if the aircraft is out of control pull the handle before the aeroplane passes out of the safe operation envelope, and when any emergencies are going on, always go through the question of whether you should be using CAPS. Frankly, I can't fault any of that - it's pretty much the same as military training with regard to an ejector seat.
As best we can establish at the moment: that corresponds quite closely to what this pilot did.
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Old 19th Sep 2021, 04:54
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Report is out.

Personally, I would suggest in this situation of oil pressure loss, to maintain altitude as long as possible while heading toward the airport. That way, if the engine fails, you have more options. The engine failed about three miles from the airport. If still at ten thousand feet, one might be able to join an ILS onto final and glide down along it or have a long runway in sight that can easily be landed on without deploying the chute. If you get down low and then lose the engine, you will have no options in terms of avoiding damage of some sort.

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Old 19th Sep 2021, 08:18
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Originally Posted by tcasblue View Post
Report here.....

///C:/Users/xxxx/Downloads/Report_CEN16LA026_92272_9_19_2021 12_37_50 AM.pdf
Unfortunately, we don't have access to your hard drive.

NTSB link

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