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The cultural difference is that Australians are very direct in their speech. The Brits back stab, they are just very polite about it, and the Americans back stab, they just bluster and obfusticate about it.
I guess youíre right. Thatís what makes pilots so easy to divide and conquer.

Glad Iím merely a spectator and beneficiary of that race to the bottom.

You seem very reluctant to accept that the PIC has no other responsibility than to operate strictly IAW the OM and CASA regs and that if something bad happens then its not their fault.
You keep deliberately misrepresenting what Iíve been saying. I can only speculate on why your usual objectivity is missing in action.

I have always thought that a professional pilot should BRING safety TO the company. If a pilot is only the sum of a company's training, then they aren't worth the money they are paid... a professional should proactively seek knowledge about the profession of pilot, not expect it to be spoon-fed to them.
And this goes to the psychology of all this. It must feel good to know that youíll never make the kinds of mistakes the PIC of NGA did. Really good.
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