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Africa will never be able to develop functioning states through their own efforts. Even when the occasional semi-decent leader emerges, it is impossible for them to eradicate the cancer of corruption in African societies because it is so deeply ingrained. Thomas Sankara tried in Burkina Faso - and was assassinated. Buhari is trying in Nigeria, but he is fighting the huge power of the throughly corrupt opposition parties and armed forces (particularly Air Force). The only solution I see for Africa is for the west to set up an international anti-corruption court where deposed leaders such as Mugabe, Goodluck Jonathan, Zuma, can be tried if ever they try to leave their home countries. If countries won't sign up to the court, then all foreign aid, IMF loans etc should be withheld.

Once African leaders know that they can never travel out of their home country if they plunder their country then they will start to reconsider their evil ways.
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