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Please show me some evidence BA forced AA to downgrade MAN.
the great northern general public who have no interest in going via London except if the price is cheaper which BA do just so our local flights don`t suceed or at least thrive
Business doesn’t work in this way. It really doesn’t. The idea that someone at Spanish owned IAG has a policy for BA to ensure local flights at MAN can’t thrive is bonkers.

the political whim of LHR and the DfT...
The days of those three being joined up ended decads ago. It’s 2017. HAL and BA are long since privatised and those at the top have long since changed.
We've got the TATL market covered, going east is well covered, plus plenty of connections via
Great. So rather than remotely support some UK jobs in England you call for BA to leave and suggest people fly Lufthansa, Air France and Swiss instead. Is that going to faster or S L O W E R in the main? BTW you missed DUB. That’s the real competition. MAN’s transatlantic isn’t “sewn up” it’s changing to a leisure focus. Delta have gifted MAN to a VS subfleet, AA have spoiled their own relationship and UNITED aren’t sure what they’re doing anymore. More seats by Thomas Cook are briliant for holidaymakers but direct connectivity for business isn’t growing. Indeed on MAN-ATL/JFK it seems to be going backwards. Huge strides in seasonal traffic is a huge boon though, I think year round reliability is taking a hit though.

Any more rules?
Don’t mention <censored>. Even now!
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