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Originally Posted by Toadstool View Post
Both David Lammy and Diane Abbott were born in the UK and are British Politicians. Can you explain why you would want to send them "back" to Africa?

On another thread you said that your blood was boiling because of racism. Is this any different?
I was being ironic...

The Zimbabwe farmers who had their land stolen by Zanu PF were also Zimbabwe citizens, and born in Zimbabwe. The Ugandan Asians who were expelled from Uganda were also Ugandan citizens, born in Uganda. The South African EFF party are now also calling to confiscate land from white South Africans and expel them.

I am well aware Abbot and Lammy are British - am just pointing out that the policies in South Africa proposed by EFF are equivalent to us deciding to steal the houses of black people in UK and send them back to Africa...
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