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J S ... I refer you back to post #23 on this thread. Almost no-one flies NWI-AMS O&D. As NickBarnes reminds us, FlyBe tried and failed. KLM's route exists to feed KLM's worldwide network at Schiphol. The handful of passengers who are flying to Amsterdam are happy to pay roundtrip fares that start at 120 for a weekend return.

Norwich might be served by another airline to another hub (logically AF to CDG) but I suspect NWI management know on which side of the bread their butter lies. For a city with a population of >200,000 (and a realistic airport catchment area population of >750,000) still managing to sustain three daily flights to a global hub is not bad going. NWI-AMS has more passengers per annum than Cityhopper's equivalent routes to BHD, HUY, MME... even CWL.

(Incidentally, I'm guessing from everything that you have written so far that you are able non-rev as far as Schiphol and are upset you have to pay so much to hop across the Channel to visit Norwich.)

Merry Christmas all.
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